--Chapter 1

Sakura Haruno was your average seventeen year old that got perfect marks in everything. People on the outside of her life would think that she was normal; besides being a geek and having no friends, and had a happy, caring family. But, were they wrong. You see; Sakura was the offspring of two vampires. You would think that when two vampires have a child, that the baby would be a vampire. In Suki and Jare Haruno's case, their daughter was mortal. She did not possess the sharp fangs on the upper jaw, she was able to with stand the stench and be near garlic, she did not have the urge to drink human blood, and she did not have abnormal eyes when angered or when needing or drinking blood.

She was a normal human being, brought up ruthlessly by vampires. Sakura never had the guidance that parents usually give; her parents were disgusted. They were disgusted with her. Sakura was not a vampire and they were ashamed.

Sakura attended the local high school. She had no friends; her parents had made sure of that. Even though Sakura was one of the sweetest and most caring person you could meet, no one seemed to talk to her.

Sakura, at the age of fourteen was supposed to grow her fangs and have her eyes change. But that never happened, and ever since then, her friends disappeared from her life. They refused to talk to her and didn't even spare her a second glance. Ever since then, she was alone with no one in her life besides her excuse for parents. Because of her parents hating her and ignoring her completely, she made herself invisible. She got the vibe that no one would like her because she was born mortal.


Sakura walked through the halls looking over he latest math exam. She had gotten one wrong and wanted to know why, naturally, it was a stupid mistake. She walked slowly down the hallway, not watching where she was going and bumped into someone. All of her books fell out from under her one arm and she looked startled at the person in front of her.

It was none other than Sasuke Uchiha. He was one of the most popular guys in the school, having almost the whole female population chasing after him.

"I'm sorry." Sakura mumbled, bending down and picking up her books. "I wasn't paying attention."

Sasuke smirked at her shyness but his eyes widened when he saw her name on one of her notebooks.

Haruno?! Sakura Haruno! Her parent's are vampires, and she wasn't born one. He reached his hand out to grab her notebook and look at the name closer. No doubt about it. It's her.

Sakura looked at him sceptically as he picked up her notebook and stared at it. This is awkward. The most popular guy in school is looking at my notebook like he can't believe his eyes.

Sasuke looked up at her and pulled her into a deserted hallway. "What are you doing?" Sakura asked quietly when he pushed her into a wall.

"Haruno." He said seriously. Sakura's eyes widened. H-he knows! But that means…

"You're one of them?" She whispered.

Sasuke nodded. "You're that Haruno."

Sakura looked away. "I wouldn't even call myself that. They hate me because I wasn't born a vampire." She said so he could barely hear.

Sasuke continued to stare at her. "Maybe it's come a little late."

Sakura shook her head. "No, they took me to the Guadriams. They said I didn't have the V strand in my DNA."

The bell rang signalling that class had started. "Just leave me alone, they'll threaten you even if you are one of them, even if you just talked to me, like they did to all of my other friends." She said and pushed past him.


All day Sasuke couldn't get her out of his mind. He drove home in silence and concluded that he needed to talk to his parents, the Guadriams. They would know what's going on, it sounded like, from what he figured from Sakura, that her parents hated her. He could tell from the loneliness in her eyes that she had no one. She said that her parents pushed her friends away. They are an excuse of our kind. Sasuke concluded, pulling into his driveway.

"Mom!" He called through the house.

His mother walked out of the kitchen, with her apron on and cloth over her shoulder. Mikoto Uchiha was the wife of Fugaku Uchiha, the leader of all of the Vampires in the fire country. "What is it, Sasuke?" She asked sweetly.

"I met Haruno today. I want to know about her and I thought of all people you would know. She said that the Guadriams checked for the V DNA and said that she didn't possess it."

Mikoto sighed and gestured Sasuke to come into the kitchen. "She is the daughter of Suki Haruno. Obviously, she is completely mortal."

"But how is that possible?"

"I didn't tell Jare that she isn't his daughter. Suki mated with a mortal. I couldn't risk telling them, although I'm sure Suki already knows, Jare would have killed Sakura without hesitation." Mikoto said sadly.

"So, Sakura's mom basically cheated on Jare?"

Mikoto nodded. Sasuke stood up and left the kitchen, going to his room. His mother called after him. "Remember that you need blood tonight!"

"Obviously." Sasuke called back. Vampires that are born a vampire need blood once every couple of weeks, but, if turned into a vampire from being mortal, they'd need a feed at least twice a day for a couple of months. This day was the day Sasuke would be requiring blood.


Jare Haruno's eyes glowed an angry gold. He stood behind the Uchiha back door and heard every word that Mikoto had told her son. He was beyond furious; he thirsted for death. He craved the scene of his wife and daughter dead before him.

