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Basically what happens is that the mastermind behind the drug smuggling in Rat-catcher and Untouchable hires the assassin from Black gold and tries to kill Alpha Force. Adventures ensue and Alpha Force must use all their skills to survive. This is their toughest challenge yet…

Sorry if that sounds too much like the blurb from Hostage

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Also, I decided to add a random Alpha Force Fact at the beginning of each chapter. Thanks to

Wikepedia which is where I got some of my facts from.

Random Alpha Force fact 1: Alex is theonly member of Alpha Force to wear a gag.

Chapter 1: plotting

The room was dark and gloomy. It was typical of his customers, thought the assassin only known as "John", to have the stereotypical evil villain type house. The servant that was gloomier if possible than the décor appeared at the door. "The master would like to see you", he said with a certain air of doom.

Mr Balteg was waiting inside the next room. This one was just as unpleasant as the previous one.

"Glad to see you could make it", said John's host and customer from across the table. "Please take a seat." John reluctantly sat down. "And now… to business"

"What do you want me to do?" asked John warily. Experience had taught him that customers who started off like that had an unpleasant job for him.

"Oh nothing much…" said Roger Balteg. "Just a few pesky kids who need to be taken care of."

John frowned. "Why do you need me then? After all, they're just a few kids."

"Not just kids my friend…. These kids are experts. Do you remember Curacao?"

How could he forget it? He had been hired to do a job for a civil servant – Simon Ter-Harr, he thought it was. It was nice and simple. Then some environmentalists that didn't look old enough to be out of school had ruined the whole thing. Luckily John had thought ahead and disappeared before anyone could catch him.

"Yeah…" he replied cautiously.

"Well they've ruined my drug smuggling operations one time too many. This is what they look like." The drug lord handed over five photos of five teenagers who looked about sixteen/seventeen years old – three boys and two girls.

One of the boys was blond, with grey/blue eyes and gangly arms and legs. He wore a knife on his belt. Another had pale skin, spiky brown hair and green eyes. This one was clutching a palmtop computer protectively. The last boy looked South American, with brown wavy hair and brown eyes. One of the girls was small and Chinese, while the other was a tall black American. While both the girls looked familiar, none of them looked particularly harmful.

"Are you sure? They don't look up to much."

"I never make mistakes", snapped Balteg "I want you to track them down and kill them."

Sorry if that was a bit short but it's a sort of prologue. The other chapters will be longer I promise.