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I heard a branch crack to my right and I turned around quickly, anger growing inside me. If that was Jacob he was going to pay for what he did, no matter how much of a friend he was to me. No one should mess with my family, ever.

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Surprise from the Past

Chapter 13

As I prepared to attack, if it was Jacob, Edward stepped into the moon's light with Diana in his arms, hugging him tightly. Relief flooded over me and soon enough Diana wanted me to hold her. Edward gave her over without a problem, he knew how much Diana loved me, and how much of a bond we had. True, Diana had a strong bond with Edward too, but it was sort of like a special mother-daughter connection.

As I hugged Diana, I could feel the tears streaming down her face, staining the shoulder of my shirt. I pulled her away and wiped her tears away, kissing her forehead.

"It's okay Diana. You're safe now and forever. Nothing will ever happen to you again, I promise." I said as I smiled, luckily, Diana returned that smile. She could always trust me, and now with Edward and the rest of the family on the tip of their toes, I was positive nothing would ever happen to her again. I kissed her again and, once again as a family, we headed back to our comfy home. When we arrived home I tucked Diana into bed and she fell asleep peacefully, a smile on her face. She knew she was safe from now on.

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Today was a new day. Every one of the Cullen's was happy that Diana was safe and in our care again. We all wanted to kill Jacob, but as much as I regretted it, I wouldn't let them. He did what he thought was best, even if he did do a stupid, horrible thing and deserved to pay for it. If I ever saw him again, then he would pay.

For now, I was just worried about my soon-to-be child. I was a full vampire and so is Edward. We had yet to figure out how I developed it or how it was growing, but it defiantly was. I was feeling all the effects that come with pregnancy: Morning sickness, headaches constantly, I had extremely weird cravings etc.

For the rest of the day we were spending time with the rest of the Cullen's, Diana was happy to be there too. She was laughing, playing around with Emmett and even dressing up with Alice. It was a very exciting and fun-filled activity day. Most of the time though, I was just watching; Carlisle told me to be extremely careful during this pregnancy and truth be told, I wasn't feeling too good anyways. Even Jasper looked sick because of how I was feeling. At one point he even complained about how he felt, that was a very funny moment; especially since vampires can't get sick.

That brings me to another point. Since Carlisle has only seen me use my telekinesis and mind reading powers rarely and most of the time when there is danger, he believes I can only use them when someone is in need, or if my family is hurt or in danger. He also believes that my power is that I can still feel what humans can, but to a certain point. Oh good, I can still blush, like I haven't figured that out yet. Especially when Edward constantly whispers in my ear about things around the whole extremely-good hearing vampire family, that is very embarrassing. I once asked him to stop and all he did was kiss me and chuckle. I hate Edward, well for that moment I do. I mean, who could ever be mad at that, that god?! I definitely couldn't be and anyone else I have met can't be made at him for a long period of time.

Either way, I love my family and everyone in it makes me happy. Even Rosalie and I are on good terms now. Ever since I had Diana it seems like she has changed a lot, especially towards me. She actually talks and hangs out with me. There is a new light in her eyes, even Emmett agrees with me and he should know he lives with her. From now on I will never let anything go without Edward knowing (like a child perhaps?) and I will never leave my children alone. We will never have a repeat of what Jacob did, and I swear on my life with that promise. If anything ever happens to anyone I love, I will risk my life trying to save them.

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