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Confessions in a Broom Closet


The screaming of a desperate young man filled the empty space in the broom closet Shigure and Yuki were crammed into, tensing the atmosphere even more then it already was. Shigure shrunk back a few more inches, brushing against a supply closet filled with various cleaning supplies, and grabbed a sponge, holding it out in front of him for protection.

"Umm… Now Yuki, don't be too hasty…" Began the older man nervously, almost knocking the shelf over as he attempted to back into it more.

But Yuki was beyond the point of reason. His purple eyes seemed to blaze red as he stood over Shigure, hideously cut hair mocking the novelist for all his worth. 'TELL ME!" Screamed Yuki once more, grabbing a broom and pointing it menacingly at Shigure.

Shigure couldn't withstand any torture, whether he wanted to or not. Giving a small wimper, he launched into the entire confession of what had been happening the last two weeks, without even pausing to take a breath.


Yuki's eye twitched very slightly as Shigure finished his story. His rage had gone from loud and angry to silent and stony, which, in Shigure's opinion, seemed the worst kind at the moment. The adolescent was using all his willpower to keep from hitting Shigure at the moment, and it showed.

"Does Hatori know about this?" He asked, sighing heavily, knuckles turning white as he clenched the broom he was holding even tighter.

"Um… Yes?"

"Great. Well, we're going to get Kyo. and THEN, we're going to see Hatori. Let's go!" Yuki spat through gritted teeth, grabbing the shaking dog by his shirt collar, and dragging him out of the closet, out of the school, and towards the Sohma household, unaware of the whispers coming from the students who had watched Yuki and Shigure emerge from the closet.

"Was Sohma just in the broom closet… With a MAN?"


Kyo Sohma, needless to say, was not at the house that Yuki and Shigure were marching to. He was nervously scouring the neighborhood, searching for any sign of Haru, Tohru, or struggling that he could find. He had been so for the last hour and a half.

"Dammit, Tohru! You better be safe!" The cat groaned in frustration, running his fingers through his bright orange hair wearily. If something bad had happened to Tohru… He would never forgive himself. Or Haru.

Haru, that stupid bastard. Taking off with Tohru without thinking to talk to anyon about it first. Him and his stupid black and white hair, and his stupid smile, and his stupid fetish with Yuki and his stupid job at the daycare center on the corner….


The daycare center on the corner! Sunny Smiles, or whatever. That was where Haru worked!

Kyo broke into a run, each step faster than the next, his urgency to get there and see if Tohru was okay overtaking his common sense. He dashed across a busy street, jumped some small children playing, and knocked over an old lady on the sidewalk in his hurry to get to the daycare.

Slamming the door behind him, Kyo stood there for a few moments, panting, leaning on the door heavily for support. He was sucking in air as if he had just beaten Yuki's time for the 100 meter dash (which, thinking about it now, he had.).

After he regained his lungs, he looked up, eyes adjusting to the semi-dark room in which he stood. Gazing around, his amber eyes met brown and grey ones, befalling upon a scene that Kyo had never wanted to see.



"Kyo? Kyo? Where are you, you stupid cat?" Yuki sighed. "He's not here. That idiot."

Shigure gave a small laugh, and a shrug, moving to slink away from the positively fuming rat, daintily moving on his tip-toes. "Oh well, Kyo's not here. Guess you'll have to forget about the whole thing, eheheh."

"Not so fast." Yuki's hand reached out, and clamped around Shigure's shoulder, dragging the almost sobbing dog back to his place. Yuki turned to look Shigure in the eye, pressing the phone into his hand. "Call Ayame. And Hatori. Now. Tell them… They have fifteen minutes to be here. Or else."

Shigure shivered slightly at the cold tone of Yuki's voice, hands shaking as he began to dial. "Oh, Yuki. Does anyone ever tell you you become more and more like a serial killer each day?"