An Outsider in Hogwarts

Chapter 1

A Muggle Amongst Wizards?

(A/N Hahaha! This is a first, I tell you! Harry Potter and Trinity Blood crossover! Takes place in year 5. Background for TB characters' backgrounds will be altered to fit more into the HP world but not drastically by any means. This is the only TB and HP so far I know of not counting The Lost Priest: Side Story, which as Hellsing thrown into it. Please enjoy. This should get interesting I hope. Ideas are welcomed of course.)

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It was a dark cold night, freezing to bone in fact. The streets were lit slightly and muffled sounds from TVs and stereos crept into the night air. A small group of people arrived, but not in what one man would call in the regular way. He watched the group land squarely on the ground, riding brooms. He stood silently in the shadows as they all dismounted their broom sticks.

The small group kept rather quiet as they stood on the cold street. One of them, a man with an odd eye, pulled out what looked a large silver cigarette lighter. The tall man in the shadows watched on as what should have given off light was taking it way from all the street lights, bringing more darkness to the already dark street. That only meant it was his cue.

He slowly stepped onto the quiet street, listening to the mutterings come up from the small throng of people about 40 feet away. His shoes clicked slightly as he crossed the pavement, catching their attention. They pulled long out sticks and pointed them at the tall, thin silhouette that quickly came to a jerky stop in the middle of the street.

"W-wait! Don't shoot! L-lemon drop, lemon drop," the man almost shouted in panic, collapsing to the ground into a ball with his hands over his head, his small suitcase that was in his hands was thrown a small distance away. "I'm unarmed, I-I swear! Lemon drop!"

"'Lemon drop,' huh? You're the outside source, I take it," said the man with the odd eye spoke as he walked over and grabbed the shaking lump of meat off the pavement by the back of his long, black wool coat. His large blue eye looked all up and down the quivering man in front of him. "You don't look like much. A bit cowardly, aren't cha?"

"Mad-Eye, that's enough now. Let the poor man stand up straight," said Lupin quietly, walking over the suitcase as Moody let go of the man's coat, allowing the man to stand up right. "Please forgive him. We're all a bit jumpy."

"Oh, yes, of course," the man nodded his hooded head and tightened the scarf around his face as Lupin handed him his luggage.

"Now here," Moody said, pulling out a piece of parchment. "Both of you look at this and memorize it."

The man moved over a little to get a look at the piece of parchment only to run into an unseen object, rather hard.

"OWWW!" shouted a disembodied voice.

"Keep your voice down, Harry," Tonks said, quietly. "And watch where you're stepping, sir!"

"B-but… I didn't mean to—that is to say I…" he said almost whining, reaching out to where he felt the unseen body with both white gloved hands. "What's this?"

"That would be my nose," Harry said, swatting him away.

"That's enough now. Memorize this," Moody said with a little bit of force, thrusting the paper in their faces.

"What's the Order of the—" Harry was cut off.

"Not here," Moody said. "Wait till we're inside."

There is no number 12 anywhere. The man thought, scratching his head. "I don't see it."

"Yeah… Where is—" Harry began.

"Think about what you've just memorized," Moody answered in a hushed tone.

Harry looked at the tall man beside him push up his glasses, before continuing what Mood had told him to do. No sooner had thought about the place did it appear. The man beside him made a startled noise and stumbled back slightly. What was wrong with him, Harry wondered. It was only magic after all.

"Whoa," the man said in surprised, looking at the run down place that just showed up out of thin air.

"Both of you, come on, hurry," Moody said, prodding both Harry and the man in the back as they walked to the cracked black painted door.

Lupin unlocked the door by tapping his wand up against it. They could hear all manners of locks unlock. The door then opened and everyone was ordered inside. They were also ordered not to go far or to touch thing. Everyone soon stepped inside the door was closed. The area was dark and uninviting.

"Here," Moody said as the man hard a hard whack beside him and heard small groan from the invisible body. "Now stay still, everyone, while I give us a bit of light in here."

