Mmm …. K, so this is what happens at one o'clock in the morning when I have a little temper tantrum because I'm really frustrated and can't write anything. Besides, sometimes I think that we need to re-evaluate how we're convinced that certain characters think. Hope you find it at least a little enjoyable.

Falling Apart

You know that it's fun and a half. You wanna fuck her hard like she's a bitch but she's a fragile soul and she don't deserve shit. And you moan and you groan and you ache and drive, drive, drive so you don't do anything stupid and all you want is to make things right. But it'll never be right because you'll never trust yourself again and she just won't understand because you can't bring yourself to face the look on her face if you tell her the truth. So everything that you've worked to build is just going to crumble away, and everything that you've worked so hard to fix over the last two weeks is going to melt to hell.

You pull the woman up by the hand and she looks surprised by the common courtesy and you hand her the bills and she looks too much like her and your going to start to cry. You sissy, don't let the stranger see you cry. You need comfort but the only person who can do that is the one woman that you're petrified to see.

So sneak away to the cold comfort of your hollow, empty house and try to write some of that prose shit so that you can be like your one true love lost.

So this might get continued if it's continuation suddenly occurs to me or if I get really strong angsty urges again.