Mithrim backed up against the stone wall. What happened to the Antuin she knew? He took two steps toward her then stopped.

"Du Mithrim Abr Helgrind. The Rose from the Gates of Death," he smirked, "Fits well, does it not? Only... I think that the edges of the Rose's petals have been blackened."

Mithrm glared at Antuin, but then gathered herself and smirked back, "I think that you have been born weak. Better to be black at the edges than weak at the core." He simply smiled and advanced towards her, "Whatever you're doing... it's not good for you. I'll help you. Come with me." Mithrim laughed.

"Please. Lying is a sin, you know."

"Oh? Well, I was telling the truth. You're the one who lies and kills without mercy. My goal is to spare all. I'm not weak; I'm just not evil. But you... you're no better than Galbatorix."

Mithrim shook her head and explained, " I don't kill those who help me nor those who don't bother me. I only...get rid of those who...get in the way. Even then only when their a real threat," she paused, gathering courage, "...One who is a minor threat may escape unscathed, one who is so-so may be taught a lesson...subtlety, of course. Death is saved as a last resort for the major threats and even then it must be executed gracefully like the art it is..."

Antuin raised his eyebrows, "Would you kill me?" Once again Mithrim smirked, "Remember what I said about your being weak. Well, let's just say you'll never be a major threat." Antuin narrowed his eyes, "Would I be a major threat if I didn't let you go?"

"Hmpf. You wouldn't be a threat at all," she spat, "Just as minor...very minor annoyance."

With that Mithrim unsheathed her sword and ran to the window praying that she would make it. She jumped through and found herself in a dank, narrow alley. Quickly, she turned to the right and made her way through the dark and dusty mazes that were the streets of Helgrind. It was still light outside even if it was rather a pale and sickly red so she stayed in the shadows of the smaller roads. Wait. What was that? Mithrim froze. She flattened herself against a building. Is Antuin following me? Mithrim frowned. I didn't think he would be that quick. After waiting a few more minutes, she advanced from her hiding place. It had to be sake now. Mithrim rounded the corner and then...

"You have been arrested by Royal Command."

What!? 6 guards from the capital were there and holding a piece of parchment that was signed by...Mithrim squinted...


That fickle, two-faced... I should have stayed with Antuin. He would have been easier, much easier to manipulate. Mithrim sighed, stepped forward, and allowed the soldiers to seize her.