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Quick review of the past chapter:

Edward leaves Bella to go and find something to eat for her. She stumbles across Carlisle's office and begins to intrude, finding an elaborate painting hanging on the wall…


My eyes widened at the foreign word that was written in white, cursive writing in the corner of the elaborate painting.

I stood frozen in the middle of the room as I peered up at the painting, the words burning into my mind over and over again. I hadn't the slightest idea what they could possibly mean, but I intended to find out.

I yanked out the closest book that was in arms length and started flipping through it to see what it was written about.

"London the Early 1600's…"

The first bolded title jumped out at me and I couldn't believe it. I looked back at the painting and then back down at the book. It seemed strange that the first book I should pull out would almost resemble the painting. I slowly turned around and walked over to Carlisle's desk and sat down in his chair.

I began reading it, learning about the society and the rankings of wealth. This chapter took a great deal of time for me to read through it, and I ended up skimming only certain parts of it near the end of the chapter. When I came to learning about the Church, I sat up straighter in the chair, and began reading the paragraphs, word for word.

"Although London can be quite a diverting place, there is always the matter of the Church, and what people think about it. Many citizens dwell upon the issue that the Church should set all the laws, while many disagree and think that the city should make consensus decisions.

When the Protestants came into power in London, it became the time of the Church. Roman Catholics and other Religions became head of the city and they controlled the many decisions that were made.

During the early 1600's down in the London streets, there were always mass rumours of a strong evil lurking beneath the shadows. The Church believed that there were witches, werewolves and vampires. Many hunts were led throughout the streets to try and eliminate these evils.

This time became chaos because innocent people were being killed by the beliefs of the Church. No one knew for sure if the actual creatures were real, and they were just managing to stealthily avoid being caught, or if the Church was going into a downfall because of it's failure."

I continued reading down the page, but there was nothing more about the Church. The rest of the chapter began to retell about the late1600's and when democracy finally took place.

I looked up at the painting hanging up on the wall directly in front of Carlisle's desk on the far side of the room. I squinted my eyes and peered intently at the other three men. Their eyes drew me into the painting and I was loosing myself within the time period of the painting. I imagined myself being there with Carlisle. Twirling about behind them, donned in the same robes, but more elaborately designed; with blood red eyes.

I gasped at myself, shaking my head and returning to the present day.

When was this painted?

I assumed that Carlisle was with these three men to try and recreate the specific time period. I looked down at the book that was placed in my hands, and I realized I was gripping the edges tightly. I loosened my grip and flipped back a couple of pages to look at the pictures.

There was a black and white drawing to go along with the Church theory. The drawing displayed a mob of people holding pitchforks and torches, chasing a shadow with red eyes down an alleyway.

I brought the book closer to my face to inspect the clothing. It was nothing like the robes in Carlisle's painting. I flipped back a couple of more pages to scout for anymore clothing. I finally found another black and white drawing of a wealthy couple with expressionless faces. Again, the clothing was not similar and I snapped the book shut in frustration. I hadn't learned anything from this book except for the ridiculous theory of the Church believing in evil and trying to capture witches, werewolves and vampires.

I suddenly shivered as I made my way back to the bookcase to choose another book to try and find out what time period this could have been painted in. There was the main bookcase that stood out right underneath the painting. I had grabbed this book from the left side of it, on a random shelf of another bookcase. I slid the book I was holding back into its place and ran my fingers across the spines of the other books, my head on an angle reading the titles. I randomly selected a thick, heavy book and immediately looked for the date inside the first couple of pages.

This book was also about the 1600's, but in other various cities around the world. I narrowed my eyes and slid the book back and selected another book from the same shelf. It too, was a book about the 1600's. I was starting to get excited as I moved onto the shelf above it see if my theory was correct or not.

The shelf above it was about the 1500's era, and then the shelf above it was related to the 1400's. I couldn't reach anything higher, but I had a good idea of what year was next. I returned back to the 1600 shelf and knelt down to look at the shelves underneath it. The next shelf was the 1800's and the one after it was 1900, and then the year 2000, with some books I recognized.

I stood up and frowned, looking over to the right side of the wall. I went to the shelf that was lined up with the 1600's and found that it too, was the same year. I checked all of the other shelves and found out that it was in chronological order, on both sides, and both sides of the wall lined up.

