Chapter 4

"So, could you teach me some of it, like...the me?"

"Yes...that will be a great start."

As the Brittany was instructing White Star, a pack of wolves were spying at them. Even though these little dogs didn't really know it, the wolves just wanted to show them that they won't hunt them unless it's their territory. You see, wolves don't like to hunt their family knowing that dogs were used to be them a long time ago. Wolves wanted to be their friends.

The alpha (the leader of the pack-out of 2-one male, one female) male was a big wolf. He was sturdy, fast and protective over his cubs and his pride. His name is Abim. Many people were afraid of him, but he did good deeds in the forest. If not, one of the best deeds there is. He was named by the humans since he was born in Germany. His name has a meaning. Whoever saw him, will judge him as "Devil" or "Ghost." I guess people don't know him yet. One of his deeds is to tell the humans that wolves never killed any cattle, it was the foxes that did it. He also wanted to show the dogs that wolves had never killed any dogs unless they got the wolves mad. Nothing else about him we don't know about him.

The alpha female was a medium sized wolf. She was calm, beautiful, happy of her mate, proud, and smart. Her name is Aroona. She was called that because she runs proudly and lightly and she taught the pride to run lightly so that they won't be heard. The people weren't really scared of her because she didn't hurt anyone. She was also born in Germany. Her name means running water. She loves Abim's plans of running, so she teaches her cubs to be proud of their father. She is also a mystery to the humans.

The hunting group consists of Abim, Aroona, Baralga-named after his father that was meaning native champion-a skillful hunter-cub from Abim and Aroona, Benalla-named of meaning musk duck, dumb at hunting but smart for techniques on fights and hunting. Some more of the hunting group consists of Boanyoo-finds great places where sick dear/moose or other pray is, named after his great-great-grandmother meaning hunting place. The most new hunting group is Burbugate-named after a favorite babysitter/teacher, meaning a black swan, Camira-a fast wolf, a great spy, she is called of the wind and some people are scarred of her by the name, and lastly, the smartest and biggest except Abim of them all is Cooma-he is called a lake because of the size of him, he is strong and a great jumper for his prey, he will never give up.

This pack also has 6 babysitters, there are 3 females and 3 males. The babysitters are usually called teachers, since they teach the cubs what they might need to help with. Babysitters are usually a rank before the hunting rank. Here goes the ranking: Alpha Female and male (Abim, Aroona)-- Hunters (Baralga, Benalla, Boanyoo, Burbugate, Camira, Cooma)-- Babysitters (Edi, Euroa, Gurraymy, Itya, Joalah, Kamparri)-- Cubs(Jarrah, Jingella, Illuka, Kangka, Kangkang, Kome)-- Old wolves (Binda,Coreen, Dorak, Durda, Euloo wirree, Gedala, Girra, Gulara)-- Old Wolf babysitters (Illawarra, Inapertwa, Kirrhi, Kuche.)The babysitters babysit with the cubs while everybody's hunting. They also teach the cubs survival skills. After the cubs graduate from this, they are babysitters and some of the babysitters come to the hunting group and some of hunting group go the the old wolf babysitters. Once it's time to get new group leaders, the new cubs that are born will be chosen to be the leaders. If it's an emergency, one of the babysitters will be the leader until a pup will be born for that job. This babysitter will have to be strong, and be protective because carrying a group of 31-33 wolves not counting themselves is hard work. If the group is over 35 wolves, they will have to take out some of the old wolves, but that never happened.