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Falling Apart 4

You wake up to your heart beating far too quickly. It's been awhile since you had that particular recurring nightmare, sorry, memory. It seems that every time your unconscious recognizes that you're forgetting the feeling of being forced to do something so completely against your own principles, it dredges up that particular memory. That particular foster dad, that unwanted opening zipper, being yanked down to your knees. But as soon as your convinced that you're no longer just sixteen, you run silently to check on your begrudging visitor.

The clock on your bedside table that reads 5:49 illuminates his sleeping face and he looks more peaceful than you've seen him in weeks. Relieved, you creep back to the kitchen and put on a pot of coffee, knowing that you won't be able to sleep, not now.

It's 7:58 and you're on your fourth cup of tea after three cups of coffee, and only now have you just regained the capability to think rationally. You're so glad that he's been sleeping this whole time, you even skipped your shower so that you wouldn't be too loud and you had cold cereal so that he wouldn't be woken up by the smell of hot weekend breakfast. You pull out your laptop because your new deadline is creeping up and you get the odd gut feeling that you won't be getting much work done as soon as Booth wakes up. You pull up the music player and Aimee Mann slips softly out of your speakers.

You're starting to get stressed out because your rational brain has yet to explain the way that Booth has been acting recently, or last night's apparent break-down. That feeling of impending doom that preceeds the involvement of Sweets has been hanging over your head like a storm cloud since that incident with the Venezuelan militant sniper. Two lines of the wafting song seem to unconsciously ring true:

"Hate the sinner but love the sin

Let me be your heroin"

Thing is, you've got a funny feeling that he thinks that he's the sinner. Begging the question: what's the sin.