Not Enough

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Warning: Extreme sadness near the end. (Don't kill me!) Told from Mist's P.O.V

I let my hand trace over the long forgotten scripts across Toro's Cave walls, welcoming the cold air around me in contrast to the sweltering hot spring temperatures outside. My blue dress swirled around me with the sudden gusts of wind from Raguna's tamed blizzard monster. I could never remember the names Raguna gave them.

I drew in a long shaky breath of cold air as I let my hand stroke the creature's head. I dare not come in a monster-infested cave unarmed and the blizzard creature seemed to be my best bet. I don't know why I felt like coming in here… I just did.

The loose strands of my blonde hair escaped the confinements of my red ribbon and whisked into my view from my gray, blue eyes.

I grasped a single torch in my left hand, its flames leaping this way and that as I tried desperately to understand the foreign scripts on the aged wall before me. What language were they in? Arabic? Runic? Symbolic?

It seemed ever since Raguna discovered these writings and showed them to me, I couldn't shake them from my thoughts. The symbols were like passing dreams that soon consumed your very life and thoughts, but was controllable as well. Somehow, I knew that they were of importance… Somehow, someway.

I wordlessly tucked the strands of hair behind my ear and continued to stare at the symbols. They looked like a combination of runes, symbols, and possible ancient Arabic handwriting, but I couldn't be sure. If only I could find someone who knew several ancient languages, then maybe I could decipher this cryptic code.

A sudden snarl from the winter animal averted my thoughts from the code. My gaze darted to it, hunched next to me with its mouth opened, ready to create a winter storm. What the-?

Whirling on the heels of my fur boots, I looked towards the intruder. Relief flooded over me as I saw Lady Sharron standing in the outline of the entrance. Her white, worn dress brushed the ground every so slightly, causing the roses on the bottom to look ruffled and slightly out of place. Her translucent veil cascaded down with her dark gray hair along with several old roses. Her steady gaze was locked on me. Even though she looked like a dead spirit, she still radiated a beauty unknown to many.

"Mist?" she questioned, her spirit like voice echoing in the cave. "If you don't mind me asking, what are you doing here?"

I opened my mouth to respond, but was cut off when the blue monster sent out a short blast of winter air towards Sharron, startling her enough to slowly back away towards the glorious outside air. Bad fiend…

"Oh!" I cried, watching as my torch was extinguished from the unplanned blast. I shot a glare towards the tamed monster, making it scrunch into a little ball of embarrassment. Turning my gaze back on the old spirit woman, I bowed my head in apology. "I'm so sorry, Lady Sharron. This creature never meant you any harm. It was just trying to protect me and it thought that you were another fiend…. Not that you look like a fiend! I mean, the monster just got confused, and-"

Sharron let out a soft chuckle as she reentered the cave. "It's alright. I understand completely. You're actually really lucky to have such a loyal monster at your side. How I would love to be able to tame these wondrous creatures."

I felt myself blush ever so slightly as my free hand balled into a fist and gripped at the locket around my neck. "It's actually not mine. The monster, I mean. Raguna let me have him for the day because I wanted to study these ruins some more."

Sharron slowly nodded her head. "I see. Still, for a monster to be so loyal to one who is not its master is simply amazing."

"I was surprised too." I casually looked towards the still in a ball blizzard monster. Its head was starting to cautiously uncurl. "So, why are you here, Lady Sharron?"

The older female waved her hand in a dismissive gesture. "Please. Don't be so formal. Sharron will do just fine."

I quickly dipped my head in acknowledgement. "A-All right."

Sharron gave me a soft smile. "I was wondering what a pretty girl like you was doing in this cave when the Spring Cookie Giving Festival is today."

I gasped in shock, my mind suddenly clicking back to my calendar. "OH!! That's today?" I couldn't have forgotten it? Could I?

Sharron nodded, her white heels clicking against the stone earth as she sidestepped aside so the entrance was cleared. "You better get going if you want to make it."

Throwing the useless torch stick aside, I rushed forward. Stupid, stupid, stupid, me! Remembering my monster, I neatly whirled about, still dashing forward as I yelled, "Come on Blizzy! Time to go home!" Might as well give it a name…

The blue creature leapt from its curled up form and silently floated after me. Seems to like the name Blizzy. As I stepped out into the warm spring sunshine, I casually gave a wave of gratitude back at Sharon. "Thank you!"

Before she was out of sight, Sharron dipped her head in acknowledgement, a small knowing smirk plastered across her lips.