He turned on his heal, completely forgetting what he came to talk to the Uchiha's about and headed home, awaiting his wife to arrive. He decided, that since Sakura would already be there, he would kill Suki as soon as she got home; after all, no one cheats on him and lives. Sakura was a different story; she was a mortal, and the daughter of the man his wife had cheated on him with. He was going to suck her dry and enjoy the sweetness of her pathetic blood.


Sasuke sat in his room attempting to finish an essay assigned but he couldn't get that look of such loneliness of Sakura's eyes out of his mind. He could sense the hurt and pain she felt every day, and he could see it.

He shook his head and tried to focus. After a couple of hours he had completed the essay and math homework. He layed back on his bed and her eyes clouded his mind. Nothing has stayed with me for this long. What if something is wrong? Sasuke thought. He began to get a little dizzy and that was the moment his mother walked in, her hair tied up.

"Sasuke, sweetie, are you ready?" She asked, her eyes glowing red. She sat next to him, and exposed her neck. Sasuke nodded and bit into her neck. His eyes began to glow red and he closed them. If a vampire didn't have a mate to share blood with, they take the blood of their mother.

A minute later, visions began to flash before his closed eyes like a slideshow. He focused and eventually, he was able to decipher the visions. The first showed Jare laughing over his dead wife's body, blood, dripping off of his chin. The second showed Sakura staring disbelievingly at him. She then ran up the stairs, her father walking up the stairs, still laughing and wiping the blood from his mouth. The next one was of Sakura, backing away into the wall, crying. Jare lunged at her and lifted her off of the ground, towards his mouth. Sakura's scream seemed to echo in his head as Jare plunged his fangs into her neck. The visions kept on coming; they came faster and faster, showing Sakura struggling against her father. Tears ran down her face at the sickly feeling of having all of her blood drawn to her neck. He continued to suck her dry, eventually, Sakura began to get weak, and her father was practically holding up a limp body, talking her life, slowly and sickly. Sakura's eyes seemed to know he was there, and she gave a pleading look, begging him to help her. He saw Jare bite down harder to increase the flow and all Sasuke saw was darkness, as light came to his eyes.

The visions faded away as fast as they came when his mother put her hand to his cheek. He attempted to sit up, but Mikoto only pushed him down.

"Sasuke, what did you see?" She asked. She knew her son had a gift. Some vampires do, and it just so happens that Sasuke had one. He was able to see things a couple of minutes before they happened.

Sasuke took his mothers' hand off of his cheek and forcefully pushed her out of the way. He ran to the door, talking to him mom as she followed. "Jare, he's killing Sakura as we speak! He already killed Suki, he's sucking her dry, mom!" He shouted running to the door and grabbing his katana.

"You go and stop him. I'll call Itachi and get him over there in case you need help." Mikoto called, as Sasuke ran out of the door. Itachi was a vampire, but he was also a vampire slayer, part of the Corps. They kill vampires that killed for no reason, that were causing havoc, or threatening to expose their existence.

Sasuke felt the cool night wind brush against his skin. He opened his eyes to them glowing red. He then ran down the street to where Sakura lived and as he neared her house he heightened senses. He could smell Suki's blood and he could feel someone's life force slowly fading away.

Sasuke slammed the door of Sakura's house open, he could see Suki's dead body, and ran up the stairs to where he saw Sakura in his visions. What he saw immediately made his anger grow; Sakura was hanging lifelessly in Jare's hands, her blood dripping down her neck, she looked pale and her eyes were blank. She looked at him weakly with pleading eyes, asking him, begging him to help her. He could see every large gulp Jare took of her blood, some of it dripping down and out of his mouth; exactly how it was in his vision. With every gulp Jare took, he could see Sakura raggedly breathe in air, the pressure put on her neck was slowly suffocating her.


Sakura's neck was pounding from her fathers' sharp fangs penetrating her skin and the steady flow of blood going into them. She could feel her blood being drawn out of her veins and to her neck; she could feel every vein in her body have the blood sucked out of them. She felt so woozy and cold, never in her life had she felt this before, the feeling of your life being sucked out of your body; she was terrified; she tried begging her father to stop, but he ignored her, biting harder to increase the flow, she could feel her heart slowing down with the lack of blood to pump. Her limbs were numb from blood loss and her eyes felt heavy; her head was pounding, but at that moment she heard the door slam open and the sound of someone running up the stairs. That's when she saw Sasuke. She gave him a pleading look before her father bit down harder, increasing the flow and causing her to black out. Her eyes were still open, but they were blank, lifeless.


Sasuke saw Jare bite down harder, as if trying to get her blood to come out faster, exactly in his visions; he knew she'd black out. Sakura's eyes widened and her body stiffened before going limp, and then blacked out. Shit! She won't make it if I don't do something. He thought and unsheathed his katana. Sasuke then went up to Jare and plunged it through his heart. It seemed as though Jare was too concentrated in draining Sakura to even know that Sasuke was there.

