Starfire and Stone

Stone and Starfire


Hello everybody! This is yet another crossover fic that came as I finished reading the last Magic Knight Rayearth manga. It doesn't seem like it at first, but this IS a CCS fic too. I thought that there was a lot of potential for a continuation of both CCS and MKR, and so I smashed the together and came out with this. Enjoy!

Oh yeah, and it's dedicated to Lenna, Nelly, and Kyra because not only are you guys kick-ass writers, but you love MKR too and *_* you write kick-ass reviews! T_T I LOVE YOU GUYS!

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Eighteen-year-old Hikaru Shido stood in one of the indoor gardens of Sendelvon, gazing broodingly out the window. It had been a long time since that last, painful battle, but at least it had had a happy ending. After all, there would never be a tragic fight again, never be three more young women summoned from Earth to kill the one who helped them. Cephiro had lost the Pillar system, and she, Umi, and Fuu were able to freely travel between worlds. The land was renamed Sendelvon. It was prospering under the just ruling of the Seven.

The Seven were she, Lantis, Umi, Ascot, Fuu, Ferio, and Clef. Of all the people in Sendelvon, they supported the most of the land with their hearts. All others combined held up only half of the world, but it still was better than the Pillar system. No one was forbidden to have another love besides Sendelvon, which meant the sad battle between Pillar and Magic Knights would never be fought again.

She sighed. The only downside was that each of the Seven was invaluable, and she most of all. Should one of them die, or become unable to support Sendelvon, the section they controlled would hold itself up for a little while, but eventually crumble away. That meant they would have to live forever, or else have Sendelvon slowly melt away as they passed away, one by one.

There had to be a solution, but what was it?

Hikaru turned away from the window, wincing guiltily at the storm clouds outside that her sad thoughts had caused. Closing her eyes, she thought of something to make her happy, and they vanished.

"Hikaru?" Umi slipped in through the door, followed by Fuu. "Are you okay?"

"Fine," she replied. It had been four years since the last battle, and they had all grown. Umi in particular had shot up again, and now she was almost on eye-level with Ascot. Of course, neither of them had minded that much–they'd officially become a couple three years ago, and it meant Ascot didn't have to bend in half to kiss her. "The flowers are looking a little dry, though," Hikaru said pointedly.

"Really?" Umi gestured, and a shower of droplets rained down on the plants. Although the Mashin had gone, the Magic Knights had retained their powers, and they used them often. After all, just because they weren't wearing the Spirits didn't mean they weren't Magic Knights still.

"What were you thinking about?" Fuu asked, looking out the window.

"Wellthe system of Seven," she admitted. "It bothers me, but what are we going to do about it?"

"Well, what can we do?" Umi asked pointedly.

"She's got a good point, though," Fuu chastised. "If one of us goes, a chunk of land falls out, and that can't happen. It makes me wonder about something else, though"

"What?" Hikaru sat down on a bench wearily.

"Well, according to mythology and some religions, there are four basic elements, and a fifth, more complex one. The basic ones are stone, water, fire, and wind, and the fifth is starfire. Well–"she gestured at each of them "–we each had fire, water, and wind magic. But what about the other two elements? Are there two other Magic Knights? And if so, why weren't they summoned with us?"

/Magic Knights./ A voice rang in their minds, vaguely familiar. /Magic Knights, you are needed again./

There was stunned silence in the room. Then Hikaru whispered, "Mokona?"

/Yes. Go to the others of the Seven; I must speak to all of you./

Moving in a trance, the three young women got up and walked out to the Atrium.

Lantis, Ascot, Ferio, and Clef turned at the clack of footsteps on the marble floor. "What is it?" Clef asked, the ribbons of his staff fluttering.

"Mokona," Fuu replied in a dead tone. "He wishes to speak with us." Her eyes were glazed over, and Ferio seized her by the shoulders and peered into them, confused and concerned. Umi and Hikaru were the same.

/Relax, Prince of Sendelvon./ Yellow light shone down and a white, winged form materialized over the very center of the room. /I must speak to you all./

"What is it?" Lantis asked, his soft, low voice breaking the awed silence in the room. "We thought you would never return, Creator."

/Things have arisen that I did not foresee,/ he relied serenely. /The system of Seven is working, but it will not last. Magic Knight Hikaru, you desire a solution for the dilemma the system presents./

The three girls seemed to break out of their trances as she nodded, and Ferio protectively put an arm around Fuu's shoulders, as did Ascot for Umi and Lantis for Hikaru.

/A new enemy has come that was not supposed to. I am the Creator; Chaos is the Destroyer. It is coming too Sendelvon, because this is where it can destroy the most. Chaos will fight, and if it wins it will destroy Earth also./

"Will we don the Mashin once more?" Umi asked.

/You cannot. They have gone to another universe, and only I may travel freely between universes. Magic Knight Fuu, you told your friends of the two missing elements. You are correct. There are two missing Magic Knights."

"What?" Hikaru gasped. "Why weren't they summoned with us?"

