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"Where are they now?" Belladonna asked as she gazed at her reflection in the floor length mirror, behind her near the marble fireplace was her husband who gazed pensively into the flames.

"They are near the Lake of Sorrows" Tsukasa whispered absentmindedly as he read the fire with his power.

"On that isn't good for our little boy"

A wicked smile touched Tsukasa's handsome lips, "Not for the little girl either, she cannot even begin to understand what she really is after all there are so few of them left anyway. Not that we count because well…" he trailed off…

"What do you think my love? Will we have to pry them away from one another or will it turn out to be the opposite by the time she leaves this place?"

"If she remembers she will hate Kaname more then any other living being in this world" Belladonna added with a smirk as she gracefully fixed her hair.

Tsukasa chuckled darkly "Well we shall see"


"Kaname where are we going?" she asked as she gripped Kaname's warm hand harder.

This part of the Palace was darker; the hallways lit with the barest amber light, all around were morbid tapestries or sexual paintings. A cold, death like air filled her lungs every time she took a breath that was now coming faster and faster each passing moment.

The small hallway suddenly opened into a huge rotunda surrounded by monolith black granite pillars with hawk capitals crowning their polished glory, in the center was a large circular lake filled with crimson liquid and at the far end in the gloom that surround the space was a silver glided door glinting in the faint light from the candle lit sconces.

"Kaname?" Yuki turned now wanting more then ever for him to release her hand. Tugging at his hand Kaname looked down at her for the first time in nearly ten minutes. His eyes seemed to be more red tinged then usual, his kissable mouth seemed moist. The hairs on her neck stood up.

"Yuki I… Do not feel well here" he released her hand; she slowly backed up away from him.

He swayed "He is here"


"The real reason why you are here. The reason why my father sent that letter to the Headmaster. The one you read in the carriage,"

Kaname's eyes grew heavy lidded and something dark like smoke surrounded him. Yuki felt her knees buckling and she found herself running into the shallows of the red pool and froze when the smoke parted from the form of the vampire that she so ardently loved.

A tall deathly thin stranger stood there he was dressed in an ancient Rococo outfit of the finest quality black fabric embroidered with silver thread, the cravat at his throat was all lace which matched the lace at his sleeves and collar. Draped around his board shoulders was a velvet cape that flowed around him before settling as if alive on the marble floor.

"It is nice to see you again sister" he bowed deeply.

His face was Kaname's and yet not, the features were hollowed, sharper. And his eyes carried no red tinge only beautiful crystal blue color that mesmerized her. Yuki's shallow breath began to deepen, even as she felt her feet drawing closer to him. His skin though the same flawless alabaster carried an almost pink tinge, the tinge of humanity, of a doomed life.

Yuki felt something strange happening inside her, thoughts were filling up her frightened brain… Memories… Then she felt herself slipping, fading… and someone else took over…

"Brother I have longed to see your face again." Yuki reached up and slid her arms around his neck bringing her lips close to his.

"You remember me now my dearest sister, my only love." A smile stretched over his lips baring a pair of brilliant white teeth with the most delicate fangs.

She leaned her head on his chest hearing his heart beating wildly in his chest

"You know that Mother and Father are dead correct? Why is the Palace keeping them alive? Is it for my guardian, that man the Headmaster?"

"Yes, you still have to awaken me for I sleep. This shell you remain with has only one more task to fulfill before he becomes dust. Then, I will be free to return to the form, which you love most. And you my dear will become what you were born… A pureblood… My sister."

Yuki smiled "What of the Headmaster, what of the Council isn't there so much more to take care of?"

"All in good time for now I suppose it is best for me not to tax this body anymore." Smoke shrouded them both and when Yuki opened her eyes she was in the arms of Kaname who held her so tenderly. Quickly she stepped away

"I'm sorry Kaname"

Kaname shook his head blinking a few times "Do you know what just happened?"

Yuki shook her head, her insides were twisting with something, was it excitement or fear? What was going on?

"I don't know but I…" Kaname pressed a hand to his head; he squeezed his eyes shut as if in pain.


"I think we should turn back and I will report to my honorable parents that Sanjuro will have to finish cleaning the rooms in this part of the castle." He turned his back to the lake and began to walk back towards the narrow hallway.

"Are you coming Yuki?" he asked turning around and holding out his hand. Yuki nodded and moved forward securing her hand in his large warm one.

"Will you be okay Kaname?" she asked softly

"Of course… of course…"

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