Another Day, Another Spell Gone Wrong

A/N: IT'S DONE!!! WAHWHO!!! Ahem.. one too many cups of coffee this morning. Anyways, this was done as a request for Thoughtless7 so I hope you like it!

Without further ado...

Melody's P.O.V.

Am I accident prone? Seriously, do I come across as the type of girl who always ends up tripping, setting off a trap, or oh, I don't know, causing a spell to go seriously wrong?

If you answered yes, you must have a death wish. No I'm just joking with y'all. I don't know any death spells so you're safe for now. (Even if I did try and kill you, I would probably end up turning you into a frog or something.)

If you answered sometimes on the questions above, then you are correct. I don't usually trip or anything like that, but I guess I do have very bad luck with spells. Take this morning for example.

I had wanted to heat the water in my bath house before people started arriving because somehow the water had ended up freezing cold. (Trust me; nobody wants to soak in freezing water. It causes your skin to turn this freaky purple color if you stay in too long and your lips actually turn blue! And not the pretty blue either.) So anyways, I want to Raguna's (man is he cute!!) and borrowed a detailed spell box with really simple instructions and pictures on how to heat water to just the right temperature. I had practiced on ten glasses of frozen water (all successful) before I went onto the big water thingie. I did it exactly how I practiced and do you know what happened? The water froze! Completely solid all the way through! And no matter how many times I retried the spell, nothing happened. The water is still all ice even as I speak.

I'm just not good at spells I think. That, or while I was talking to Raguna, Mist came, got jealous, and switched my spell book with a defected spell book knowing that I would get extremely frustrated! Aha! I've figured out your evil plan Mist and I will get my revenge! …Maybe… Possibly… I think… Oh who am I kidding? I'll just let it go for now. I really don't need to be accidently (cough, purposely, cough) causing Mist to explode and being charged with first degree murder. That would ruin anyone's day.

So in all of this mishap, I managed to remember that Tori was a genius at deciphering spells with all of those books; which brings to where I was now…

"TORI!! … RUSSELL!!! … ANYBODY!?!" I shouted at the top of lungs, banging my now sore fist onto the aged wood that was the library door. My voice seemed to echo along the empty streets which were usually full with people. The hot summer sun bounded onto my robed clad figure, making me wipe the beads of sweat from my forehead with the back of my red robed arm. Damn all of these garments. Why couldn't I have changed before I went out?

And where is everyone? The library should be open now, so why is the stupid door locked?

Taking off my scarlet pointed hat, I ran my free hand over my damp with sweat scalp and my strawberry blond locks that were thankfully tied back in pigtails instead of sticking to my forehead. I quickly put on my hat again and glanced around the silent brick pathways.

"OPEN ALREADY!!!" I screamed, giving the old door a frustrated kick with the heel of my boot. Couldn't these people hear? I think I'm getting a zit from all of these stress and sweat. Wonder if you can sue for that…

"M-Melody?" stuttered a small, unsure, but familiar voice from my left. Quickly turning to my left, my deep lavender gaze met Tori's sky blue one.

Clad in her usual extravagant green and pink dress, Tori seemed perfectly comfortable in the intense heat pounding down onto the small village of Kardia. Right now, with me standing here sweating and her just smiling all relaxed like that, I can honestly say I hate her. (Of course I could never actually hate her, but I can envy her.) A small set of golden keys dangled from her left hand, the seven keys set onto the ring jingling ever so slightly in the very small breeze present.

"Tori!" I shouted in extreme joy, taking her surprised hands in mine and beaming at her. Finally someone actually got here. "I've been waiting forever. Where ya been?" Quickly now, I must have some cool air soon before I turn into a pumpkin at noon.

The little librarian pushed her big-rimmed glasses up on the bridge of her nose, her face slightly flushed. "I was seeing Mr. Russell-."

"Ooh! I see now!" I said, realization dawning on me as I cut her off. Dropping her one hand from my clammy grasp, I twirled about and placed my chin in one of my hands. She was probably wondering what I wanted right now, but my friend could wait a few seconds. "I always knew you two would make a cute couple. You both have so much in common!"

Wow, I didn't know a person's face could turn as red as Tori's did. Waving her hands in front of her face, the female stuttered over her words. "That's not-What I meant is-But we aren't!-He was-I was-Well we-You don't understand-I didn't-"

"Calm down already, Tor," I ordered, using my nickname for her. "I was just joking. …So, if you weren't there for romantic reasons-"

"Which I wasn't!" Tori interrupted, the redness of her face slightly toning down to a calm pink as her hands fingered the keys.

"So you say," I teased, watching in amusement as Tori's mouth fell open in an O. Before she could correct my suspicions however, I continued. "What were you doing there?"