There was one year that was missing, and I finally realized that it was the bookcase underneath the painting. Carlisle had organized this whole wall by the years, and for some reason the 1700's was especially important.

As I stood in front of the painting, and the bookcase underneath it, it finally clicked. This painting was referring to the 1700's, the one century that was missing on Carlisle's shelves; but for what specific reason?

I was hesitant as I walked forward to the bookcase, my arms outstretched to grab a book. I felt so bad for going through Carlisle's study and the guilt was starting to eat away at me.

My heart began to pick up rhythm as it struck out a steady beat, and then increasing its tempo inside my chest. I gave a yell of frustration and ran out of the study, slamming the door behind me and sliding down the doorframe.

I closed my eyes briefly as the guilt started to subside, and the curiosity raged inside of me once again. As I moved to open the door and go back inside, the guilt washed up in tidal waves and I yanked myself up, running blindly down the stairs. I made it back into the main room, where daylight was creeping upon the Cullen mansion, as I saw Edward drive up the winding driveway in front of the house.

I was breathing heavily as I watched Edward through the window. He was walking up the to the porch, his steady and smooth steps calming me down. When Edward disappeared through the front door, and I heard the click, I spun around to watch him come walking into the room holding a couple of grocery bags.

Edward paused in his actions while looking at me. I must have looked like a deer caught in the headlights, for I wasn't blinking and I could feel that my face was frozen in place.

Edward turned his head to look behind him and then back at me, his eyebrows furrowing in confusion, "What's the matter?"

"Nothing." I replied a little to hastily, causing him to show disbelief in his facial features. I quickly blurted out the next thing that popped into my mind, "Something upstairs gave me a fright; just a shadow on the wall. That's all."

I swallowed nervously as I glanced to the bags in his hands, and rose my own to point at them in question. "What do you have in the bags?"

He raised them up in front of him as he began walking towards the kitchen while I started to trail after him.

Edward turned around and I had to watch myself from colliding into his chest with my head. It was my turn to ask what was wrong, and he replied saying that he would get me something to eat and that I could wait in the living room for him.

I narrowed my eyes into small slits before spinning around on my heel and walking back to the couch. I searched for any book or magazine that would provide me with entertainment. I finally found a book underneath the table on the lower shelf. It happened to be the same book that Esme was reading the day I had first came to the house.

It was a thick hardcover book that was about interior designing. I sighed at the seemingly boring topic, but nonetheless, began to read.

Not a couple of minutes later when Edward had brought me something to eat, I didn't even notice him walk into the room. I had gotten far to engrossed in the book. It was explaining the significance of shape, colour and the size of a room. The type of furniture depended on what colour the walls, floor, and ceiling were going to become. The smaller the room was, the fewer items you would want to have in it, and a darker colour would coordinate as well; making the seem more powerful.

I felt the couch shift with the weight of Edward as he sat down next to me, holding a plate and a glass. I glanced up briefly before realizing that he was trying to hand me the items. I snapped the book shut quickly, and set it back down in its spot underneath the table.

I carefully took the glass of orange juice first and set it on a coaster on the table before proceeding to take the plate. Edward had made me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I smiled at the thought of Edward in the kitchen making it.

I ate my food quietly while we both stared out the window in compatible silence, watching the clouds slowly start to get lighter, and lighter. After I finished, I set the pate on the table and reached for the juice. I downed it all and then set it back on the table.

"So what's on the agenda for today?" I shifted my body so I sat cross-legged on the couch, facing Edward.

Edward's bows furrowed in concentration of trying to think of what to do. There wasn't much really, the power was still out, and the rest of Edward's family were not home yet.

I interrupted Edward's process of thought by saying, "Do you have any board games, or a deck of cards?"

Edward smiled a crooked grin before replying, "Of course, I live with Emmett."

I laughed at that statement while Edward rose to go find the items. I picked up the plate and glass and returned them to the kitchen. I couldn't find any dish soap so I just set them in sink, and met Edward in the hallway.

