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Journal Entry I

This is written after the siege of the scholar's estate and the death of my teacher. Landon and I are currently traveling from the lost continent of Atlantis back to the estate. When the Splugorth attacked the estate, I was separated from my fellow students and taken to Atlantis. Because of my education the creatures there were unable to use mind control to make me a slave (thank God) and I was thrown into a cave-like cell to be eaten by one of their monsters. Inside the cell there was almost no light and I could not see anything at first. So I stood yelling at the guard and demanded to be released.

When I grew tired of this I turned around and saw what it was that was with me, or rather I saw its eyes. They were the eyes of a feline. As I stood shocked, it turned its eyes from me and stared in the darkness. Although I could see nothing I could tell that it was circling me. Have you ever seen a cat play with a mouse? Well I felt like the mouse in said situation. As it was circling me at first I could only see glimpses of it. I could tell that it was a panther, and a rather large one at that.

Then all of a sudden it reached out with a giant paw and knocked me to the ground. When I got up it was back in the darkness and I could hear a slight growl but because of the cave and the horrendous amounts of fear pulsing through me, I could no longer tell where it was. Then it started toying with me. It would come out of the darkness at me like it was going to maul me. This it did several times, and I would get a minor scratch. It was as if it wanted to smell the blood before actually killing me. Just as I thought it would finally kill me, I was given an even greater surprise; it moved into the light and spoke to me.

"Stupid girl, I do not care for the taste of human."

Then it changed forms into that of a human male, and began speaking in a foreign tongue; that I now know to be Gobblely. One of the guards began shouting at him in a very annoyed manner, as if what the creature had asked was below him. Then the creature spoke to me again,

"Well it looks like you're going to be my cell mate, if you'd like I can have them bring your effects. At least the non-violent ones."