Chapter 1: Preparing for Possible Invasion

It had started out a fairly decent day, Feral was finally getting caught up on his paperwork in his office when the quiet was destroyed by multiple alarms going off.

He jumped up from his desk and ran to the elevator. As soon as he reached the communications floor he ran to the control room.

"Sir, alarms are going off at every alert center in the world. The observatory is the one responsible for setting it off. They warn a huge fleet of space ships has entered our solar system. They estimate their arrival in about six hours," the on duty officer said anxiously.

"Get me the one in charge at the observatory on the double," Feral ordered tightly.

"Yes sir," a young radio operator answered and picked up the phone and called. Moments later he was handing the phone to his superior, "Sir I have Dr. Landsdon on the line..."

Feral took the phone, "This is Feral, tell me what's going on and keep it simple." He listened attentively while Dr. Landsdon explained what they had observed just over half an hour ago.

"As is usual here, the telescope had been set to scan the heavens section by section. It sends an alert through the computer if it finds something odd or interesting. It alerted us about an hour ago. It takes a bit of time to disengage the telescope from its scanning duties to a specific viewing, that is why we are only now getting out the warning. We studied the images and discovered a fleet of some fifty or so space ships. We've been able to determine that they are headed our way but don't know if our planet is their destination. They'll reach us in about six hours." Dr. Landsdon said worriedly.

"Alright, I'll get the word out to alert all the military on the planet. We can't take any chances that they may be hostile and that we are their intended target. Keep a constant watch on them and inform my office immediately if they are heading for us and how close they are." Feral ordered.

"We are doing that sir. I have recalled all my colleagues to insure the telescope is manned at all times. Give me a direct number and person to contact so we can give you regular reports as they occur," the doctor responded.

Feral quickly relayed a contact and number then hung up.

"I want you to remain on duty and man this phone, insure it is kept free at all times for the doctor's reports. Use my cell to keep in contact with me on any developments," he ordered the duty officer.

"Yes sir!"

"I also want you to recall all enforcers to duty. Take us to alert status alpha immediately."

"Recall has been started, sir. Will go to alert status alpha!" The officer responded.

Feral nodded his approval then turned on his heel and hurried away. Though he really didn't want to leave while his forces geared up for a possible war, he was required to report this to the Mayor and with something this important, the phone wouldn't be secure enough.

Stopping by his office to grab his coat, he quickly made his way down to the lobby and to his enforcer sedan. He raced through the midday traffic using his siren to get through quicker. He arrived at the clock tower building within five minutes and hurried up the stairs and through the lobby. He hoped the Mayor was in and not at the golf course.

The elevator decanted him on the top floor and as he hurried down the hallway he came across the Deputy Mayor preparing to leave.

"Ms Briggs, stop!" He called to her racing up to her side.

"What's the problem, Commander," She asked frowning.

"There's been a planetary alarm activated by the observatory. Is the Mayor in?" Feral said tightly.

Callie looked at him in shock but recovered quickly, "Yes, he's in, luckily. Let's go!" She turned around and headed for the Mayor's door.

The Mayor was using his carpet as a putting green as he practiced his golf moves. He looked up in irritation when he saw his deputy rush in but was a bit concerned when he saw Feral come in behind her looking grim.

"Mayor Manx, there's been a planetary alarm called. Commander Feral has come here to tell us why." Callie said quickly.

Mayor Manx blinked in shock. Feral didn't give him an opportunity to say anything as he told them what he'd learned.

"Less than forty minutes ago, Dr. Landsdon and his team at the Megakat Observatory saw a fleet of space ships entering our solar system and apparently heading our way. He estimates they will be close to our world in about six hours. He doesn't know for certain if they intend to stop here but we must be prepared if they do." Feral reported grimly.

"Aliens????" Manx squeaked in terror.

Feral nodded unhappily.

"We don't know they are hostile yet, Commander!" Callie cautioned, trying to be positive.

"No we don't! But, Ms. Briggs, you'll pardon me for being pessimistic since our last encounters with aliens have not been friendly ones." Feral said drily. "We may hope they come in peace but we still have to be prepared that they might not be. I must get with the other military leaders on the planet and you must speak with the leaders so that we can be prepared for the worst as a united front. We haven't got much time," he warned.

"'re right...oh...this is terrible...," Mayor Manx stuttered in fear as he went to his desk and prepared to speak to other government leaders.

Callie sighed and went to help him. Feral was right, they had to prepare for the worst. His duty done, Feral turned on his heel and hurried out. He needed to get back to Enforcer Headquarters and make his own calls.

