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NejiTen OneShot: Do Wa Ditty

TenTen groaned as she turned off her alarm clock and got dressed . She casually glanced at her calendar and had a casual heart attack. It's today??!! she thought. I completely forgot!! What TenTen was spazing over was the Annual Karaoke Night, started by Sakura and Ino a few years ago. Once a month the Konaha 12 go to the Ichiraku Ramen Bar on their karaoke night. At least 1 person from their group or more sing.The girls found dates.This year Tenten was the only girl who wasn't dating someone. Sakura had Sasuke, Ino was dating Shikamaru, and Hinata was with Naruto. Her friends all had dates but Tenten wasn't desperate. There was only 1 boy for her. Now she had to find a date and knew just where to start.

TenTen walked down the streets of Konaha. She had looked for Neji where he usually was: their training grounds. Starnge. He wasn't there. So she thought that Hinata might know where he was. Finally she spotted her at Ichiraku with Naruto. "Hey Naruto. Hi Hina-chan!" TenTen greeted her friends as she walked up to them "Hi TenTen!" Naruto smiled at her, looking away from his girlfriend. "H-Hello TenTen-chan." Hinata also smiled at her friend. "Ano…Oh yes! T-TenTen-chan, N-Neji-n-nii-san w-would like t-to meet you at the H-Hyuga compound in f-five m-minutes." Hinata said nervously. TenTen grinned to show her that she didn't need to be nervous. "I'll be there! See ya soon guys!" She waved as she walked away.

It was about a three minute walk from Ichiraku to the Hyuga compound and TenTen knew her way there by heart." Hey Gin! What's up?" TenTen asked the guard on duty at the Hyuga compound. The guard smiled . "TenTen-chan I'm fine! Hinata-sama said that you would be here. Seems Neji-sama needs to see you. Am I right?" Gin asked . TenTen returned his smile. " Hai! Do you know where I might find him? She asked." He's in the northeast garden. You know where that is right?" TenTen nodded. "Thanks Gin!" she called as she ran. She found Neji, who immediately sensed her presence. "Ah TenTen. So Hinata-sama told you to meet me?" he asked raising from his slouch against the Sakura tree in the garden's center. "Yes. She said you needed to tell me something." she said. Neji looked at her with a very serious expression except he was blushing.

WOWTHE Hyuga Neji BLUSHING??!!thought TenTen's inner self. HAHAHAHAHAH!!!! her inner laughed. Meanwhile Neji and his inner were being quite serious. Well Neji…his inner coached, either now or never. Right. I'll do it. he told himself. He took a deep breath. "TenTen…I…would like to know if you'd accompany me to Karaoke Night ?" "A-Are you s-serious?" she asked, unable to comprehend the fact that Neji asked her out . "Do I look like I'm joking?!" Neji snapped then quickly caught his mistake. "Oh! I-I'm sorry… not to be rude, but may I have an answer?" he asked. TenTen just smiled . "Yes!!" she exclaimed. He smirked. "Well I'll pick you up at 6:15, all right?" Her smile grew. " It's all right. See you then!" she called as he left. Just then her cell rang. "You got a date yet?" Ino asked her friend. TenTen told her what Neji said. "AAAAAHHHHHH" Ino screeched. TenTen had to hold the phone as far away as her arm would let her. When Ino stopped, TenTen put the phone by her ear again, wishing she didn't. "Tennie-chan, be at the mall in 5 minutes. We're going shopping!!!"

It was 6:15 on the dot when Neji knocked on TenTen's door. He was dressed in a white shirt and black jeans. He also wore a look of surprise when TenTen answered the door. She looked gorgeous, but she'd better after shopping with Ino for 3 whole hours. She wore an off-the-shoulder hot pink shirt with dark pink edges and yellow ties across it. She also wore a dark green knee length skirt."Neji-kun, you look like a fish!" TenTen giggled at the Hyuga, who's mouth was still wide opened. He closed his mouth but kept the light pink tint on his face. "Here. These are for you," he said, handing TenTen a small bouquet of lilies, courtesy of Yamanaka Ino. "Wow Neji-kun, thank you!" TenTen exclaimed as she put one in her hair, which was out of her buns and slightly curled at the ends, also thanks to Ino. "Shall we get going?" Neji asked. TenTen nodded and they headed to Ichiraku.