We walked back to the living room, which had become our living place at the moment. In Edward's arms were a bunch of games, with a deck of cards on the top of the pile. I sat down on the ground leaning up against couch, the same time Edward set the stack on the ground beside and then sat down on the couch. I could feel his right leg next to my head. I was positive that if I turned to look at him, I would smack my nose against his knee.

I began searching for a game that I at least had a chance of winning against Edward. I knew that he was intelligent, and it would take all of my cunning skills to be close to winning, or actually win the game.

There was, Twister, Snakes and Ladders, Battleship, Boggle, Scattergories, and a deck of cards. I smiled when I saw Scattergories because it was my best board game. Mom and I used to play it all the time, and she wasn't too good at winning.

I pushed the rest to the side and began taking the items out of the box on the table. I handed Edward a pencil, a card, the lists, and a board to write on.

The object of the game was to roll and die that held all 26 letters of the Alphabet, and whatever letter came up was the one that was used. For the first round, there was a list of things that you had to come up with, and all of them had to start with that letter. For example, if the letter was A, and on the list were, Fruit, Clothing, Place, Drink, Brand Name, Company, President, Car, University/College, and Internet Site. For fruit I would put Apple, and so on…

The object of the game was to make sure that you did not have a repeat of the same thing. So if Edward and I both put Apple, neither one of us would receive a point. For round two, the list would change, and we would roll another letter.

Edward and I started the game, and we played all twenty rounds. I enjoyed playing it because I had finally met my match, and we ended up both winning ten rounds each. We argued some of the selections we made, sometimes letting the other person count the point, even if it was completely ridiculous.

It was 5:00, by the time we just finished round twenty, and I had won it, bringing us to the tie. When I was cheering and clapping, when the rest of Edward's family came into the house.

Edward and I both stopped laughing and rose to go meet them. I hung back in the doorway while Edward briefly got a report of the damage the storm had done. There were only a couple of people hurt down at the hospital, and a lot of houses were damaged, mine included.

I had gasped when I heard the news, and remembered walking down the hallway and the creaking roof, making a sarcastic comment to my dad on the note I left him saying that the house was going to fall apart.

Apparently the roof was destroyed and there was a little bit of flooding because of the broken roof: right above my room. I groaned when I received this news and Carlisle had told me that Charlie was staying at down with Billy for the night, and I was to stay here. Tomorrow, the men of the Cullen Family and I were going to go down to the house, and start removing items from my now destroyed room. Charlie was going to meet us there around noon.

Surprisingly I wasn't all that upset about the room I had stayed in all my childhood every summer. The only thing that I was worried about was replacing the items, but making sure I had the money to do so.

For the rest of the night Edward, Alice, Emmett and I all played the games that were now strewn about the living room. I was enjoying myself immensely, and I was surprised that I was having so much fun.

What would it be like if I hung out here more often? Edward and I had grown a little bit closer, and he wasn't all that quiet anymore. Emmett and him would always argue about the littlest things, making Alice and I laugh harder. Sometimes even Alice would join the arguments. Her feisty comments in her small body always seemed to make the situation so much more comical.

By 10:00 I had decided to retire for the night because my eyelids were growing heavy. I was expecting a long day tomorrow down at the house. I asked where I would be sleeping that night, and Alice had quickly responded with, "In Edward's room again."

I blushed before saying that Edward would need to sleep in his own room, but he insisted it would be fine.

Edward and I walked silently up the stairs and into his room. I went into the bathroom to change into a t-shirt and a pair of shorts that Alice had given me. I pulled the navy blue polo shirt over my head and realized that it was Edward's. I could smell his fragrance all over the t-shirt and I inhaled deeply, feeling completely moronic afterwards when I tried to wash away my blush with soap and water.

I became a scowling, blushing idiot and quickly finished up the rest of my bathroom routine. Alice had an extra toothbrush and a tube of toothpaste that I was able to have. I threw my hair up into a loose ponytail and walked out the door back into the room.

Edward had opened out the same thing that I had slept on the previous night and I was immediately looking forward to the soft mattress once again.

Once Edward had finished up setting the mattress with the duvet, he turned towards me and started walking forwards. My breathing hitched, and caught in my throat. He bent down and laid the softest brush of a kiss against my left cheek.

Edward stood up straight and nodded his head sharply, saying, "Night Bella, I'll see you in the morning."

And he walked out.