Jare's eyes widened when he felt the blade through his skin. He looked down and saw the blade protruding from his chest. He smirked while biting Sakura and reluctantly released her, taking one more gulp of blood, as much as he could suck out in one breath, and then throw her aside, over the railing on the stairs, knowing that she was basically dead.

"Sakura!" Sasuke gasped as he watched her fall from his sight. He didn't hear her hit the ground and this caused him to smirk. It's about time you got here, Itachi. He thought.


Itachi ran through the door with his mother and father. He saw Suki lifeless on the floor and then heard his brother gasp when she saw Sakura's body falling from the second floor. Itachi moved too fast for a human to move and caught her before she hit the ground. He saw the fang marks and the blood stains on her neck. She's hardly got a pulse, her body is ice cold… He thought before turning to his mother.

"Mom, her life force is almost gone." He stated, handing the girl into his mothers' arms. "Neither of us can do it, we need Sasuke." He added looking at his father.

Fugaku nodded. "You finish it and send him down here."

Itachi ran up the stairs to see his brother fighting Jare. Sasuke was trying to kill him but Jare just dodged every swing taken at him. "Sasuke, duck!" Itachi called, jumping into the fight.

"Itachi! What are you doing? I can-."

"Sasuke, only you can save that girls' life."

Sasuke's eyes widened. He knew what he had to do, but how it slipped his mind, he didn't know. He would have to give Sakura his blood in order to make her a vampire and save her life. This would cause her to automatically become an Uchiha; she would get the red eyes and… become Sasuke's wife.

Sasuke nodded at his brother and ran down the stairs to where Mikoto was waiting for him. Sasuke stared at Sakura's pale face and blank eyes before kneeling beside her.

"Sasuke, are you sure you want to do this?" Fugaku asked.

Sasuke nodded. "She'll die if I don't." He then took the dagger his father handed to him and sliced a cut in his hand. He held it to her mouth and watched as it and ran down the back of her throat.

Sasuke watched as the colour came back to her face and her eyes slowly closed. "That should be enough until she wakes up." Fugaku said quietly, after a couple of minutes.

"Is it already done?" Itachi asked, walking up behind Sasuke and looking at the unconscious girl on the floor.

Mikoto nodded and smiled at Sasuke. "You know what this means right, sweetie?"

"Yeah." Sasuke said quietly. Mikoto took Sakura's hand and held it tightly.

"Welcome to the family. Sakura…Uchiha." She whispered. Fugaku smiled and put a hand on his wife's shoulder.

"Well, I'd love to stay until she wakes up, but Rayena is expecting me at home. Congrats Sasuke." Itachi said and walked out of the door, disappearing into the wind.

Mikoto let go of Sakura's hand and looked at Sasuke. "She needs to get warm. Even if the transformation is just starting." She paused. "This is a delicate procedure, if not born a vampire, and given vampire blood, she could still die during the transformation."

Sasuke nodded, put his jacket on her and picked her up. "Mom, I don't think she's going to take this well." He said quietly, walking beside his mother, out the door.

"I know. You'll have to help her. She's probably going to be traumatized; having who she believed to be her father, try to kill her… I know how it feels to have the life sucked out of you like she had. It's the most frightening experience…" She looked at Fugaku, "And then finding out that you're a vampire when you wake up."

"Sasuke. You know that she will need blood at least two times a day and since it was your blood that was given to her… it's going to have to be your blood she drinks." Fugaku told him. "And now, since you two are bound by blood, it's hers you're going to have to drink."

"I know. When she wakes up, it starts, right? After the transformation is done?" Sasuke asked.

Fugaku nodded. "You're most likely going to have to give her your blood a different way than having her bite into you, she won't like the idea of it, after what her father did. After all, your mother didn't." He said smirking at his wife.

She playfully hit his arm. "I eventually accepted it!" The three walked into the house and Mikoto told Sasuke to bring her into the guest room while she went to get an extra blanket.

Sasuke walked up the stairs and looked down at Sakura's face. Her brows were furrowed and her mouth was open. She was taking in air in small gasps and he could see her eye teeth start to get longer and sharper. It's happening so fast. He thought, setting her down on the bed and putting the covers over her. He watched her and remembered the look in her eyes. Nothing could explain how terrified she was. Mikoto walked in and put the extra blanket over her. She looked at Sakura and brought a hand to her forehead. "She's coming along nicely; no fever. Don't worry, as long as she stays warm, she should make it through."

Sasuke nodded, still staring at Sakura. "How long until she wakes up?" He asked.

"I'm not sure. But considering that she was basically drained, it could take a couple of days. But, what I want to know it how Jare found out. After all, he loved Suki… he wouldn't just kill her."

"Maybe he heard us talking about it." Sasuke stated.

