An Altered Path

Chapter 1: Course Altered

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Konoha was in chaos. The civilians were running to the shelters at their quickest pace with every available chuunin and gennin trying to get them there safely. The ANBU and jounin however were all outside the village gates trying to hold off the force of nature that had descended upon their home.

Every one of the village's shinobi were present trying to stop this beast. Some had even been called back from various missions as the village needed all of its strength. Every single one of the villages shinobi clans were present though some were absolutely useless.

The Hyuga clan had been reduced to mere observers as their jyuken was useless against the beast. For one they couldn't get close to the beast due to its tails and chakra aura. If they did however the beast had so much chakra they couldn't even see its tenketsu let alone hit them.

The Uchiha were in a similar situation as the Hyuga. Everything they threw at the beast was shrugged off as if it was merely dust on the creature's fur. The only thing they had going for them was the fact their Sharingan was allowing them to dodge the beast tails, which seemed to be swinging with minds of their own.

The Aburame had already tried to send in their Kikaichu which had also proven fruitless as the bugs either exploded from taking to much chakra or were incinerated by the beast aura. The Inuzuka clan had also tried several of their strongest attacks but couldn't even but a scratch upon the giant creature.

The Yamanaka had thought to try a massive mind takeover. They had thought better about it however upon seeing the beast shrug off some of the strongest genjutsu's from the Uchiha, Yuhi and Kurama clans.

It seemed the only ones having any affect upon the creature were the Nara and Akimichi clans. The Nara had teamed up to create one giant shadow to hold the beast still. The Akimichi had enlarged themselves to fifty feet tall and were pounding away at the beast every time the Nara clan stopped it.

While all this was going on two of the village's strongest shinobi were in the hospital. They were the Sandaime Hokage, Sarutobi and the Yondaime Hokage, Namikaze Minato.

"Minato calm down." Ordered Sarutobi to his pacing successor, trying to keep the younger Kage from hyperventilating.

"Calm down, ojiisan how am I suppose calm down? My wife's been forced into premature labor. Tsunade was no where to be found and we have to rely on novice's. We've got a one hundred foot tall fox demon, that hasn't been seen since the Second Great Shinobi War outside the gates tearing shit up. And the only thing I can think off to stop it is sealing it away in my own son, who hasn't even been born yet. Ojiisan tell me how I'm supposed to calm down." Ranted the Yondaime nearly pulling his hair out at the end.

Sarutobi sighed seeing the usually composed Yondaime so panicked. He supposed it had to be expected given the stress the younger man was under. Out of all of the shinobi nations they were the last one to be attacked by one of the bijuu. And it was just their luck that it would be the Kyubi to attack them.

For some reason the bijuu had all just started attacking every place they could. They weren't just limited to shinobi villages but all the villages on the continent. Well they didn't actually attack civilian villages or nations. It was more like they'd blow through while sending out a chakra pulse that would knock down several buildings and continue on their way.

Even the ones that had been captured had broken through the seals holding them before attacking the village that attacked them. Needless to say several of the shinobi villages were pissed with their Kage's. Especially since no one could manage to reseal them.

"Regardless Minato." said the old man blowing smoke from his pipe.

"You're the Hokage now, if people see you panic they will start to as well." Finished Sarutobi causing his successor to nod his accent and take a calming breath.

This happened just in time as the doors to the operating room opened. Out of the doors emerged a tired looking nurse holding a small bundle in her arms. As she handed the bundle over to Sandaime she glanced over to the Yondaime before shaking her head and leaving.

Minato's breath caught in his throat at the gesture as he dashed into the room. The feeling of dread that had been building within him coming to an all time high as he reached his wife's bedside. Almost as soon as he saw her he knew she was dead, something he couldn't tell outside due to the seals engraved on the walls to keep chakra from being felt outside the operation room.

Taking a moment to look over his wife the Yondaime burned her image into his memory, knowing now this would be the last time he'd see her. His resolve had been reinforced and he knew he'd die this night. He would have his revenge by sealing up that damned fox and forcing it to use its power to protect his son or die.

With that thought in mind he kissed his wife on the head before turning out of the door. Stopping in front of Sarutobi he held his son for the first and last time. He smiled at the sight of the boy's short blonde hair and knew he'd have bright blue eyes like his own. Kissing his newborn on his head the Hokage smiled at Sarutobi before saying his goodbyes and disappearing in a yellow flash.

Appearing on the battlefield he wasted no time in calling upon the toad boss Gamabunta. Together the two stood in front of the Kyubi ignoring the elated cries from the shinobi below about their arrival. Yondaime wasted no time in running through seals while Gamabunta engaged the giant fox.

