A/N: I've been taking a break from Naruto lately, to explore some of my other fandoms (it doesn't help that I have writer's block with all of my Naruto stories…). Sorry, to those who are waiting for an update on any of my ongoing stories! This is my first D. Grayman fic, so I hope it's alright!

Warnings: None, really. Though, Allen- true to form for me- is female.

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Silver and Gold

They were complete opposites.

Anyone could see it in a single glance. Her hair was white as snow, skin a pale, fragile porcelain, and a sweet, innocent smile was always on her face. His hair was dark as night, his skin a rich, robust mocha, and his smile was pure sin.

The greatest difference, though, were their eyes.

It was their eyes that truly showed the disparity in their demeanors. Her reflective silver irises versus his burning gold…

Silver has forever been associated with the moon. It is precious to those who see it, but it can also tarnish. Just as silver tarnishes, many can see the stains on her soul: the scar over her eye, her living red hand. But, silver purifies; evil monsters can never stand before it's grace, just as akuma fall to her willful heart and powerful Innocence.

Gold is connected with the sun. It is the metal of Kings; forever bright, forever beautiful, it ensnares the eyes with its glitter. So it can be said of him: his debonair perfection, his suave grace, his charming comportment. But, gold corrupts; men fall to its charm, damning themselves to its hidden tricks, just as a black soul lies behind his refined mask.

They were opposites. They contrasted each other so sharply, that it was with little surprise when he found his thoughts wandering in her direction. It was of little surprise, when she felt her breath catch at the sight of him. The world needs balance, so it was of little surprise that- though nothing would ever come of it, for they were as distant as the sun from the moon- they fell for each other.

They were opposites: sun to moon, silver to gold, black to white, dark to light.

But, as they say, opposites attract.

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