NOTE: I'm back!!!! I thought of this while writing How I Met Your Father...and I thought it was cute!

Who doesn't think Yachiru is cute????

Disclaimer: I claim to be Yachiru...I'm not my hair just looks identical to hers...not even the same color though.


As most of you know, Yachiru and Kenpachi are like peanut butter and jelly. Kenpachi keeps nothing from her, and tell her no lies. But what will he tell her now? Let's go back and find out the situation first...

Yachiru was on the Internet, playing games and just being a child. But a pop-up of Ichigo and Renji kissing came on the screen. Her eyes widened as big as her head as she read: "Yaoi lemons and and view here...Hmmm. Ken-chan?" She called.

"What now, Yachiru?"

"C'mere...what's a lemon, and why is Icchy kissing Baboon?"

Kenpachi's own eyes grew large. How the HELL was he supposed to explain that to someone as innocent as Yachiru?

"Uhm...well. Lemons are fruits that are yellow and sour! People don't eat them much!" He said pulling a lemon out of his robe.

"And limes are just as bad, they have almost no taste at all! They're green fruits!" He then pulled out a lime.

She held them in her child-like hands...

"And why are Icchy and Bab-"

"They were drunk!" He interrupted her.

I shouldn't have posted that picture from the Christmas party huh? He asked himself as Yachiru just kept typing away.

END NOTE: That was rather short but I found it cute NO FLAMES PLEASE! I know it's kinda dumb!