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Hey everyone. Just to warn you all, this story does consist of lemons, well the first chapter definitely will, but if you don't like to read lemon don't fret! If you skip over them, you won't miss a thing and can continue reading the story anyways. By the way, this story is dedicated to my friend who is obsessed with Edward and with sex. She is the best person to hang with, I swear, Lol.

Surprise from the Past


I sat on the cool tile floor crying as I looked at the pink line that showed brightly in front of me on a pregnancy test. I knew exactly whose baby it was, but what scared me the most was how it had happened. Well, I knew how, but he told me it never happened. Vampires couldn't get anyone pregnant. I closed my eyes as tears ran down my face, I remember the night perfectly.


Edward and I were laying on his bed, hand in hand and with my free hand I was tracing his perfect features. We sat there in silence, kissing, sometimes talking, and then just staring into each other's eyes. Finally after what seemed like forever, Edward pulled me into a passionate kiss. That was new for him, he never lost control. Especially when I wrapped my arms tightly around his neck he would usually sigh and pull away, but instead he pulled me closer and snaked his arms around my waist. I smiled against his lips; I was winning this no matter what. I pulled away, gasping for air, but that didn't make Edward stop. He kissed my jaw, kissed my neck and then kissed my collarbone. My heart was beating so ecstatically I was sure Edward could hear its beats. Somehow, I found Edward's hands at the bottom of my shirt and he slowly pulled it up and over my head. I had no argument, what problem could I have with this? I locked my fingers in his gorgeous auburn hair as he continued to kiss and suck on my neck. Lemon, warning!

I couldn't stand it anymore. I missed his luscious lips. I brought his face up to mine and pulled him back into a passionate kiss. My hands roam freely down his side of his body, to the hem of his own shirt. Before I pulled it up, I remembered we were in his house and I was pretty sure someone could hear what we were doing up here. Edward sensed my reluctance and chuckled low. He bent down and whispered in my ear "Don't worry. They left to go hunting. We are all alone." I smile, and as Edward pulled back to look into my eyes I realized they weren't his normal golden topaz color, but it was more like an emerald green. I smiled and pulled him back down into a kiss. My hands, once again, roam his body and found the ending of his shirt. I pulled it up and over his head, throwing it at the opposite side of the room where my shirt had landed. I smiled as we continued kissing. After awhile, Edward knew I needed to breathe and moved down from my lips, to my jaw, to my collarbone. He wrapped his arms around my back and found my bra clasp. Oh! How I wished he would hurry up and take it off quicker then the pace he was at! Finally, from what seemed like forever, he unclasped my bra and slipped it off me. He threw it right next to his and my shirt and smiled. Studying his 'prey' He kissed my lips, my jaw line, and my collarbone and moved down to my breast. He began to lick my nipple and it stood up at notice from his touch. I moaned softly, but I bite my lip trying to hold my moans back. I could feel him smile against my skin. As he continued to play with my nipple, finding it hard to resist moaning, he moved his one hand down and unbuttoned my jeans having them off at vampire speed. I smiled as with as much strength as I could, and a little of his help, flipping him over so I was straddling him. I kissed him gently, rubbing my chest against his stone cold hard chest, and gave him butterfly kisses, trailing down his perfect body. I moved down to his jeans and worked on the button, finally mustering to unbutton his jeans he helped me slip them off. Now we were only in our underwear, but it still seemed like to much clothing for both of our likings. I slipped his boxers off him as quickly as I could and stared down at his member. It was long and hard and full of seamen, well I wished. (Austin Power Gold member line. I couldn't resist using the line though, I love it! If you think it's gross, then watch the movie. It doesn't refer to any kind of sexual reference) from what I knew vampires couldn't have children, and so I was upset to say, Edward and I would not be having children. So much for what I knew about the future; Alice didn't even see this coming. I stroke his member and began to lick the tip as he moaned. I smiled against his hard member, continuing to lick and stroke it. I could feel him tensing, but I wasn't done teasing him. I moved back up his body, grinding our lower areas together as we kissed passionately. Somehow he had gotten my underwear off without me noticing and his hands were moving down towards my hips. We pulled apart and I nodded at him. I was ready for this; I was ready for anything as long as I had Edward by my side. He pushed into me gently; I bite my lips, holding back my screams. He pulled me close "Don't worry love, it will only hurt for a bit" I nodded as he kissed my neck, letting me adjust to his size. Finally he slowly began to pull out and push back into me. My insides were on fire, but I was enjoying every minute of this. Soon enough, I was moaning his name out loud as his pace was quickening. I could feel my muscles tightening and soon enough I screamed out as my body started shaking and I let out an orgasm. I felt Edward continue until he finally pushed in one final time, moaning my name and letting out his own semen. From what he told then can still orgasm, but it's not the same. It's more of a mix with venom, but venom weak enough where a human's body immune system can destroy it easily. He fell onto the bed, lying next to me and pulling me close. He kissed my lips gently, my breathing still irregular. "I love you." He whispered in my ear. "I Love you too." I returned. Hours later, I feel asleep in his arms, him singing my lullaby.

Lemon over!!!

End flashback

A week after that Edward told me he didn't love me anymore. I was heartbroken. Like the first time, I believed him, even though he told me when he said that I should never believe him, but I couldn't help it. My brain overran my heart. My heart didn't know what to believe anymore, not since he left. Well Jacob was no where in sight, so I was like a mindless zombie. Until the effects started happening; I began to feel morning sickness, skipped my last two periods etc. I finally got the courage to go to a drug store and buy a pregnancy test. This led me up to this time in the present. I was lying on my bathroom floor, Charlie was still at work, and the pregnancy test was on the counter flashing with a pink line indicating I was pregnant. From then on I knew my life would never be the same…