Mikoto's eyes widened. "H-he was supposed to come and see me today. He said he wanted to talk about something. He was probably at the door while we were talking."

Sasuke sat down on the edge of Sakura's bed, while his mom walked out of the room, saying that her and Fugaku had to go and talk to the others about the Haruno's and about Sakura's condition.


A couple of hours past and Fugaku and Mikoto quietly joined Sasuke with Tsunade with them. Sakura was breathing normally now, and her eyeteeth were much longer than usual. Sasuke sat on the floor, leaning against the bed. He looked at his mom, waiting for an explanation, and watching Tsunade check over her..

"She's to live with us. She's our responsibility. Sasuke, you'll have to teach her how to conceal her fangs and change her eye colour from red back to green." Fugaku said simply. Sasuke nodded and stood up to look at Sakura again. She actually is pretty. He thought. He heard his parents walk out of the room with Tsunade and talk more about Sakura's condition while he stared intently at his… soon to be wife.


Two days past and Sakura's transformation was complete. Now, she needed to wake up in order to get blood. Sasuke sat by her bedside the whole time she was sleeping, waiting for her to wake up, because after all, it was his blood that she required.

During the late hours of the evening, Sakura moaned in her sleep and started to move. Sasuke immediately sat up, watching her intently. This was the moment of truth; how was she going to react? Will she accept him; will she forgive him for turning her into a vampire and eventually his wife?

Sakura started to open her eyes a couple of minutes later. Her vision was blurry and she felt extremely faint. She was also very cold; it felt as though she was lying in a tub full of ice cubes. She blinked a couple of times to clear her vision and that's when she felt it. It was almost as if she felt a force field near her. She looked to her left and saw Sasuke sitting next to her.

Sasuke saw Sakura look at him with red eyes and he couldn't help but smile at her. He felt… happy that she finally woke up. "You're finally awake." He said quietly.

Sakura blinked a couple of times and attempted to sit up, but was pushed back down by Sasuke. "You should stay down."

"Where am I?" She asked breathlessly.

"You're at my house," Sasuke paused, "I know you just woke up and you have a lot of questions… but you need blood... my blood."

Sakura looked at him confused and attempted to lick her lips. She felt two very long, sharp teeth on her upper jaw, blocking her tongue. Her eyes widened and she began to tear up. "I…I'm…I'm a… what happened?"

"Sakura, I'll explain everything in a minute. You need blood, or you'll die." Sasuke said impatiently as he sliced his hand. He then brought his bleeding hand to her mouth. Sakura looked at him as if he was crazy.

"It's either you do it his way, or you can… do it… the other way."

The image of Jare coming after her and biting her neck flashed through her mind; the sickly feeling of him taking large gulps of her blood; the feeling of having her blood being drawn out of her body, like the life was being sucked out of her.

Sasuke saw Sakura bring a hand to her neck and stare at the ceiling with terrified eyes as tears came down her face. Sasuke brought his uncut hand to wipe them away.

"He's dead, Sakura. I won't leave you… you're not alone anymore." Sasuke said softly. Sakura looked at him, surprised. No one had ever said such caring words to her in three years. "Please, Sakura, I want to help you. Just drink my blood; it won't hurt me. If you don't you'll die in a couple of hours."

Sakura looked at him fearfully as he brought his hand to her mouth again. She closed her eyes tightly and reluctantly opened her mouth, to feel him place his hand on her lips. The warm, sweet liquid rolled on her tongue and she swallowed. Sakura had to admit, it didn't taste coppery and bitter like it used to; it tasted sweet.

After a couple of minutes, Sasuke pulled his hand back. Sakura looked at him, wiping off her mouth. She didn't feel like she was about to faint anymore, but she was still cold. "What happened after… after I blacked out?"

"My brother killed him."

"But, how did I… I thought that if you were bitten… you wouldn't be a vampire… only if you drink…" Sakura trailed off, and looked at Sasuke with wide eyes.

"I had to. If I didn't you would have died."

"B-but that means… that… that I'm your… we're… I'm an… I'm an Uchiha?" She said breathlessly.

Sasuke nodded. "I'm sorry. I didn't want to force this on you. I just couldn't let you die when I could do something about it." Sakura sat up and leaned against the wall, looking at the floor. She shivered and brought the blankets closer to her body. "It's ok." She said quietly.

Sasuke watched her shiver. She's still cold? I thought mom said she'd be fine once the transformation was complete. "Are you cold?"

"Just a little. I'm ok though." She whispered. "Won't you get dizzy or pass out from blood loss?"

Sasuke shook his head. "No. You wont either after a couple of weeks."

Sakura nodded. "So, how do I get my… teeth to go away?"

"I comes naturally after a while, but you have to sort of contract your gums and they'll recede."

