Title: The Finish Line
Author: Alice J. Foster

Summary: When Cameron collapses, House must be the one to diagnose and treat her.
Spoilers: Season 3
Category/Warnings: Angst, medical stuff, romance, etc.
Pairing/Characters: House/Cameron, Ducklings v1.0, Wilson, Cuddy.
Rating: NC-17

Started: 12/30/2006
Finished: tbd

Author's Note: This is a sequel to my other multi-chapter House fanfic "Thirteenth Step," set about six months after the end of TS.

June 2007

"You're discharged; they're processing your paperwork right now," Allison Cameron told their latest patient with a shadow of a smile.

The patient didn't seem to notice the lack of emotion on Cameron's part, because she wrapped her arms around the small-framed doctor. Cameron didn't pull away, but she maintained her distance; she should be happy –their case was over and she was going away. Forever.

No more Gregory House, no more puzzles and strange diseases, no more Chase and Foreman and being part of a team. She was leaving, going back home - where she was going to spend the last of her husband's life insurance to setup her own private practice.

She knew it was going to be boring, but she didn't have much choice. All the arguments she'd had with herself over the past three months replayed in her mind as she left the patient room and met up with Foreman and Chase. Just as always, they were out of loop, never for one second imagining that tomorrow they'd come in, and Cameron would be gone; to be fair, this time they weren't the only ones unaware of her decision. Miraculously, only Cuddy was aware she was leaving.

She wished she could tell them, but it was for the best—she couldn't risk word getting back to House before she was on a plane and far, far away. Every minute of every day counted now; she'd worry herself sick every morning in front of the mirror as she tried on outfit after outfit, hoping to find one that would keep her omission going for just a while longer.

Cameron glanced at the clock in one of the walls as the trio started their walk back to their conference room. Another half an hour and she would be free of the physical form of House; then all she had to do was to find a way to remove him from her mind and soul, to forget his touch, kisses and glances… it wouldn't be easy, of course, especially when she was going to have a constant and permanent reminder of her affair with House in a few weeks' time.

She was so wrapped up in her thoughts that she didn't even realize her body hitting the floor…

…and then her world went dark.

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