For the Honor of Love

This is an alternate reality version of He-Man and She-Ra's full length movie, The Secret of the Sword. It is also my take on how the story should be more in tune with the theme song. Nothing is mine except parts of the plot; I make no profit from this story.

Sleep is a tricky thing. It is a time when dreams rule our minds. They are always truthful, but often times those truths are hidden within fantasies that are created by our minds. The Sorceress of Greyskull knew this, and yet, despite all her powers and wisdom, she was subject to the spell that dreams hold over us all. On this night as she lay in her bed in Castle Greyskull, her dreams brought forth thoughts and memories she had not experienced in many years.

It was twenty-three years ago that it happened. King Randor and Queen Marlena of Eternia had made a pact with the Duke and Duchess of Serteina, a province under their majesties rule that when their daughter reached the age of twenty-three, she was to marry Prince Adam. Adam was Randor and Marlena's son, who at the time had just turned two years old. It was a day that both families were joyously looking forward to, but those hopes would soon be shattered.

Darkness fell across the planet during a time of peace. The evil was from another dimension and galaxy. They were simply the Horde. No one knew how they had come to be, they had always been. Even the oldest of the Elders of the Universe couldn't recall how the evil came to be. The Horde had never been seen on Eternia, and with good reason. The planet was on the outer rim of the universe. Here the planets were many, but few were habitable. The Horde had never ventured from their sector of space before, so the Eternians were unprepared.

The battle raged for many months and many lives were lost on both sides of the struggle, but the loss that caught the people by surprise was the loss of baby Adora to the Horde. One of the Horde generals, Hordak, stormed the Sertenian castle and badly wounded both of Adora's parents, Caleb and Cassandra. Having learned that the baby was destined for something great, Hordak took it upon himself to steal the child and raise it as his own. He knew not what the child was destined for, but he knew that if the girl reached her full potential and unleashed it against the Horde, that she could potentially be a threat.

Many sought to retrieve Adora from Hordak, but they all failed as he escaped through an unmarked dimensional gate. The Sorceress herself led the search through the dimensions and worlds, but she never found Hordac or Adora. After three years of searching, and seeing how much pain the people were in she cast a spell over the people to remove any memory of the smiling child from their minds, as well as Prince Adam's mind as well. Randor, Marlena, Caleb and Cassandra thought it best that the young boy have no memory of a lost love that could influence his future choices for his queen. Only the King and Queen, Duke and Duchess, and Sorceress knew what had happened.

Several years later, on Adam's nineteenth birthday, he was given the Sword of Power that he was destined to wield, becoming He-Man, defender of all that was good and just in the universe, along with his pet tiger, Cringer, who became the fearless Battle-Cat. Along with a host of friends Adam continued to right evil, his parents never knowing the truth. The Sorceress had warned Adam that his parents should never learn the truth, otherwise they would force him to give up his true destiny and follow the path that they had chose for him. They wouldn't do it out of fear or hatred, but it would be in their nature to pressure him to give up his powers and it would be Adam's duty to give up the Sword of Power. So Adam never told his parents the truth as he continued to defend not only his kingdom, but the universe as well.

All of this flitted through the Sorceress's mind as quickly as they formed, weaving in and out of each other as dreams were wont to do. But there was something else, glimpses of another place. Flashes of bright colors and exotic plants appeared and disappeared before they really registered, leaving the dream Sorceress confused. She had never dreamed of other places in such detail and clarity before. The images began to spin faster and faster, blurring together and making her head turn. An energy began to pulse an erratic beat around the woman as she tossed and turned in her bed. The power burst in a crescendo of pink magic, startling the Sorceress awake.

"What does it mean?" The hawk woman asked herself before looking around, feeling another sizzle of magic in the air. She stood, pushing aside her bedding, not knowing why she felt compelled to find the source of the alien energy she felt tingling along her skin.

Dressed in a pink nightdress and wearing her customary headdress, the woman wandered the empty halls of the ancient Castle that fueled her powers. Unaware of the cold stones against her bare feet she was drawn on as if under a spell, needing to find what had disturbed her sleep. Entering the Gate Hall, she saw a pink glow begin to emerge from the eerie darkness that she had come to know. The Gate Hall housed all the dimensional doorways that led to other worlds, and a new door hadn't been added or opened in centuries, well before the present Sorceress's time.

"What?" The woman stopped before an unused door near the end of the eternally long corridor. The door was embellished with beautifully wrought figures that seemed to be floating about each other. A sword hung suspended in a haze of pink magic, the blade vibrating with the power within the enchanted metal. As if sensing that the Sorceress had arrived, a blast of power shot towards the two doors, opening them wide and revealing a dimensional gate that shimmered with golden light. The power around the sword dissipated and it fell to the ground with a loud clang, startling the woman out of her trance.

Picking up the sword, she saw that it was familiar to her. Suddenly her dreams made sense to her, and she knew that things were about to change. The only thing that she didn't know was how the future events would play out.

"After all these years, it is finally time."