"Because of the elements they represented and Cephiro's condition when you were summoned. Stone and Starfire are the two most powerful elements, and if they had been taken into Cephiro with you, the land would not have been able to support them. They each ally themselves with one or two elements–water and wind support starfire, and stone is supported by fire.

/I have the solution you desire, Magic Knight Hikaru. The two remaining Magic Knights must be summoned. They will battle the Destroyer. If the win, one will join you Seven and you will become the Eight. It will be complete, and the burden of supporting the world with the heart will be shared with them. Therefore, if all of you are unable to pray for Sendelvon, everyone else will become the supporters. That would not happen now because the Seven is not complete. /

"What if they fail?" Fuu asked softly.

Mokona shook his head sadly. /Then even I would not be able to help you. You must summon the two remaining young people from another world. / A smile played upon his mouth. /They will not be what you expect./

"What do you mean by that?" Umi asked.

Mokona smirked. "Pu."

"DON'T GIVE ME THAT PU' CRAP!" Umi yelled. "I don't care if you've got wings! I'll get Presea and then we'll have some fun! I can still throttle you, you little puff ball!"

/I cannot tell you, Magic Knight Umi,/ Mokona said, smiling affectionately at her. /You will see for yourself. And, about the two young people from another worldlike you, they must gain Escudo in the Legendary–or as you referred to it, the "Weirdo" Fountain of Eterna./

"Will they have a guide like we did?" Hikaru asked. "Or–will you be guiding them?"

/I will not be guiding them. My daughter, Rokona, will be their assistant. She, unlike me, is truly unable to communicate mind-to-mind right now. She is an infant, but she knows precisely what is going on. Think of her as me, merely unable to say any more than Pu.' /

A shaft of indigo light appeared beside Mokona, and a minute later another, smaller version of him materialized in midair. A pair of smaller, useless wings sprouted from her back and she had a slender tail than was longer than she was with a tuft of white, fluffy hair on the end. An indigo stone sparkled in the center of her forehead.


A vein twitched on Umi's forehead. "I never wanted to hear that again," she growled.

/You may not tell them about what they will face in the Fountain, or what will happen when they enter a shrine. They must know only as much as you did when you first came, or they will not be able to become true Magic Knights./ He started to fade. /Summon them quickly, Seven. And yet again, they will not be what you are expecting."

He vanished as Umi muttered, "What's that supposed to mean/"

"Maybe one of them is a boy," Hikaru suggested.

"Maybe" Fuu trailed off. "We need to call them here, you guys."

"I know." Hikaru's shoulders slumped. "I just don't want to put anyone else through what we have"

"They won't have to, remember?" Fuu hugged her around the shoulders. "There's no Pillar, so they won't have to fight that battle."

"True." She sighed as Clef looked away. "Well, let's just get this over with."

Ascot took them to the top of the palace, and they joined hands, standing in a circle. Something seemed to shift in the wind. "We Seven summon the two Magic Knights," Hikaru called, head tilted back. "By the names of Sendelvon and Mokona, we call you."

There was quiet; then a hole opened in the sky and two shapes fell in the distance. They fell for a moment, but then something grew in one's hand and she sprouted wings. The other pulled out something that glinted metallically, and wind formed a sphere around him.

The new Magic Knights already knew magic.

"Well," Ferio said weakly. "We certainly weren't expecting that."



I gazed out the window. Two years–it had been two years since Syaoran had left. And I'd been stupid enough not to tell him how I felt. Now I had no clue what his feelings toward me were, too. [AN: They didn't tell each other how they felt before he left:(] I hadn't even talked to him for the past two years

"Sakura, are you thinking about that brat again?" Kero flew in my face.

I smacked him upside the head. "He isn't a brat!"

"Get over him, Sakura," Kero snorted. "He hasn't even made the effort to write to you."

"Well, maybe his family isn't letting him," I sniffed crossly. "I think he's going to come back. He said he would. And then you'll see." The telephone rang, and I picked it up with a sigh. "Hello?"

"Hey Sakura," Tomoyo's friendly voice was slightly scratchy over the phone lines. "Do you want to go to Tokyo Tower with me? You've been pretty down lately, and I thought you might want to get out for some fresh air instead of holing up in that tiny room."

I laughed. "Your concern is appreciated, Tomoyo." About to decline, I suddenly changed my mind. The Tokyo Tower seemed awfully appealing "Yeah, I think I'll go. Just give me fifteen minutes to get ready."

"Okay, I'll pick you up. See ya." There was a click on her end of the line as she hung up. I set the receiver down and got up. What should I wear? Maybe the blouse, andIn a few minutes, I chose my outfit–a plain white blouse with a polo collar and long, slightly puffy sleeves; a blue and green plaid sweater vest over that; a green skirt; a black choker; white knee socks; black Mary Jane's; and a black headband. It was my style–sweet schoolgirl with the choker giving it a spunky twist.

"Good, you're going out," Kero said smugly. "Like I said, you need to get over that brat."