Sakura nodded once again and closed her eyes to try it. To her surprise, it was quite easy. She opened them and looked back at him "It's easier than I thought." She said. She then brought a hand to her neck and felt the two holes that her father had left for her. "I don't understand. What did I do?" She whispered.

Sasuke knew what she was asking. This is something he didn't want to have to tell her. He didn't think it was in his place. "I don't know if I'm the one to tell you."

"It's ok. I won't blame you."

Sasuke nodded. "After school, I was curious as to why you were born a mortal so I asked my mom about it. She told me that your father was a mortal and that your mom had cheated on your presumed father. I'm guessing he overheard us talking." Sasuke said quickly and quietly.

Sakura's eyes began to water and soon she was silently crying. She didn't know why she was crying; she just felt like she had to. Perhaps it was all of her bottled up emotions. Because she was lonely for so long and the only reason her father even looked at her was to kill her. She soon felt arms wrap around her, pulling her close. She knew it was Sasuke. She leaned into his warmth and cried on his chest. This was the first time she was hugged by anybody since she was fourteen.

A couple of minutes past and Sakura had calmed down. Her breathing was normal and she felt like a weight had been lifted off of her chest. She knew the words Sasuke told her were true; she wasn't alone any more. Sasuke slowly drew his body away and looked into her eyes. They're still red? They should have gone back to normal. "Are you ok?" He asked quietly.

Sakura nodded. "Thank you, Sasuke." She said, her voice cracking.

"Are you hungry? You haven't eaten in a couple of days."

Sakura nodded. Sasuke stood up, off of her bed, and watched as she took the blankets off of herself. She sat on the edge on the bed and looked at her shirt. It was still bloody from when Jare bit her. Sasuke seemed to know what she was thinking.

"My mom got all of your clothes from your house; they're in the closet. She didn't think you'd want to go back there." Sasuke told her motioning towards the closet. Sakura stood up slowly, feeling her blood rush to her head. She shook it off and walked over to the closet. "I'll wait for you outside the door." Sasuke said and closed the door behind him.

Sakura took out some jeans and a white long sleeved shirt with a sweater. She walked over to the door and opened it to see Sasuke talking to two other people in low voices. The woman of the two turned around and smiled warmly at her and took Sakura's hands in hers.

"Sakura, honey, how are you feeling? I'm Sasuke's mom, Mikoto."

Sakura smiled. "I'm ok." She said quietly. "Thank you for letting me stay here."

"Not at all, dear. You're part of the family now. You must be hungry, come, I'll make you dinner. Sasuke you must be hungry too, you haven't eaten much the last couple of days."

Sakura looked at Sasuke with shocked eyes. "He what?" She asked softly.

"Foolish little brother never left your side. We had to bring him food."

Sasuke glared at his brother. "Itachi. Shut up." He growled.

"Only stating the truth. Anyways, it's nice to meet you, Sakura." Itachi said kindly. Sakura nodded her head in greeting. Mikoto put a hand on her shoulder and walked with her down the stairs. Sasuke stayed behind; there was something he needed to ask his brother.

"Itachi. Her eyes won't change back to green. Even after she drank my blood." Sasuke stated.

"I noticed that too. Dad might know more about this than I do. Wait until he gets home." Itachi said. "So, how did she take it when she woke up?"

"She was scared at first; like I expected her to be. But, she accepted it easier than I thought."

"Does she know that you two and bound to eachother?"

Sasuke nodded. "It seems she knows our traditions."

"Her parents probably told her everything." Itachi stated. "You should go with her though. You're the only one she knows here. She's probably freaking out. And besides, you need to eat."

Sasuke nodded and walked down the stairs towards the kitchen. Sakura was sitting stiffly at the table watching Mikoto make some sandwiches. She noticed Sasuke sit down next to her and she relaxed her posture.

"Oh, Sakura, dear, the teachers know about what happened. You're excused from any homework until you get back." Mikoto said and brought two plates with a sandwich on them. She put one in front of Sasuke and the other in front of Sakura.

"Thank you." Sakura said quietly and began to eat.

Mikoto sat across from them and watched Sakura intently. "Sasuke, have you told her why this happened?" She asked softly.

"Yeah, I told her everything."

"Sakura, would you like to call some of your friends over?" Mikoto asked.

Sakura looked at her empty plate and shook her head. "I… I haven't had any friends since I was fourteen."

Mikoto looked surprised and angry at the same time. She turned to Sasuke. "Maybe you should call Ino, Hinata and Tenten over."

Sasuke was looking at Sakura who was fighting back tears. He nodded and left the room. "Don't worry, Sakura. Everything will be ok." Mikoto said softly, taking Sakura's hand and rubbing it reassuringly.

Sakura nodded. "Thank you and the sandwich was delicious."

Mikoto smiled and nodded. "Before Sasuke's friends get here, would you like to take a shower? Get all of the blood off of your neck?"