Tucking a strand of her pale blonde hair behind her ear, the female selected one key off the ring, pushed past me, and inserted it into the door with a click. Turning back to me, her face still slightly flushed, she answered, "Russell was feeling under the weather, so he asked me to run the library today."

So much for my future matchmaking opportunity. "Ah. Well I hate to break it to Tor, but you're about," I pushed the robe of my sleeve up on my arm and glanced at my watch, "two hours late." Letting my sleeve fall back down, I followed her into the well cooled library.

"I know, I know," she murmured, scurrying behind the main desk and adjusting some papers. "My mom made me stay at the Inn to help clean up and you know how Zavier is and cleaning." The librarian raised one eyebrow at me and continued to shuffle through check-outs, bills, and incoming spell books scribbled onto aged pieces of documents. "So what did you come here for?"

This time it was my turn to blush. "Uh… Well… ya see…" No matter how I stated in my mind, somehow it always sounded as if I couldn't conjure a simple spell. I still wanted to keep my pride when this was all over. "Uh… My spell book-Raguna's spell book actually- had a tiny mistake in the heating water spell and well-." I avoided her questioning gaze by scanning over a selective amount of books on the nearest bookcase.

"You blew something up?" Tori inquired, stopping her wild organizing and gazing at me with her sky blue eyes.

"Not this time."

"Conjured a monster?"

"I only did that once and that was on accident!"

"Caught something on fire?"

"No! Now will you quit doing that? It's kind of freaky how you can remember all of the spells that I screwed up this year…" What I wouldn't give for a memory like Tori's.

Tori shrugged her shoulders and picked up a random spell book from the corner of the desk. "I keep a diary. So what is it this time?"

"I froze the water," I whispered so quietly that I was sure even Tori's sensitive hearing couldn't pick up my words.

"Eh?" the blonde asked, just like I expected.

"I turned the water into ice," I muttered, just loud enough for Tori's ears to catch. I could already see her stifling laughs behind her wide-rimmed glasses. Bowing my head, I put my index fingers together in front of my downcast gaze and picked at my cuticles.

"You froze the water instead of heating it?" Tori questioned, unable to keep the amusement out of her voice.

"It was the spell book's fault! It was defective!" I defended, stamping my foot in mock anger on the ancient Persian rug covering the wooden floor boards of the first floor. It was a lame excuse, but an excuse none the less.

Standing up from her chair and flicking through the book in her hand, her gaze unable to hide the laughter that twinkled behind them. "So all you need is a heating spell?"

"Correction, a heating spell that will work," I corrected, flipping one of my pigtails over my shoulder. "So you got anything?"

Running her finger over the looped words of the book, Tori slowly shook her head. "I don't usual study fire spells or anything like that, but there should be some books on the back shelf. I think one's labeled Spells and More."

I let my violet eyes travel over the hundreds of books lining the back bookcases. "I can't look through all of those on my own!" I whined, hoping that Tori would offer to look with me. Friends usually suffer together so if she won't look with me, why can't I at least make her feel guilty?

Twirling a strand of her hair around her index finger, Tori bit her bottom lip. "…All right, I'll help you. But you have to let me in the baths for free at least three times."

"Deal!" I said, bouncing backwards on the balls of my heels. As my friend made her way around the desk, I sprinted towards the books and began glancing over the golden letters inscribed on the spines near the right end. Water Spells, Ice Spells, Water and Ice Spells, Ground Spells, Escape Spells, Healing Spells, Major Healing Spells, Damage Spells… Where are the stinking Fire Spells?

"I think the Fire Spells are on the top shelf in the middle," Tori mused, coming up behind me and reading over the titles I had already looked over. Her green heels clicked against the floor as we both walked (jogged in my case) to the middle part. I guess Tori really does have a good memory.

Strike what I just said.

"Tori," I started, reading over the titles.

"Yeah?" the librarian helper said, redoing one of her braids because of the several loose strands frizzing out and sticking to her face.

"These are all Love Spells," I stated, scratching my left cheek with one of my red fingernails. Tori obviously had love on the mind.

"Huh?!" the blonde female exclaimed, probably surprised that she got something wrong. Dropping her half braided hair, Tori looked over my shoulder and adjusted her glasses as she read over the letters. "Oh… I suppose your right. Russell must have rearranged them yesterday evening."

"Sure he did… You're getting old, Tor," I declared, taking a red leather book from the shelf and flicking through it to ease my curiosity. It actually looked pretty good. Wonder if this instant love potion would work on Raguna…

"I am not old!" Tori exclaimed, lightly pushed my elbow that was supporting the book in frustration. "I'm the younger than you, remember that."

Okay, bad statement. "Whatever. Hey, where can I get fangs of a wolf without risking my life?" I asked, reading one of the confusing ingredients from the book. Maybe, just maybe, it would work.

