So here I am today. The day when my parents finally get married. Yes, Lorelai and Luke stuck to their engagement, and today is when they make it last.

Grandma pokes her head into the door, "Come on, Daisy, it's time for makeup!"

I'm allowing myself to get dressed and made pretty by Grandma and all of the people that she hired. I'm also wearing a pink dress, which really shows how much I've let the Gilmores change me, because before I would basically only wear black, blue, or white.

I smile at Rory, "Today's the day!"

She nods, "Yep. The one we've all been waiting for!"

Mom actually let Grandma pick out her wedding dress, and they've been getting along a little bit better. Granted, there still are the usual fights, but they aren't as often.

Mom bursts into the room, "Oh my god, I look absolutely hideous in this, don't I? I need coffee right now, somebody get me my caffeine fix or I will freak."

I giggle, "I think that you've already freaked, Mom. No coffee, you don't want to spill it on your dress, do you?"

Rory smiles at Mom, "Hideous? Nothing ever looks hideous on you. Mom, you look absolutely gorgeous."

Grandma walks in behind me, "You really do, Lorelai. I want to give you something. When I married your father, I wore this tiara. I want you to wear it. It can be your something borrowed."

Mom looks amazed. Tears come to her eyes as she slowly walks over to hug Grandma, "Mom, thank you for all of this. I-I love you, Mom."

Grandma hugs her back, and I smile at her. Grandma finally got her hug and her "I love you."

Now we have to go walk down the aisle. Rory, Liz, Sookie, and I walk down the aisle first as the bridesmaids. Then Jess, Jackson, and T.J. as the groomsmen with Luke. Everyone stands up as Mom and Grandpa walk down the aisle. Luke is waiting, with the biggest smile on his face. I grin at Rory and Jess.

Everything is back to normal now. Luke is going to officially adopt me tomorrow. And I'm really happy now. When I reflect on the events of the past few months, I realize that all of this that was going on with Rory and Mom shouldn't have affected me much. It had nothing to do with my life. But I also realize that I live off of these relationships. It makes me feel like I belong. I now have grandparents, a mom, a dad, a sister and a brother. It's a perfect family. I know that things won't always be perfect. But now that my family's settled, I think that's it's time to focus on myself. I look up just as the minister says, "You may kiss the bride." Yes, everything is perfect.

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So now I want to tell you how this story got created. One night, I had a dream, and when I woke up, all I could remember that it was about Gilmore Girls and some girl named Daisy. There were a few pieces thrown in that I remembered…Lorelai, Rory, and Daisy getting fired from their job, Lorelai and Luke breaking up, and Rory and Logan breaking up. The part of the dream that I remember the most, though, is Daisy running to Richard and Emily, and I remember her adamantly saying that she could only speak to Emily. Well, obviously, I couldn't write a story out of only those pieces, so I created the rest as I went along to fit in with the necessary pieces of my dream. The weird thing was that I hated the name Daisy, but I didn't want to change it because it was in my dream. So I had just watched Hitch, and I gave her the name Allegra. As I kept writing, the name grew on me. Just when Emily started to call her Daisy, I started to actually like the name. So, anyway, thanks for reading!!

I am going to put in two stories that have to do with The New Gilmore. The first one will be very short, and it will be called Camping Trip. Remember how Luke and Jess went on their camping trip? Well, you never really got to find out what happened on that trip, and I figured that writing a story with Jess and Luke bonding would be fun.

The other story will be longer. Yes, Daisy narrated this story. But how much of it was actually about her? This will be a story about Daisy and her relationship issues. The basic summary is that Rory and Daisy go to California to visit Jess over spring break. I'm not going to give away any more, but make sure you check it out, it's called California Romance.