Not having time to think about the meaning behind Sharron's smirk, I focused on my running. My arms pumped down at my sides, trying hard to push me forward. The creature quickly floated ahead of me, having no legs to run on. The familiar path to the farm whisked past me as I squirted around the corner, my dress flowing out and dust rising up from my boots. I had no time to fix my hair or tuck the strands behind my ear like I always did as the small farmland came into view. How could I forget about something like this?

My feet pounded over the small wooden bridge, causing several fish to swim away in fright. The blizzard monster, seeming to know what to do, quickly rushed towards the monster hut, a thin trail of icicles clattering to the ground as it pushed open the doors. Monsters have it so easy nowadays.

I heard a thud from the door, signaling that it was closed. My breath came in short gasps as I slowed to a resting pace by Raguna's house. Kneeling down and resting my hands on my knees, I felt my heart still hammering inside my chest from my run.

The free strands of gold hair slowly fell into my face as I sighed in defeat. Grabbing my red ribbon, I undid the little bow and gathered all of my hair in one hand, the other busy with tying the bow securely. I let my hair fall back into place as I finished the bow, half of my short hair coming down and framing my face again.

Did I look all right? I mean, I just ran a couple of miles; I had to look somewhat messy. I was already known as the strange girl and I didn't want to show up at the festival looking like a mess. My memory reeled back to when Raguna showed me the mirror he had gotten from Ivan the peddler. I could use it!

I was sure he wouldn't mind if I used it for a quick second. He was probably at the festival anyways. Besides, I had been in his house plenty of times before on rainy days.

Not even hesitating, I strolled up to the wooden house and pushed the door in. My boots lightly thudded against the solid wood floor as an eerie creepiness settled over me. The creepiness probably came from the eerie silence of not hearing Raguna working out in the fields or the monster moving about.

Shaking the feeling off, I quickly worked my way over to the long oak mirror. Delicate designs lined the frame of it, causing unknown beauty to shine through. I could see myself heading up to the mirror as the old, but beautiful glass showed off my reflection.

I didn't look all that bad. My dress was slightly ruffled and my white sleeves had a few dirt marks on them from the cave, but a little dip in water could fix that. Luckily, I noticed a tiny pail of water settled next to the mirror. Stooping down, I slipped my thin arms out of their sleeves and dipped them in the water. My fingers scrubbed at the smudges as my mind drifted to other things.

Raguna had been here for one whole year. I could clearly remember back to the day we met, him having amnesia and me being my stupid self. He probably thought I was an idiot for giving him a hoe and watering can when he asked for a drink of water. I was just desperate for someone to work the farm or I would have to sell the land. My prayers seemed to be answered when he arrived, I was just so excited that I kind of zoned out.

Since then, we had become close friends. I came every day to see how he was doing on the farm and to just appreciate his company. There was just something different about him. Maybe it was the fact that he just seemed kind of helpless at first and now he could slay monsters and cast fire spells… Or maybe it was just the fact that he accepted me as his friend… An actual friend.

Rosetta and I used to be friends, but the more I grew to be myself, the less Rosetta liked me. The other town folks slowly moved away from me also. I don't exactly know what changed me… It just happened, and nobody liked it. Then, Raguna came along and immediately befriended me. Instead of moving away as he got to know me, he and I actually grew closer.

In time, I'd developed romantic feelings towards him. It couldn't really be helped. All of those times when he came to my house just to see me or talk to me finally sunk in along with all of those times he would risk his life for me. Raguna just became my awaited prince in shining armor; a fairytale that had finally leaped off the pages of my journal. He was just-

My thoughts crashed back down earth as my foot accidentally slipped on a puddle of water on the floor. My balance was lost, making me let go of my sleeves as they sank into the water. My head and back collided with the wooden floor, causing pain to shot up my back. My foot had already slid out from under me, crashing into the bucket and pouring water all over the floor.

I groaned in pain and in frustration as I slowly struggled back onto my feet. I gasped surprise as my feet slid across the ground over the water, threatening me to fall again. Groping about, I finally grasped the mirror, luckily keeping my balance. I can be such a klutz…

Sighing in relief, I cautiously moved away from the puddle of water. Stupid, stupid me! I couldn't just leave a puddle of water in the middle of the floor. My gaze flickered around the room until I laid my eyes on an old washcloth laid out on Raguna's bed. Perfect! Grabbing it, I bent down on my hands and knees and began soaking up the mess I'd made. I carefully rearranged the bucket and when my rag got full, I twisted it together over the bucket, catching any of the extra water.

A couple minutes later, I was finally done. Setting the rag on the side of the now-full bucket, I grabbed my white sleeves from the floor. They were soaked beyond belief, but at least the dirt was out now.

