Chapter Sixteen

"Hello…" came the distressed and very tired response. "…is this Gabriella Montez?"

"Yes…" she said quietly, knowing full well who it was. Troy rubbed her back encouragingly.

"It's Bobby's mother. I assume you know about the accident." She said softly.

"Yeah…I do." She answered.

"You're more than welcome to join us at the funeral, Gabriella. That is…if you want to. I know he was completely out of hand so I could understand if-" Gabriella cut her off.

"I'll be there. He was my husband and we were good friends for a while." She said. "But, I hope I'm not imposing, could I bring someone along?" she asked carefully.

"Sure Gabriella. I understand how hard this is for you." She replied.

"Believe me, it is. But I'll be there." She said.

"Okay Gabriella. I'll see you in three weeks then." She said. "Bye."

"Bye." She responded before hanging the phone up.

"You okay?" Troy asked her softly.

"I think so. The funeral is in three weeks." She answered.

"You want me to come with, don't you?" he asked her.

"Well…yeah. But you don't have to." She replied, looking at him.

"Of course I will, Gabriella." He said. He kissed her forehead and hugged her close. She wrapped her arms around his torso and hugged him back.

"Thank you." She whispered.

"Anything for you." He replied.

She smiled a little as she closed her eyes and just relaxed in his arms.

"I think everything's going to be okay from now on." She said quietly.

He smiled. "I'm happy to hear that, Brie." He said.

She leaned into him more and felt herself get more tired.

"You falling asleep on me?" he asked her, chuckling.

"Maybe." She answered.

He lay back on the couch and let her slowly fall asleep on top of him. She seemed to be over her little escapade from the day before, and he was ecstatic about that. He just wanted her to be happy, no matter what it took.


"Okay, so does everybody understand what we're supposed to do?" Gabriella asked Troy, Jason, and Kelsey.

"Why exactly are we doing this again?" Jason asked. Kelsey rolled her eyes at him.

"To get Chad and Taylor together…duh!" she exclaimed.

"Oh! Okay, I get it now!" he said brightly. Troy and Gabriella just smirked at the two.

"Operation Chaylor is a go." Gabriella said before she and Kelsey left the kitchen. The guys just looked at each other.

"Chaylor?" Jason repeated.

"I dunno…" Troy said, shaking his head as they too walked out of the kitchen and into the living room where they left Taylor and Chad.

"So…Chad, Taylor, would you like a tour of the house?" Gabriella asked them.

"Uh…" Taylor murmured.

"Great! Let's go!" she exclaimed, grabbing both of their hand and dragging them off, Kelsey following.

"This is really stupid." Jason said as he followed Troy to the closet.

"Yeah well…too bad, we have to do it." Troy mumbled as he made sure that he could lock the closet door from the outside.

They heard the girls come down the stairs and quickly ran back into the living room trying their hardest not to laugh.

"Oh, what's this door to Gabriella?" Kelsey asked, clearly scripted.

"It's a CLOSET!" she yelled. The guys head several yelps and thuds and a door slam.

"What's going on?!" came Chad's muffled cries.

"Nothing!" Gabriella replied giggling as she locked the door.

"Now Troy and Gabriella don't want any babies conceived while you're in there, but feel free to make out!" Kelsey said nearly falling over from laughter as she and Gabriella ran away.

They ran into the living room where they found Jason and Troy having difficulties breathing they were laughing so hard.

Gabriella collapsed on the couch next to Troy, breathing heavily from the lack of oxygen from all the laughing.

He took her hand and squeezed it. "You okay?" he asked her.

"I'm fine." She replied, wiping some tears.

"Kelsey calm down…you're turning purple!" Jason exclaimed as he watched her roll around on the couch, clutching her stomach.

"I'm….okay…..now." she managed to get out as her color began to come back.

Gabriella just smiled as she looked around. This was her life. Her fiancé, two best friends in the same room, and two other best friends locked in a closet probably making out.

She waited and now she's waited long enough. Her life…is perfect.

It's finally over! I have a tendency to end stories in the weirdest spots. But that 's just me, I like to leave my readers
imagining what would have happened. Thank you so much to all who have reviewed and read! I LOVE you guys!