"Ask Neumann or Camus… Why?"

"No particular reason. Just wanted to see if this love potion would work or not." I shrugged my shoulders, closed the book, and placed it in the empty slot on the bookshelf. "I know it's dumb but…" I let my voice trail off as my thoughts wandered away.

Tori's snort of disgust suddenly brought me back. "Those things are nothing but lies. You can't force someone to love you. It won't be love that way; it'll just be like he's your slave or something. And love doesn't come out of slavery."

Surprised by Tori's statement, I casually rolled my eyes. "Oh come on, Tori. Lighten up. I know those things never work anyways. And I wouldn't want that kind of love. I have to love a man for what's inside and if he truly loves me."

The light blonde female glanced at me while her eyes scanned the other books. "So what else do you want in a man?"

Leaning back on the bookcase, I sighed deeply. "Well, he's got to be great at spell-casting… Has to know how to cook, but I'm flexible with this quality… Has to be a great listener, really charming and romantic… Oh, sense of humor and… He has to bathe a lot."

"Bathe a lot?"

"Well yeah!" I confirmed, pushing myself off the bookcase. "I mean, I do run a bath house so…"

Tori gave me a knowing smile. "I get it; don't worry. …What about your dream wedding?"

Scratching my left cheek with my finger, I gave a dreamy sigh. "Well, it has to be outside, by that really pretty lake with lots of animals surrounding the area. No stressful planning of course; just natural. My dress would be all red with really pretty wild designs and lots of lace and flowers bordering it. Oh, and I would like it to be at midnight when we kiss. You know when all of the fireflies come out at once. Perfect weather and under a full moon of course…"

"That's quite a big list," Tori commented, her eyes twinkling with unknown reasons. "But it sounds really… wonderful."

"Yeah," I sighed again dreamily, letting my purple eyes close silently. "So what about you?"

"Me?" Tori asked startled by my question and nearly dropping the book she was flipping through.

"Yeah you!" I said placing my hands on my hips as my red and white cape fell about my figure. "What are your romantic perks and dream wedding? You asked me, so I'm asking you."

Blushing furiously, the female placed the book she was holding back on the shelf. "I don't really… What I mean is… I don't expect much-."

I snorted with annoyance. "Please! You have to have some dreams!"

"Well…" she started, cupping her right cheek in her hand to hide her blush as she turned to face me. "I would really like a fairy tale romance, where everything just falls into place like its fate. As for my dream guy… My prince has to like books and be very heroic. He… He has to know how to cook since I can't and has to have a lot of patience. Successful is always a good quality. "

"And your wedding?" I persisted. I knew that Tori wanted to have a fairy tale romance, but I never knew what the details exactly were.

"Uh… It has to be small and very simple with only ten friends and family members. I would wear a simple white dress with very small lace bordering-."

I scoffed, interrupting her. "You're boring, you know that? Simple? Come on! This is your wedding! Don't you at least want a colorful dress! None of the books you read ever had a simple wedding, did they?"

"I-I don't think so," Tori hesitantly replied, adjusting her glasses again.

Now we were getting somewhere. "Okay then! Dream big! Tell me every little flashy thing you want at your dream wedding! No restrictions either! You can have it on clouds in you want!"

The bookworm let out a small laugh. "Okay then. Well… um… I-I want it to be… still small but not tiny either. Only close friends and families. Uh… I would be… Outside at the central square on a really sunny evening and the beginning chants before I enter would be really short. When I would enter, little balls of blue and yellow light would fly around me while doves were let out of their cages to fly freely around me and the audience. And… When we-when we kiss… sparks would fly and fireworks would go off." A huge faraway smile crossed her lips, her gaze somewhere beyond this world.

"And your dress?"

"Um… It would be white with pearls stitched in it and lots of lace designs, almost like an old style dress. My head piece would be clear blue with little cerulean ribbons tied in my hair and a giant blue ribbon around my waist…" Her voice suddenly trailed off, her eyes slowly closing with her hand still on her cheek as her light pink blush deepened.

I waited a few moments, making a mental note of all things Tori wanted. "…It really sounds like a fairy tale wedding. Even I'm jealous!"

Tori's eyes sprang open in surprise at my voice; as if she forgot I was here. "Oh! Yeah, I guess it really does." Turning back to the bookcases, Tori shook her head of the thoughts. "Well, let's continue searching for the fire spell, shall we?"

I nodded, my smile growing with unknown happiness behind it that Tori picked up on.

"Why are you smiling like that?"

I shook my head, still smiling while my pigtails slapped the sides of my face. "No reason." I wonder if Russell could hook me up with a spell on how to train birds and conjuring yellow and blue floating orbs.

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