Just as he finished the last of his seals, Kyubi sent out another chakra pulse. Still murmuring the name of his jutsu he called upon the Shinigami without hesitation. As the Shinigami appeared behind him, it immediately stuck its arm into the kitsune.

The fox roared as its soul was pulled out of its body. The shinigami struggled but managed to place it into the belly of the new born; its claws tearing into the boys flesh leaving three scars on each side of his cheeks. Minato seeing this quickly ran through a few seals and placing his hands on his son's stomach.

As soon as he touched the boy a seal appeared on the boy's stomach. The seal pulsed numerous times before finally it gave off a red glow and shattered with a sound much like broken glass much to the surprise of the Hokage and Shinigami.

Kyubi's soul emerged from the infant's body and returned to its own. Once out it simply gave what looked like a grin, its job completed the beast burst into particles of light. The particles spun in the air before bursting out in every direction with a shockwave of power.

Yondaime stood with his eyes wide in shock at such a thing. His shocked look soon turned into a pained one as the shinigami reached his hand inside him.

"I will not take your soul this night Namikaze Minato. Your soul was simply a trade for my help. However seeing as what you needed help to defeat got away I cannot take your soul." Said the Shinigami allowing the Yondaime to breathe a sigh of relief.

"However you must still pay for calling me to this realm. For this you will sleep until the time comes when you are once again needed."

With that said the shinigami removed his hand from the blonde before promptly fading away. The Yondaime had just enough time to notice the scars on his son's face had healed over the scars disappearing completely. Almost as soon as he noticed the Yondaime's eyes closed and he fell forward only to be caught by the tongue of the toad boss. Once his summoner was safely on the ground the toad boss disappeared in a puff of smoke.

The Next Week:

Sarutobi sighed as he sat down in the chair, behind the desk reserved for the current Hokage. When he retired he had thought his days in this chair were over. Now it appears he'd only been on vacation. Nothing last week had gone as planned. Kushina was dead, while Minato was in the hospital's deepest pits in a coma.

Their new born son slept in a crib in the room hidden within his office. The baby boy was supposed to become the container for the Kyubi and then the village hero. That way they would at least have an excuse to use the name of his mother as his clan name.

That however was out of the question now. Simply because an action like that would bring suspicion to him if he took on Kushina's clan name without a good reason. Using his fathers name was definitely out of the question, as he knew of what would happen should anyone find out the Yondaime had a child and he couldn't protect him.

Still he couldn't help but be glad Kyubi hadn't been sealed in the boy. He, unlike Minato, knew the people wouldn't see him as a hero, but the demon instead. The council would've no doubt pushed for the boy to either be turned into a weapon or be killed, neither of which he could allow.

Now however he didn't have to worry about that. What worried him was the chakra spike Naruto had let off that night. It had been right around the time Kyubi had reportedly disappeared that it had happened. According to the clan heads it had happened with each of their children as well, or it happened with their pregnant wives.

He had theorized that the shockwave released after Kyubi's departure had passed through them causing the chakra spike. Along with this several of his shinobi were in the hospital though one currently stood out among the rest. Mitarashi Anko, a chuunin still on probation. She had apparently been using a large amount of chakra attempting to summon one of her serpents when the shockwave hit her. Since then she's been in a coma and had yet to awaken.

Shaking himself from his thoughts he found he had somehow picked up his successors son and was looking out at the monument. After a while of thought he finally came upon a name he liked for the blonde who he somehow knew would be a mixture of his parents. Kazama Naruto, and judging by the giggle the boy let out he liked it as well.

"Kami must be watching over you Naruto-kun for he spared you a life full of suffering." Said the Sandaime quietly before gazing up at the monument.


Kami himself had just dismissed the creatures the mortals had come to know as the bijuu. Behind him his own son stood his face set in a serious frown.

"Was all that really necessary father." Asked the son.

"Would you rather go back down there" asked the father running a hand through his beard.

"No way, no how. I am not going back down there again." Stated the son his face turning determined.

"Last time I went down there I fed fifty of them with a loaf of bread, walked on water, gave an old lady her sight back, and brought someone back from the dead. I did all that and they still strung me up, regardless of the fact I knew it would happen, they could've tried to prove me wrong." Finished the son rubbing his hands together as ghost pain shot through him.

"Okay then, short of sending you down to sort this out this is all I could really do. Besides the people there are fighters, they'll pull through. Just as they did the last time." finished the father turning his sights back onto the earth below.