Sakura winced at the memory of her life fading. She brought a hand up to feel the two holes in her neck.

"After a couple of weeks, once you're healthy again, your wounds will heal after a couple of minutes, with no scar. So, for now, when you go to school, well have to put a bandage on your neck."

Sakura nodded and stood up to allow Mikoto to lead her to the bathroom. "Just take as long as you'd like; you can use my shampoo." Mikoto told her and closed the door.

Sakura sighed and turned the shower on, undressing and cleansing herself. When it came to her neck, she gently scrubbed it with her hand, and saw the red water run down her body; down the drain. She closed her eyes to wash her face. She opened her eyes to see that she was still bleeding from the two holes in her neck. She quickly turned the shower off and got dressed. She held a cloth to her neck to stop the blood from getting on her clothes. She then began to walk down the stairs to find someone. She needed help; whatever she tried, the bleeding wouldn't stop, it was causing her to feel dizzy and nauseous.

The cloth was red now as her blood had already soaked through and she made it down the stairs, barely. She was stumbling around, trying to keep her balance. Sakura's vision began to cloud as she walked into the living room and saw Sasuke sitting with three other people.

"Sasuke… I-it won't… stop…" She said weakly, her eyes were too heavy for her to force open and she fainted, falling forwards.

Sasuke turned his head to Sakura's weak voice. His eyes widened and he seemed to disappear and materialise in front of her to catch her before she hit the ground. He picked her up and rested her down on the couch, while Hinata went to get Mikoto.

He put his hand on her neck to try and stop the bleeding. Mikoto ran into the living room a moment later and kneeled before Sakura. She opened a small container and rubbed the ointment onto the two holes on Sakura's neck. The bleeding immediately stopped.

"Ok, Sasuke, lift her head, I need to put a bandage on it." Mikoto said, taking a roll of white cloth. Sasuke lifted her head with one hand and moved her long hair with his other, allowing his mother to get full access of her neck.

"What is that stuff?" Sasuke asked.

"Tsunade gave it to me. She said that this might happen." Mikoto said. "Sasuke, she's lost too much blood."

"Hold her up to your neck. Her craving for blood has probably already caused her fangs to rise." Tenten said.

Sasuke sat down beside Sakura, lifting her to his lap and moving her head towards his neck. To Sasuke's surprise, he heard Sakura take a deep breath and gently bite into his neck. He closed his eyes and waited until Sakura pulled back.

Sakura began to regain consciousness after a couple of moments. She felt herself being held to someone's body and on their lap. She then noticed something very sweet in her mouth… blood. Her eyes snapped open and she found herself staring at black hair. She immediately withdrew her mouth and looked at Sasuke's neck in horror. There were two small bite marks on his neck, just like she had. From each one there was blood going down his neck. She stared in shock, trembling until Sasuke spoke to her.

"It's ok." He whispered.

Sakura looked at him, shaking. "Wh-what have I done? I… I gave you…" She brought her hand to her neck. She looked at him, terrified, remembering what it felt like to be bitten. "I'm sorry… I didn't know, I wouldn't have…"

"I told you, it's ok." He repeated softly. "Don't worry about it."

"Hey, Sakura." Hinata said softly, rubbing her back reassuringly. Sakura looked at her with frightened eyes, still clutching her own neck. "He's right, we all have to do that every so often. It's ok."

Ino and Tenten nodded. "See, look. It's already gone." Ino said pointing to Sasuke's neck. Sakura looked and sure enough, there wasn't even a scar. She brought a shaking hand to his neck and touched the area, seeing if it was really gone and wiping off any blood. Sasuke smirked, "I told you."

Sakura looked back at him, and gave him a small smile. She nodded and sat back on the couch, getting off of him. Ino, Hinata and Tenten took this as the moment to introduce themselves.

"Sakura. I'm Ino Nara, this is Hinata Inuzaka and Tenten Hyuuga." Ino said softly. She was told of what her father had done to her and knew that Sakura was still traumatized about it. Sasuke had told each of them what he had seen in his vision, to make sure they understood.

Sakura looked at each of them and smiled a little in greeting. She recognised them. She had seen them at school, with three others. "Where are the others?" She asked.

"Oh, I see you recognise us. Sasuke only told us to come, seeing as how you need some girl support!" Tenten said happily.

"So, you're all…?"

"Yes, I even became one in the same circumstances as you. My father hated me because I was weak, and needed blood more often than most; so when it was his time to drink blood… he used me." Hinata stated.

"So… Kiba? He was the one?" Sakura asked.

"Yes, my cousin, Neji, called him over when he found me." Sakura felt a little better knowing that she wasn't the only one whose father betrayed her. Knowing that she had people, who understood her, made her more accepting of who she now was.

"So, how are you coping, Sakura?" Ino asked.