Twisting my pearl white sleeves to the right and then to the left over the bucket, I got some of the water out of them. Sadly, they were still damp. Dry or wet, I pulled them up my arms, tightening them around their regular position.

I don't know why, but I just found it so hard to concentrate when Raguna entered my thoughts. He just took over all of my sense… I couldn't really explain it, but I kind of liked the feeling. I had never felt this way towards anyone and I hoped to whoever was up there, that he at least somewhat returned those feelings.

Now… where was I going again? Oh, right! The Festival! Dashing out of the house, I slammed the door shut behind me and started towards the village. Everyone was welcome here during the festivals, even me.

My brown boots pounded up the rocky steps as I entered the calm little village. Several people already crowded the cobblestone streets and I wondered how I was ever to find Raguna in all of this.

Might as well start walking… My feet carried my along the right hand path. From here, I would go up the side paths and travel right to the Karida Park. I'm sure somebody would have seen Raguna along the way.

I wondered whom he plans on giving cookies to… He just bought and gathered all of the ingredients yesterday, so I was sure he had planned on making cookies. My heart seemed to leap in anticipation at the thought of Raguna giving me his cookies.

I suddenly fell to the ground, having run into someone, as I was lost in my thoughts. I heard an "Oh!" come from the person that I ran into.

"I'm so sorry!" I stuttered, flushing with embarrassment. Nice first impression. I go in and run into someone, great….

"Lara?" I questioned, looking at a tall female with bright red hair and dressed in a nurse's outfit. Lara was the only one I knew with red hair, but gosh. She sure changed a lot since I had last seen her. For starters, her once short red hair was now at least thirteen inches longer and she had a mature air around her.

The female across from me gave me a warm smile. "Why, Mist. I haven't seen you in ages."

"You too," I said, standing on my feet again and offering my hand to Lara. "So how are you doing?"

"Same old, same old," Lara replied, fixing her stylish brown hat with the long veil running down her back. "You?"

"Managing." My eyes flickered over the crowd, in hopes of spotting Raguna. Sadly, his curls of brown locks remained unseen. I let out a sad sigh that Lara quickly picked up on.

"What's wrong?" she questioned, her intelligent eyes scanning me over.

Embarrassed by showing my own emotions, I waved my hands in front of my face. "I-It's nothing…. Have you seen Raguna by any chance?" As long as she was here, I might as well ask her.

Lara's concerned frown suddenly turned into a small smile. "Why yes I have." She turned around and pointed up the side path. "He went that way about five minutes ago. I'm thinking that he was going to the Mayor's House and greeting everyone along the way."

I sighed with relief. Now all I had to do is find him. Smiling to Lara, I continued rushing forward. "Thank you! And bye!"

My head had to be turned around for me to give a successful wave to Lara, who returned it. My heart was literally pounding in the excitement of seeing Raguna. I know it was selfish, but I really wanted to be the one to receive his cookies. I really wanted to.

I raced along the deserted side paths leading up to the mayor's house. I couldn't help but quicken my pace, causing my heart rate to accelerate. I smile worked its way across my lips. In the books that I've read, it always ends with the two best friends falling in love. Raguna and I were best friends and I had already fallen for him… Just one more factor was needed.

Turning around the final corner, I stopped dead in my tracks.

My smile disappeared.

My blood froze and worked its coldness throughout my body.

My once happy eyes were now fighting off sudden tears that threatened to fall.

Standing before me, still not knowing I was there, were Raguna and Felicity. Normally, I would just brush the fact that they were together off, but the plate of cookies in Felicity's hands made me think otherwise.

Felicity's long brown locks and gray eyes matched perfectly with Raguna's thick light brown locks and slightly lighter gray eyes, and I couldn't help but notice that fact. Both were smiling. Raguna had his back to me, all of his attention on the brown-haired female.

My heart seemed to twist in ways I never thought possible. Despite the pain I felt inside, I couldn't move. My feet were glued to the spot. It couldn't be how it looked… Could it? No! Raguna… Raguna wouldn't… He shouldn't… Why?

I heard catches of their conversation from where I was standing.

"Wow! You can bake, Raguna?" Felicity asked, taking the plate of cookies from Raguna.

Raguna let out a laugh and rubbed the back of his neck. "I guess… I can't grantee that they're not poisonous or anything."

Felicity smiled, her slim hand taking a cookie from the plate. I watched as she bit into one, her expression brightening. "They're perfect."

"Just like you, I guess," the farmer said, picking up a lock of her brown hair and twirling it around his finger.

Felicity blushed a deep red, her slender hand placing the cookie back on the plate. "I-I wouldn't say that I'm perfect."