Old gas lamps lit the area to see an interior that match the exterior of the house quite well. Run down and need of a lot of work; maybe even gutting the house out to get rid of the smells that hung in the air.

"This place could use a cleaning," the man said under his breath. "And a good interior designer."

"No kidding," Harry whispered, looking at him at the man who was now, looking down at him with wide bright blue eyes. "What?"

"I can see you," he replied, poking Harry lightly in the head to make sure he was really seeing him.

"Stop that," Harry grumbled, swatting him away again.

Hurried foot steps were heard coming towards them and at the end of the hall stood Mrs. Weasley. She quickly continued down the hall to greet them all.

"Oh, Harry, it's lovely to see you!" She grabbed Harry in a bone crunching hug. "You're looking peaky; you need feeding up, but you'll have to wait for dinner I'm afraid…." She then turned attention to the other wizards in the room. "He's just arrived, the meeting's started…. Oh, you're a new face. And just who might you be, young man?"

She looked right at the man in the black hooded wool coat. He pulled off his red scarf to reveal a warm smile. He looked no older than 20 years of age or 22 at the oldest. He pulled off his white gloves to show thin, pale hands and long, delicate fingers.

"Oh, I thought Professor Dumbledore told you I was coming this evening," he said, putting out his hand to Mrs. Weasley as she took it warmly.

"He's the outside source we've been waiting for," Moody spoke up quietly. "A bit cowardly if you ask me."

"Moody, give the man some credit. He's not accustomed to us magic folk," Lupin grunted.

"Then does that mean, you're a Muggle," Harry said a little loud, looking at the young man in surprise.

"Hush, keep your voice down, Harry," Mrs. Weasley said. "You don't want to wake anything up."

"What's your name anyway," Tonks asked, looking at the Muggle.

"Oh, my apologies," he said, taking off his hood to reveal of head of long fine sliver hair, pulled back in a black ribbon with his bangs hanging down on either side of his face. "My name is Abel Nightroad. Father Abel Nightroad, actually."

"'Father,'" the group repeated as Abel took off his heavy coat to reveal a solid black outfit and a white collar.

"Yes, I'm a traveling Catholic priest," he said as everyone's eyes nearly jumped to of their heads. "It's awkward, I know. You being what you are and me what I am and that our past history was not the best."

"Oh, no, I'm not working with him," Moody said, grabbing hold of Abel's arm, roughly. "I knew I didn't like you from the start!"

"Stop! You don't make the choices, Mad-Eye," Kingsley said, standing in front of the door. "That's Dumbledore's choice to make not yours."

"Yeah, if Dumbledore chose him he must be trustworthy," Tonks said as well.

"Voices, people, voices," Mrs. Weasley said quietly.

"Let him go, Moody," Lupin said lowly, putting a hand on Moody's shoulder.

Moody just grunted and rolled his shoulder to knock off Remus' hand and let go of Abel. Abel took a couple shaky steps back and rubbed his sore up arm. The man had a strong grip and Abel wouldn't be surprised if he was bruised in the morning.

"Hurry now and go to the meeting I'll be there as quick as I can! Harry, hurry and follow me and remain quiet," she said, taking his hand. "I'll show you to your room and where Ron and Hermione are. Come along now, dear."

Time passed by and the meeting came to a close. Mrs. Weasley guided the children down to the kitchen to eat. Harry hadn't even mentioned to anyone about Father Abel. They knew most everything else, so why wouldn't they know about him. As they neared the kitchen they heard a loud crash out in the hall.

"Tonks," Mrs. Weasley yelled.

"I'm sorry," she replied, sprawled out on the floor after tripping over an umbrella stand as hurried foot steps where heard.

"Miss Tonks, are you—EEEEYOW!" Abel screeched, putting his hands over his ears as a bloodcurdling scream came forth from behind a set curtains that tore open. "What is THAT?"

