Yeah, it's been awhile since I added anything, but I got the urge to write this and I kinda like it. It isn't quite like my other ones but I didn't want to post this on it's own.

This is inspired by a scene in the comic book, Where...well...I don't wanna give it away.



When Raven felt her feet make contact with solid ground again, and the dark energy she used to teleport herself and Beastboy disperse, she let out a barely audible sigh of relief.

Beastboy, standing in front of her but with his back turned, slowly made his way to the other side of the small room they were currently within. There was no door, since it had been build some time ago for Raven- a place she could meditate without interruption- sound proof, and undetectable from the outside. It had been a gift. On her last Birthday the team had lead her there and asked her to teleport them inside. They told her it was her special place, for when she needed to be alone. It contained a book case with several of her favorites, a full length mirror, and despite the fact that it had light, candles had been place strategically around the room.

The room had suffered some from the attack, however. The shelf had fallen and books were scattered to the floor, the mirror shattered, and the light dim. Raven paid little attention to any of this, however, as she watched Beastboy warily.

"We should be safe here." She spoke, glancing down at the damaged communicator still attached to her belt. "Until we can regroup, at least."

Beastboy didn't speak, his back still turned toward her, head bowed.

Raven shifted slightly, not knowing what else to say. She wasn't use to uncomfortable silences around him..or any silence around him really. She could feel the self-hatred and shame rolling off him in waves, and a feeling of guilt -a guilt all her own- settled within her.

"I'm sorry..," She hated how emotionless she sounded. "This is my fault."

Beastboy tensed, his back straighten, his head raised up, but he didn't turn to face her.

"You're fault?" He echoed, voice strangely soft and filled with disbelief.

Before Raven could explain herself, he turned to look at her, eyes narrowed.

"How can you say that, Rae? Robin leaves me in charge for one day and everything falls apart, yet somehow it's your fault?" He clenched his hands into fists, then turned his head away from her disgusted. "He trusted me, Raven. All because of that stupid Brotherhood of Evil thing. It was a fluke. He should have put you in charge…maybe if he had this wouldn't have happened."

"That's not true." Raven spoke more firmly. "Regardless of who was in charge, I should have sensed their approach. You couldn't have known, Beastboy. It was a settup."

"Just forget it." he muttered as he walked father away from her.

She winced when she heard the shards of glass from the mirror being crushed under his boot, but stayed silent, wanting to do something.. anything, but not knowing what. All her arguing…It was pointless.

She glanced up, barely catching the glimpse of something red reflecting in the broken glass at Beastboys feet.

Eyes wide, she looked up at him as he clutch his right arm with his left hand, trying to hide it from her view.

"You're hurt." She stated, making her way toward him.

"It's fine. Just a scratch." he tried to move away from her, but she quickly caught his wrist and stood in front of him to examine his arm.

The wound was deep but not life threatening, and blood stained the torn sleeve of his uniform.

"Just a scratch, huh?"

Despite the situation, Beastboy let out a nervous chuckle at the heavy sarcasm in Ravens voice.

Shaking her head slightly at him, she moved her hand up to heal him, but was stopped.

"Don't." Beastboy's other hand had come up to grab her wrist, and in slight surprise she had let go of his. "You should save you're energy."

She looked up at him, but his head was down and his bangs shadowed his face slightly. He had gotten so much taller just within the last year.

She studied him for quite some time, conflicted. Part of her wanted to slug him for acting so tough, for pretending nothing was wrong, for thinking of her in stead on himself, but that same part of her wanted to pull him into a hug, make all his pain, his fear and doubt, disappear. How could he make her feel so much. Everything that had just happened, everything else she should have been worried about, yet it didn't matter, she just wanted…

"I just want you to be okay." she admitted softly.

He moved his hand up to gently cup her hand, bringing it between them, gently squeezing it as if to provide some kind of reassurance.

"I am okay." he answered, before he lifted his head to look at her.

That serious though caring gaze of his faltered slightly when his eyes met hers- full of emotions she seldom let show. Puzzled, questioning, yet he did not release her hand, nor put distance between them.

"Raven..?" he gazed into her eyes, as if trying to decipher the hidden message within them, to understand the feelings she was emmitting. "What.."

His question was interrupted as Ravens lips came crashing against his. His surprise quickly melted away as he leaned into the kiss, passionately returning it.

outside those four walls, the fighting continued.. but for them, now, this moment was all the mattered.

They needed nothing else.

And an explanation could wait.


Now, I'm not an expert when it comes to the comic, but I saw this picture of them kissing and they exchange theses words.

"I just want you to be okay."

"I am okay."

And then they look up and kiss. In the comic, it was Beastboys back that was hurt, but 'Duh' mine is different. I just really liked the exchange and wanted to work with it a bit.

I had another oneshot in mind, so who knows...I may be adding another chapter some time soon-but don't hold me to it. I really should be working on my HA! story.

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