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LeeSaku Oneshot: Truth or Dare

Sakura giggled happily as Lee walked back to their bench. They were good friends, playing a game that good friends play: Truth or dare. She had just dared him to put his snack, an ice cream cone, in someone's hair. That unlucky person had been Naruto, hence Sakura's happy giggling. "All right Sakura-chan, my turn." Lee announced, sitting beside her. "Truth or dare?" Sakura thought for a moment before saying "Truth." "Okay..." Lee said, thinking of something to ask. "Do you still like Sasuke?" he blurted before he could say anything else. It has been 2 years since Sasuke came back. She hung out with her old team almost everyday. Sakura smiled and shook her head. "No Lee. There's another boy who's become the object of my burning affections." she said, melodramatically. Lee laughed, but on the inside he was a whirlwind of emotions. I wonder who this guy is. Isn't every guy in the village taken? Let me see...Naruto's with Hinata, Neji's with TenTen, Shikamaru's with Ino...Who else is there? Well it's not Sasuke so that leaves...Kiba, Shino, the guy on Shikamaru's team, and...Me. Maybe she likes Gaara or his brother. Well I know it can't be me...right? He continued to debate with himself until Sakura brought him out of his thoughts. "Lee? You okay?" she asked. She put her hand on his forehead. "Do you have a fever?" Lee shook his head, his face turning redder by the second. "D-D-Dai cho bu Sakura-chan!!" he reassured her. "All right...but just to be safe, you should go home and rest. We can finish our game later." she said, helping him off the bench. He nodded. Since their houses were on the same side of the village, they walked together in a semi-awkward silence.

Sakura stayed at his house for a little bit so she could make him some soup. "Just in case!" she said with a wink as she left. Lee took his soup to his room, watching T.V. He finished his soup and assumed Shikamaru's signature position: Lying down, staring at the clouds (the ceiling in Lee's case…), arms behind his head. He sighed. "How troublesome…" he muttered before drifting to sleep.

Lee was sick in bed for the next couple days. It was a unique disease that no medic nin, even the amazing Tsunade-sama or her apprentice Ms. Haruno could fix. It was a combination of love sickness and worry. The symptoms include tiredness, wanting-to-die-ness, envy, jealousy, and…those are the majors. He also had some of the symptoms of the well known Shikamaru Syndrome. He started acting like Shika, lazy, not caring, things like that. Anyway he was depressed, sad, lonely, loveless, and lazy.

"Lee!" Sakura called. After Lee's 4 days at home, he was walking around town to restock his food supplies, seeing as he ate all his food while he was 'incapacitated'. Sakura just happened to be out shopping as well. "Hey Sakura-chan." Lee greeted her as if nothing had happened between them. Well actually, nothing had. They shopped and talked for about half an hour. "So you do wanna finish our game of Truth Or Dare?" Lee nodded and they headed back to their usual bench under the sakura tree. They played a couple of rounds. They had a great time, sometimes causing others pain, which pleased them sometimes. They people weren't doing anything to them, like when Ino was walking around, but they bugged them anyways, like when Lee told Ino that Sasuke was waiting for her at ramen shop but she had to dress like a potato (which Sasuke is allergic to) and start screaming, "SASUKE-KUN!!!! LET ME BE YOUR POTATO!!!!"

They laughed and laughed until the sun started to set. "I guess we should finish up." Sakura commented. "Wait!" Lee called. He noticed that every available guy in the village just happened to be standing in the same part of town as them. "Can we have one more round?" he asked (well he actually pleaded.) Sakura smiled. "Alright fine. Dare." She said. "I dare you to kiss the guy you that "has become the object of your burning affections"!!!" he said, mocking the thing she said a few days earlier. She sigh. "All right." She said. Lee looked up happily "REALLY??" he asked eagerly. She smiled, the blush on her cheeks growing by the second. "Really. Just stay there and close your eyes. I'll tell you when to open them." Lee did as he was told, waiting for the moment where he saw the girl he loved kiss another man…or boy. But that moment never came. Instead Lee felt her lips press onto his.

His eyes open in shock to find that, INDEED, Sakura had her lips against his. He closed his eyes. Eventually he pulled apart. "Why me?" was all he asked. Sakura smiled. "Lee, you're nice, sweet, caring, fun. Everything I'd want in a guy. And I…love you." She said. He grinned. "You don't know how long I've waited to hear that!!" he exclaimed. They kissed again, as the sakura petals floated around them.

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