"I'm… I'm ok…"

"It'll take a while to get used to it; just take your time. I still feel uneasy having to drink Shikamaru's blood…" Ino said softly.

Sakura nodded and smiled a little. "I suppose you'd like to know how Tenten and I became what we are?" Ino asked.

"You don't have to." Sakura said softly. To her, it was a touchy subject, so she didn't want to push anything on them.

"No it's alright. Well, Hinata was the only one born a vampire between us." Tenten started.

"I was adopted by vampires and when I found out what my parents were I freaked out. They had told me that they wanted to find me a mate and for me to drink his blood. When I found out it was Shikamaru… he, well, he was my boyfriend… so I accepted." Ino said happily.

"Me and Neji have been best friends since elementary school. When in grade two, I had fallen off of the playground and got knocked out, I guess. He was young so he thought I was dying." Tenten laughed. "He didn't know what to do so he gave me his blood. Before then, I had no idea what he was."

Sakura smirked at Tenten's story. She had to admit it was a weird way to become a vampire. "Thank you for sharing that with me."

"It was no problem, Sakura!" Ino said happily. She turned to Sasuke. "Is she going to school tomorrow?"

"If she feels up to it, I guess." Sasuke answered, looking at Sakura.

Sakura nodded. "I can't miss too much, now can I?"

"You've always been all about school, haven't you, Sakura?" Tenten asked.

"Yeah. I had nothing else to do… it's what kept my mind off… things."

"Well, you can relax, because you don't have to worry about that any more. You have us!" Ino practically yelled.

Sakura blinked away tears and smiled. "Thank you."

"Just out of curiosity, Sasuke. Why aren't her eyes changing back to their original colour?" Tenten asked.

Sakura looked at him, "My eyes?"

Sasuke nodded. "They're… still red. They should have gone back to green by now, but they haven't. We don't know why exactly, that's why we have to wait until my dad gets home."

Sakura stood up from the couch and ran to the bathroom. No one had said anything about having red eyes. People at school would think she was some sort of… freak! Like she wasn't teased already, this would make it worse.

"I'll go." Hinata said, standing up and following Sakura.

Sakura stood it front of the mirror, staring at red, glowing eyes. Why? Why is everything going wrong? Am I abnormal even as a vampire? "Sakura?" A timid voice asked from the doorway.

Sakura turned around and saw Hinata standing there. "Are you ok?"

Sakura nodded. "Y-yeah…"

"It's nothing to be ashamed of, actually, my eyes stayed like Kiba's for quite a while."

"Maybe… it has to do with how we were…" Sakura whispered.

Hinata nodded and stepped into the bathroom, putting a hand on Sakura's shoulder. "Probably. Don't worry about it. If someone says anything about it, Ino will blow a fuse. She did that for me!"

Sakura laughed quietly. "Thank you, Hinata."

Hinata nodded. "Lets go back down. The others are waiting." Sakura nodded and followed Hinata out the door.

Sasuke looked up when Sakura walked into the living room; she was smiling. Ino and Tenten immediately stood up and went to her. "Sakura, are you ok?" Ino asked. "Don't worry, if anyone says anything to you about it, they'll have me to deal with!"

Sakura smiled. "I'm ok. I was just… I never expected to have red eyes, that's all."

Tenten smirked. "Yeah, I was surprised when I saw my eyes, too. They were sort of like Hinata's except the veins around my eyes bulged."

Sasuke stood up and left to see his mom. She was in the kitchen, cleaning. "Mom?"

"I take it, it was a good idea to get them over here." Mikoto stated.

"She's opening up and knows that she's not alone."

"I thought so. She went through such an ordeal. I thought that having girls her own age here to talk to would make her feel better. Have they told her their story?"

Sasuke nodded. "Yeah."

"Go and ask if they're hungry, I can make some snacks."

Sasuke left the room and smiled. Sakura was sitting on the couch, talking to Ino. She wasn't shy or unsure; she was talking as if they were best of friends. Sakura looked up at him and blushed.

"Are you guys hungry? My mom said she could make something."

Sakura shook her head. "I'm ok." Ino, Tenten and Hinata shook their heads also.

"Well, we should get going, I guess we'll see you tomorrow, Sakura." Ino said looking at the clock; it was almost eleven.

Sakura nodded. "I guess so. It was nice meeting you."

"Yes, it was. Thanks for calling us over, Sasuke." Hinata added, walking out the door and closing it. Tenten waved as the door closed.

Sakura sighed and sat down on the couch, feeling Sasuke sit next to her. She looked at him and smiled. "Thank you… for calling them over…" She said quietly.

Sasuke smirked and nodded. "It was no problem. I'm just glad that you're feeling better."

Sakura smiled and looked at the floor. "Hinata told me that her eyes didn't change back right away either."