"Don't be so modest," Raguna replied. I felt my heart tear with every word he said. "You're about as perfect as they come. And just as pretty… No, make that gorgeous."

"But, what about Mist?" she asked, taking a slow step back.

My heart pounded in anticipation, awaiting an answer. Raguna casually shrugged and leaned closer to Felicity's face. "What about her?"

I couldn't stand in any longer. Tears slowly seeped from my eyes as I wheeled about on my heels and raced back the way I came. I didn't care if Raguna or Felicity saw me. I didn't care about the concerned and odd glances I received from the people around me. I just didn't care anymore.

I didn't know where I ran; all I knew was that I had to run away from Felicity and Raguna. I just had to get away. Tears blurred my vision as I found myself in Raguna's farm again. Memories flooded into my memory that I just couldn't take so I continued to run.

The scene between Felicity and Raguna replayed over and over in my mind even if I screeched at it to stop. It just kept playing. Even when I closed my eyes tightly, I could still see the two and hear those words. My heart had shattered into a million tiny pieces that I would never be able to pick up and put back together in that instant.

I slightly opened my eyes to see where I was, but I didn't stop running. My house and the green trees surrounding it brought back more painful memories of Raguna. I had to get away. I had to.

Turning a corner, I sprinted towards the road leading to the border of our tiny town. Nobody would care if I left. Raguna would probably wonder for a while, but he had Felicity to help him. Why would he need me? He had everything! Everything I've wanted, needed, and deserved!

More tears streaked across my face as my feet pounded against the dirt road.

What was wrong with me? What did she have that I didn't?

Was it because she was the mayor's daughter? Did she have a certain quality that I could never possess? Was it because I was stupid and a klutz?

Am I not pretty enough?

What did he need that I couldn't give? Couldn't he tell me instead of leading me on? Did he need more money and is that why he fell in love with her?

Did I just, like always, not make the cut?

I felt my foot catch on something from the ground and my whole body tumbled forward. My already battered body hit the ground full force, my sore shoulders falling directly on some rocks. Tear after tear streamed down my face, and I did not bother to wipe them away. What was the point? He loved her.

I didn't have the strength to get up and continue running, so I just let my body lay there. My body fell in the position so that I was on my side and looking at the empty undergrowth. The cold, deserted road fitting my mood perfectly. Nobody came this way anyways.

The scene continued to replay and reply, me giving up trying to stop it.

I loved him. I loved him with all my heart and yet… he chose her.

A sudden drop of water not coming from my eyes landed on my nose, causing me to look up. Dark clouds had gathered in such a short time that I wondered if anyone had cast a spell. I still didn't care that I was laying on a dirt road about to be soaked to the bone. I didn't want to care.

My eyes continued to stare into the gray clouds, watching as a steady stream of raindrops fell onto the barren earth and me. I wondered if everyone was rushing into the buildings now. I wondered if he was with her, cuddled secretly by a warm fire, just like where I wished I could be.

I wished I could have his warmth protecting me again.

I wished he would just appear, my knight, and sweep me away telling me everything was gonna be all right. I just wished he were here.

I wished I could scream at him for leading me on. I wished I could just pound my fists on him and break down in tears. I wished I could make him feel the pain I'm feeling right now.

I rapidly blinked as raindrops begin to pound onto my sore and bruised body. It doesn't take long for my clothes to be soaked and for my body to take on an unknown coldness.

I don't feel it though. I'm already numb.

More tears continuously began to flow from my eyes.

I had no one to blame but myself really. I had plenty of chances to admit my feelings but didn't. He must have seen that I wouldn't admit and decided to move on. To move directly into Felicity's arms. This… was my entire fault.

I could've told him at all those times when he saved me. When he swept my off my feet and ran or guarded me with his body from oncoming fiends. There were many times when I could've admitted. I just didn't.

Thunder flashed across the sky but my face remains emotionless.

This was what I got for falling for someone. I thought I'd sworn off love…

He loved her, and nothing I did could ever change that.

She was the one who had the long locks of cooper that matched his perfectly. She was the one with the slim, trim figure that fit against his perfectly. She was the one with the kind and perfect face with those darker then gray eyes. She was the one in the beautifully designed cream furs. She was the one who needed him with her sickness and everything.

I was the plain one with the ugly blonde hair. I was the one with the stone cold face and expressions. I was the one with the awkward frame and cheap clothing. I was the young girl while she was the young woman, mature in all ways possible. I was the one who begged him to stay by my side.

She was the one chosen by him.

I was the one left only to cry in the rain, letting my sorrows out to unknown and silent listeners. I was the one left alone.

I guess… I'm just not enough.

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