Everyone looked at the screaming portrait that continued to yell hateful things at everyone. Her yelling soon aroused the portraits cause them to yell as well. Mrs. Weasley tried to close the curtain in front the hideous painting put could not. She quickly started cover the other portraits back up with her wand to hush them. A moment or so later a Sirius came running in obvious attracted by the racket going in the house. He started yelling back at the portrait as it yelled back at him. He and Lupin quickly grabbed hold of the curtains and closed them again with great effort. The portrait went quiet bring an eerie silence to the hall.

"My ears are ringing," Abel moaned, still holding his hands over his ears. "What in God's name was that?"

"My dear old Mum," Sirius said, looking up at Abel. "We've been trying to take her down for a while but we think there may be a permanent Sticking Charm on the back of the canvas."

"Your mum," Harry asked, looking at Sirius.

"I pity you something terrible," Abel said sympathetically, removing his hands from his ears and shook his head slightly, trying to the ringing out.

"Hm, thanks," Sirius said with a half smile. "Everyone can we please move down to the kitchen before we wake her up again."

"Excuse me, sir, but who are you?" Hermione asked, looking at the man with her large eyes that scanned him up and down, studying ever bit of this silver haired beauty. Whoa this guy is so cute! Why did have to be so much older than me?

"That's what I want to know," Ron said, catching the mesmerized look in Hermione's eyes, not liking it one bit, as he walked down the stairs behind her.

"Yeah, me too…" Ginny said in a daze with the same look as Hermione.

"You mean you don't know," Harry asked as his friend shook his head as they walked off the steps.

"No, we've never seen him before, Harry," Ron answered, shaking his head.

"Then I think I should introduce myself," Abel said with large smile. "My name is Father Abel Nightroad."

"'FATHER!'" Ron and Ginny screeched.

"So, you're a priest? Episcopal or Anglican?" Hermione asked, quickly turning her eyes away.

"Roman Catholic," replied Abel with the same sweet smile.

"You're serious," Ron said wide eyed and slack jawed. "I didn't think wizards could become priests."

"As far as I know a wizard can't," said Abel, looking a little sheepish. "I believe your people call me a Muggle."

"Bloody hell," was all Ron could get out his mouth as they walked into the kitchen.

Abel kept pretty quiet during what he would call on odd supper. Most of the conversation were a little above his head. About the only one he really talked to was Mr. Weasley, who just continued to bombard him with one question after another about Muggle items and traditions. The argument later on pretty much left him just sitting there with his head spinning. He was totally clueless as to what was going on and remained out it even when he was brought up or questioned about something. He would reply mostly with "I don't know" or "leave me out of it."

The argument came to a swift stop after Mrs. Weasley sent the children up stairs for the night. She also pulled Abel up with her and the children to show him his room. It was just about as cold as the rest of the house and smelt just as musty too. He let out a long sigh.

"Good night, Father," Mrs. Weasley said as Abel walked over to his suitcase on the bed. "You may want to keep this door locked. The house elf, Kreacher has a knack about coming into the bedrooms when we're asleep. He's not friendliest elf so…"

"Thank you, I'll remember that," Abel smiled. "Good night to you too, Mrs. Weasley."

Mrs. Weasley closed the door as Abel opened his suitcase and got into his blue pajamas. He locked the door before getting into bed. The sheets were icy cold and he didn't know how long it would take them to get warm. She shivered as he looked up at the ceiling's pealing paint. This place was really falling apart.

"Well, this is going to be interesting," he muttered, taking off his glasses and set them down on the table beside him. I just hope me being here is really going to help the situation. I may screw up and let something slip. To top it off the only one who really knows who I am is Dumbledore. He did ask us for help specifically, so I'm assuming he trusts us enough. We were hoping to stay neutral is this war. I'll just have to see how everything turns out. I just have a bad feeling about this whole mess.

(A/N That's chapter one. Tell me what you think. It will get better trust me. Once I figure out a couple things. But all in all this may be very original. So far I haven't seen another one like this combination I hope it'll be good.)

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