"I can't believe I hit her.." the young fire youkai thought as he walked along the forest path in the Makai. "Hn..." The scene kept playing over and over through his head. "It wasn't her fault I lost the fight..."
Yusuke trudged slowly up the stairs towards Genkai's temple, stopping every now and then to see that the others were managing. Kuwahara, with burn marks and bruises all over his body limped up the stairs behind him. He stopped and made sure Kurama was managing alright with Hiei. Kurama had a large gash across his side, which was causing allot of pain. But he still wouldn't let Kuwahara carry Hiei. Hiei was the worst off; he had multiple gashes on his front and back, a broken leg and a gash above one eye. He was out cold by the time they got to the temple. Kieko happened to be sitting in the porches reading when she noticed the group.
"Yusuke!" she called as she ran over, steadying him, "Genkai! Yukina!" she yelled. Genkai ran outside,
"Oh dear..."
**Later on**
Hiei woke up with a pounding headache, "Hn" he groaned as he sat up.
"Hiei!" Kurama sat up beside him. Hiei looked around, noticing two vacant beds. He looked back at Kurama.
"Yusuke and Kuwahara have already woken up" he stated.
"How long was I out" Hiei rubbed his head.
"Since late last night, its noon now" Kurama laid back down, "We lost"
"Damnit!" Hiei punched his pillow and lay back down
"It's alright to loose every now and then...but" he rolled over away from Hiei, "We were lucky to escape".
"Well, everyone seemed to fall, one by one.." he rolled back over, "I was the last standing so I called the retreat." Hiei growled and turned over.
"Hiei, we could have been killed if I didn't" Kurama explained.
"You were lucky I was out cold" Hiei snapped.
"I probably was, but it's over now, let it go"
"Hn!" Hiei got up and walked outside into the sun. He sat down on the porch and placed his head on his knees.
"Hiei" a small voice came from the other end of the porch. Yukina approached Hiei and sat beside him. "Are you alright?"
"I'm fine" Hiei snapped, keeping his eyes on the ground.
"What's wrong?" she placed a hand on his shoulder. Hiei stood up abruptly and walked away, startling Yukina. Kurama rolled over and watched.
"Hiei!" She got up and followed him.
"What!" he snapped reeling around. Yukina took a step back.
"Hiei! stop it! you're scaring me!" Yukina snapped back. Hiei lowered his head. She walked up to him and placed a hand on hie shoulder again,
"It's ok to loose sometimes," she stated.
"No it's not!" Hiei snapped again, flinging his arm to get her hand off him. But he hit her in the face accidentally. He froze as soon as he realised. Looking up he saw Yukina sitting on the ground holding her jaw.
"Yukina! I.." he was cut off with a quick blow to the face from Kuwahara.
"You bastard!" Kuwahara snapped as he leant down to Yukina.
"No! Kuwahara, he.." she was cut off,
"It's alright Yukina! I wont let him near you!" he stood infront of her. Hiei rubbed his jaw and stood up.
"How dare you hit her!" he went to strike again but Hiei was gone. "Damn youkai" he snapped.
"Kuwahara!" Kurama stormed down the steps and right up to him.
"You don't even know what happened!" he snapped.
"All I saw was Hiei hit Yukina! That's been enough!" He helped Yukina up and into the temple.
"Darnit...HIEI!" Kurama called. Hiei was sitting in a tree just watching distance away from them.
"It wasn't your fault!" Kurama called.
"Yes it was.." Hiei got up and flitted off.
More to come!