I ignored him and went downstairs. Dad was gone, and Touya was at some job again, so I scribbled a note and waited in the hall for Tomoyo. She came soon enough, and in about half an hour we were riding the elevator up. The doors opened, and we walked out. I went straight to the window and stared out. You could see so far from hereMy heart ached painfully. I'd caught the Dream Card in this buildingwith Syaoran. Maybe if I looked hard enough, I could see Hong Kong. I swallowed hard. Sometimes, when I tried really hard, I could feel his aura in Hong Kong. He really meant a lot to me, and I missed himtwo years was two years too long to be separated, even if he didn't know how I felt. His aura was so warm and comfortingEven now, I could feel it. It was so strongI figured it was because I was thinking about him.

I started to turn away, but collided with someone. "Oh, sor–" I broke off as something opened under my feet. No, our feet. Blackness was rushing all around me as we dropped in, and I was reminded of the time Syaoran and I'd been trapped in the elevator.

Then I found myself in the sky over a strange, strange looking land.

The other person was still falling. I could save them and myself too, but they'd know about my magicNot if you use the Erase Card later and make them lose the memory. I pulled out the Key of Star and transformed it into the wand, then used the Fly Card. "Hold on!" I yelled to the other person, although they probably couldn't hear me. "I–" My voice trailed off as the other person pulled out a sword, then used a piece of paper with it and was surrounded by a bubble of wind. What–how–who is that? I swooped nearer, then found to my shock that my wings were disappearing. With a shriek, I resumed falling, and the wand shrank to the Key once more. The other person's wind vanished also, and we were both dropping incredibly fast–our magic wasn't working in this world. This was not good

Ropes of air wrapped around us as the ground loomed closer, and I was slowing down

Then, with a thump, I fell to the ground. There was a thud as my companion landed a few feet away.

Of course, it wasn't exactly a gentle landing for either of us.

"Ow!" My back was aching painfully, and I was seeing stars. I sat up, shaking my head to clear it and muttering, "That's gonna bruise."

"Yeah," the other person groaned. It was a guy, that much I could tell. Or guys–there were two of everything. I blinked, and my surroundings fell into place. I got a better look at him and thought I was being caught up in some strange dream "Syaoran?" I asked, stunned.

Then four things landed in the meadow, two people in each except for the last. Something white and round hopped out of one and sprang over to me. It was like nothing I'd ever seen before. I gulped, positive I was dreaming. My ankle twinged painfully, and I could smell a strange but pleasant scent that wafted up from the furry moss I was sitting on. This was no dream.

That was when I fainted.

When I woke up, I found myself staring at a pair of scrunched-up eyes and a dark blue, round gem in the middle of a white face. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!"

I sat up, white-faced, and it tumbled off, falling to the sheets. "My GOD," I yelled, my heart still pounding. "What the hell IS that thing?!"

"That would be Rokona," a female voice said above me. I looked up to see a girl with bright, ruby-red eyes and untidy crimson hair. "I'm Hikaru Shido."

"I'm Umi," a tall, blue-haired girl added, off to the side.

"And I'm Fuu." The blonde handed me a cup of steaming liquid. "Drink that; it'll make you feel more human."

I obeyed, asking between sips, "I'm Sakura. Where am I?"

The girls exchanged glances. "Well, that's a very good question," Umi said slowly. "Let's just say you aren't in Kansas anymore, Toto."

"What's that supposed to mean? And where's Syaoran?"

"The boy? He's waiting with the rest of the guys." Fuu grinned. "We wouldn't let them in here. He wanted to see you, but Umi"

"I–er–insisted that they wait outside," she finished blandly.

"In other words, she went into Umi, Hell-Bitch' mode. Your friend's pretty stubborn, but not even he can match her when she gets that way." Fuu gave her a rueful look. "You really do need to work on your temper. Your blood pressure just shoots up when you get yourself that worked up."

"Well, if he had just gone along with the others, there wouldn't have been a problem, now would there?"

"ANYWAY," Hikaru said pointedly, "you've been summoned here. By us. You are now Magic Knight Sakura. You're going to save this world, and yours."

"Magic what?" I stared confusedly around at the other three girls. "What do you mean, summoned? And where the hell am I?"


"And what is that?"

"That's another good question," Fuu said thoughtfully. "We're trying to figure that out ourselves. And summoned, as in we called you here. By magic. You're destined to become a Magic Knight."

"Whoah, whoah, whoah." I shook my head. "You don't get it. I've already done all the magic stuff and heard all the destiny crap I want to hear. For Pete's sake, I live with a magical guardian, and my older brother's best friend is another of my guardians! I'm done with magic."

"Not according to us, you aren't. And everybody in this whole world–and on Earth–is counting on you. We're from Earth too, just so you know. Of course, you, that boy, and us are the only ones who are."

"What? Where am I?"

After a pause and a "Pu!" Fuu said slowly, "Another world."


Ah, the trauma of finding yourself in another world, the drama of reunion, the fury caused by a small creature named RokonaWhat will happen to our heroes next? Will Sakura tell Syaoran how she feels? Will Syaoran let the girls stay locked up in the room forever? And, most important of all, who will win if Umi and Syaoran match wills? How much will he put up with? All this and more in the next chapter! Until then, peace, luv, and. Adiosity!