"Once my dad gets home, he'll know why." Sasuke looked at her. "You don't feel dizzy or anything, do you?"

Sakura shook her head, "I feel fine."

Sasuke looked at the clock. "My dad should be home in a couple of minutes."

"Where does he go?" Sakura asked.

"He does the same as Itachi. He's the founder of the Corps. They kill vampires like your dad and arrest some that threaten to expose our existence… stuff like that."

Sakura nodded and looked at him. "How did you know what was happening to me?"

"Some vampires have a… gift. I'm able to see a couple of minutes into the future. I… saw what was happening to you." Sasuke said quietly. He hated remembering it, even if it didn't happen to him; he couldn't imagine what it must have felt like.

Sakura nodded. They heard the back door open and close and Sakura saw a man with a black travelling cloak on, walk into the living room. He hung his cloak up walked up to Sakura and Sasuke. "You've woken up, I see." He said.

Sakura nodded. Fugaku looked at her eyes and saw that they were still red. "So, your eyes are still red…" He said examining her eyes.

"It's nothing out of the ordinary. There's been a large strain on your body. You've been rebuilding your DNA for the past couple of days. Your body isn't used to it. Sometimes this happens and sometimes it doesn't.

"On the plus, side; there were no complications with the transformation. Have you had blood?"

Sakura looked at the floor. "Yes." Fugaku noticed her uneasiness on the topic. He looked at Sasuke, "You've told her about the next couple of weeks?" Sasuke shook his head.

"No, I left that for you."

"Well, Sakura, since you are still recovering, and your DNA is changing, you'll require a lot of blood. Since it was Sasuke who gave you his blood, you'll have to drink his at least twice a day. Anyone else's blood and it will be meaningless. He'll have to always be near because at the first signs of feeling dizzy, or woozy, you need blood. If you don't get it within the hour, you'll pass out and then eventually die."

Sakura nodded. "I understand."

Mikoto walked into the living room and sat down. "Tsunade has changed your schedules so that you're in the same classes. All of the teachers know about having vampires in the school, and they know each and every one of them. They have been told of your condition, so if ever you feel faint, you and Sasuke are to go to the teachers' lounge. That's what Tsunade told me where you go; she said all of our kind goes there if they need blood." Mikoto told her.

"So, all of the teachers are vampires?" Sakura asked.

Mikoto nodded. "Yes. Actually, Kurenai has just married Asuma Sarutobi, so she might have to leave the classroom from time to time. She's in your position at the moment."

"It's getting late, Sakura. You need rest and I'm presuming that you are planning on going to school tomorrow?" Fugaku asked.

Sakura nodded and stood up. "She should be ok until morning. You said she was drinking quite a bit when she was unconscious." Mikoto said to Sasuke. Fugaku looked at her, startled.

When Sakura and Sasuke were out of earshot he began to speak. "She fainted?! Do you know how dangerous that is? Didn't you tell her that if she feels dizzy she needed blood?" He asked quietly.

"Relax. What Tsunade said would happed did. Her neck wouldn't stop bleeding when she got out of the shower. She's a smart girl; she came to Sasuke when it wouldn't stop. She fainted from blood loss." Mikoto said.

Fugaku relaxed. "Right. Why would it keep bleeding though, what did Tsunade say?"

"I phoned her while she was drinking his blood. Tsunade said that since Jare was so angry, his fangs grew to an extraordinary length. That's why he drained her so quickly. She guessed that it would reopen since the puncture marks were so deep and wide. Remember Sasuke said that he was taking huge gulps? Larger than normal?"

Fugaku nodded. "Yes, I remember. So, since you put that stuff on it, it should be ok?"

"Yes, that's what Tsunade said anyways."


Sakura walked into her room with Sasuke. "If you need anything, I'm in the room next to you." He told her.

Sakura nodded and hugged him. Sasuke was surprised, but hugged her back nonetheless. "Thank you, Sasuke… for everything… you gave me my life back." She whispered to him.

You gave me my life back… you gave me my life back… you gave me my life back… Those words seemed to echo in his head. She accepted him; she forgave him for what he did. He tightened his hold on her in response.

After a couple of minutes, Sakura pulled back and looked him in the eyes, smiling. Sasuke smirked at her. "I'll wake you up in the morning…" He hesitated, "How do you want to do it?"

Sakura looked at the ground. "I'm going to have to get used to it, aren't I?" Sasuke nodded. He took it as the normal way. (a.n: by the neck)

"Alright. It doesn't matter to me, as long as you're comfortable with it. I'll see you in the morning." He said and walked out of the room, closing the door behind him. Sakura sighed and changed into her pyjamas. She got into bed and snuggled into the warmth. My life is starting over… She thought before she fell asleep.


My, this took me a while. Well, hope you enjoy it, if you have any questions, because some of it may be confusing, don't hesitate to ask!