"Hey you guys made it." Shikamaru greeted them at the door, glad to get away from Ino.He loved her to death, but BOY was that girl troublesome! "Hi Shikamaru." TenTen replied. "Is everyone else here?" she asked. Shikamaru nodded and led them to their table. Sakura and Sasuke were together, her head on his shoulder. Hinata was also cuddling with HER boyfriend. That is until Neji threatened that he'd kill Naruto if he didn't get away from his cousin. Ino was yelling while Shikamaru was ignoring her. Kiba was talking to his girlfriend, Temari, who was listening to everything. Everyone stopped what they were doing and talked to TenTen and Neji, the supposed couple. TenTen also received many remarks on her hair, which Ino took full credit for. Suddenly the announcer said that anyone who wanted to sing could now come on stage. After 30 minutes with nobody singing the announcer asked if any band were there.

"Yeah we're a band!" Naruto announced as he the guys to the stage. The announcer replied, "If you guys play until Karaoke Night is over, or someone wants to sing, I'll pay each of you $10,000 each. Does that sound ok?" he asked. "WE"LL TAKE IT!!!" Naruto exclaimed. "Great! I've got plenty of instruments and mikes in the back. Follow me!" he said. 5 minutes later the guys were all set up. Shikamaru was tuning the guitar while Kiba was tuning the bass. Naruto was testing out the keyboard while Sasuke was checking his bag for his drumsticks. During the whole thing Neji was setting up the mikes.

"All right. How's everybody doin tonight?" Neji asked. "We're Shuriken Sludge and we're ready to rock! Anybody with a request come on up and we'll sing it!" Neji announced. Neji and his band played many songs until Neji made an announcement. "Sorry to interrupt, I'm gonna sing a song for a girl I like. I hope she remembers it." he said. The band started playing the song.(A/N: The song is called Do Wa Ditty. Neji's lines will be normal, they other guys lines are bold and everyone singing together will be bold and underlined. Please finish!)

There she was just a walkin down the street singin

Do wa diddy ditty dum ditty do!

Snapin her fingers and a shuffling her feet singin,

Do wa ditty ditty dum ditty do!

She looked good.

She looked good.

She looked fine.

She looked fine. She looked good, looked fine,

and I nearly lost my mind! Do wa ditty ditty dum ditty do! Do wa ditty ditty dum ditty do!

TenTen was listening, trying to find out who was the mystery girl. All of a sudden, she realized who it was. She stared at the band as she remembered the day she first met and fell in love with Hyuga Neji.

TenTen was new in Konaha and was heading to the Ninja Academy. She was singing her favorite song Do Wa Ditty. "Before I knew it she was walkin next to me singin do wa ditty ditty dum ditty do! Holdin my hand, just as-" she was cut off by someone from behind her. "Hi! You're new here!" the boy said. He had long hair and white milky eyes. "Y-Yeah. I-I'm TenTen." Tenten said. She's not shy, but most people are if they move. The boy looked about TenTen's age. He stuck out his hand. "I'm Hyuga Neji. Nice to meet you Tenten-chan!" he said. She shook his hand and they walked. "So Tenten-chan, where are you headed?" Neji asked. "Actually, I'm headed to the Ninja Academy, Neji-kun." Neji smiled. "I go to the Academy! Come on! I'll walk you!" he took her hand and she blushed. Neji was also blushing a little. They walked to the Academy .

Before I knew it, he was walking next to me, singin,

Do wa ditty ditty dum ditty do!

Holding my hand, just as natural as can be, singin

Do wa ditty ditty dum ditty do!

(A/N: the rest of the lines are the same as before so I'm going ahead. Please continue!)

They finished and Karaoke Night was over. As everyone was leaving, Neji gently took hold of TenTen's wrist. "Can we talk?" he asked. She nodded and he led her to a nearby park. So did you figure out who that girl is?" he asked her. She nodded again. "Do you love her or just like her?" she asked. He smiled."Let me I love her." he replied. He cupped his hand to her cheek, pulling her in. He pressed his lips against hers. She pushed back without hesitation. When they had to pull apart to breathe, TenTen asked, "Neji-kun, do you wanna know something?" He smiled again."What?" he asked. She smiled and pushed her lips to his. Once they pulled away, she replied, "She has been in love with you." she confessed. "Can you tell her that I've been in love with her?" he asked the brown haired girl who had her arms around his neck. "I'll make sure she gets the message." she told him as his hands wrapped around her waist. They pushed their warm bodies together again.

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