As he drove back through traffic, his siren wailing, he realized there was someone else he needed to contact even if he thought they were nothing but trouble. There was no use denying the fact that the pair were better equipped than his enforcers and considering the size of the approaching aliens, he would need all the help he could find.

A shiver of premonition swept over him suddenly. He had a bad feeling that not even the SWAT Kats were going to be enough for what was coming. He was not normally given to such flights of fancy but he found he couldn't shake the feeling as he arrived at his building.

Running back inside, he found the place a beehive of increased activity. Before heading for his office, he paused at the radio room.

"Put me on an open enforcer frequency," he ordered the radio kat.

"Yes sir!" The officer said quickly. "You're on, sir!" He was told moments later.

"Attention SWAT Kats! An urgent matter has come up and you are needed at Enforcer Headquarters. Please report quickly so we can discuss what is going on. You are granted safe passage and will be escorted to my office. Be quick! Feral out!" He nodded at the officer then left for his office.

Across town at a garage...

Jake was leaning over an engine changing plugs as Chance was under a vehicle checking a brake line. They stopped suddenly when Feral's call came over the enforcer radio they had mounted above the work bench.

"What the heck?" Chance said rolling out from under the truck.

"Well that's weird. What could be so bad, Feral would be willing to call us?" Jake said in concern.

"Think it's a trap?" His partner asked as he got up from the floor and wiped his paws.

"I don't know. But can we really take a chance that it isn't something serious?" Jake answered hesitantly.

"No. I guess not. Okay, let's close up and get going." Chance sighed resignedly.

In very little time they were skyward and heading for Enforcer Headquarters. As Feral had promised they were not hassled. Lt. Commander Steele was waiting for them scowling but he didn't speak as he escorted them through the hangar and up to Feral's office.

Feral was in the middle of his fifth call when the SWAT Kats arrived in his office. He nodded at them and made a 'wait a minute' gesture.

He concluded his call and hung up. He looked at his antagonists as they stared at him suspiciously.

"Well, what was so important that you sent an all call for us." T-Bone said bluntly folding his arms across his chest.

"We've just learned a fleet of some fifty or more alien ships has entered our solar system and may be heading for us. We don't know their intentions, but our track record tells us we better prepare for the worst. I've just been on the phone with my peers in other countries. I still have many more calls to make but I needed to inform you of what's going on and how you can help us. This unknown fleet is expected to reach our planet within five hours." Feral told them bluntly.

"Crud! More aliens?" T-Bone said in angry disgust.

"Okay, you've got our attention. So what do you want us to do, Commander?" Razor asked tensely.

"You are able to go up past the stratosphere where my jets can't. I thought you could go up and have a look and see if you can determine our visitors intentions. Obviously, if they fire at you we know we're in trouble." Feral said heavily.

"That's for sure. Well we need to load up with armaments first and we will have to wait until they are closer before going up to meet them. Though we can get into space, we can't hang about too long. The Turbokat just wasn't designed for it." Razor said thoughtfully.

"I understand. The observatory is monitoring the fleet. They will tell us when they appear to be closing in on our planet. I'll call you immediately and that's when you will go up to meet them. Send an immediate radio call before you engage the enemy so that we can launch everything we have, that includes everyone on the planet, to join you before you're overwhelmed." Feral insisted, stressing the urgency of their cooperation in this operation.

"Understood. If they fire on us that clearly tells us their intentions and we'll give you a holler immediately while we do what we can to delay them." Razor acknowledged.

"Then we each have our jobs to do. Go to it. Good luck!" Feral said dismissing them.

"Yeah, you too Commander! Sounds like we're all going to need it!" T-Bone said grimly as he and Razor turned and left quickly.

As T-Bone flew them toward home, they discussed this unusual cooperation by Feral.

"Man, it's weird how Feral didn't hesitate to call us in. I think he's afraid and he has every right to be. Even with everyone on the planet in the air, I'm not sure we are ready for a full scale invasion from space." T-Bone said thoughtfully.

"I'm terrified myself. This isn't like facing Dark Kat. A fleet of ships could conceivably wipe out all life on our planet if that's their goal. To save the planet we all have to put aside our differences and work together and it's obvious that's exactly what he's doing. And I agree with you, I'm not so certain we are going to come out on top this time." Razor said worriedly.

"I'd say you were being too pessimistic, Razor, if I didn't feel shivers down my back about this whole business. I'm scared too." T-Bone said heavily as he guided the Turbokat into its hangar.