It did not take long for Will and Elizabeth to gather the few things they wanted to take with them from the island. Gibbs was more than happy to take the rum they had found. "This will make all of the boys very happy," he said with a grin, "and Jack too once we find him."

Elizabeth and Will sat together in the longboat both looking back at "their" island. Will looked over at Elizabeth, who looked sad about being rescued. He did not say a word but simply picked up her hand and put it in his then smiled at her. She returned the smile without a word.

It wasn't long before they climbed up onto the strange boat bound for Singapore. They were greeted by a smiling Tia and Captain Barbossa. The shock of seeing Barbossa showed in both of their faces.

"How can this be," Will asked.

"I thought Jack killed you," Elizabeth told him.

"Yes but when you have friends that can help overcome anything – death is not so bad," Barbossa said smiling and then bit into an apple.

After everything was explained to them and they were greeted by all of the old crew, the rescued couple decided to go down below for some much needed sleep. It had been a very emotional day with too many surprises.

They went to a cabin that had been given to Elizabeth and Tia to share and laid down on the bed.

"I'm almost sorry they found us," Elizabeth said breaking the silence.

"You know it's for the best."

"I know you're right but couldn't it have been two days from now? Did they have to interrupt our wedding night?"

"They don't know it was our wedding night Elizabeth. We have yet to tell them that we performed our own marriage ceremony. They all seemed very preoccupied to get Jack back. They don't want to think about us or our happiness right now."

"I know Will. I guess everything will be fine once Jack is back."

Will hugged Elizabeth and brought her chin up so he could look into her beautiful brown eyes. "I love you Elizabeth. Elizabeth Turner." He began kissing her neck and moved up to her luscious lips.

"And I love you too husband of mine." Then Elizabeth began to kiss Will very passionately and scratched at his back. Will could feel that he was beginning to lose control.

"Elizabeth – I'm not going to be able to control -"

Elizabeth became even more aggressive and pulled at Will's shirt. Will quickly pulled away and tried to put a little distance between them to Elizabeth's dismay. "Elizabeth, I'm still a man and you're making it so hard to wait. Remember that we both agreed to wait until the real ceremony."

"I know but I thought I might change your mind. But you're right of course. We'll wait until we have Jack back. I'll try to be some what patient."

"That's my girl. It's really for the best. You'll see."

"So we're on our way to Davy Jones's locker to rescue Jack, who we hope will marry us so we can get on with our lives. How ironic is that?"

Will laughed at her thoughts.

"And once we are married by someone official Will Turner, we will not let our honeymoon be interrupted for any reason. Right, Mr. Turner?"

"Absolutely not! I've waited so long and a man's patience is only so long. Once we are pronounced man and wife nothing short of death will stand in our way."

Will picked Elizabeth up and hugged her tightly. Elizabeth knew his words should be of a great comfort but with the unknown of what was ahead for them, his talk of death was very disturbing. She hoped to find Jack and get married as quickly as possible but all she knew for sure was they were going to Singapore then on to find Jack at world's end.

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