The Softer Side Of Major John Casey

Disclaimer: I don't own Chuck or Buffy.

A/N: this is post S7 and Post episode 2 of S1 for Chuck.

Brain Function?

Chuck cleared his throat, "Casey, there's a woman over there that you should help."

Casey let out a breath, "Why don't you-let me get it," he finished as he caught sight of the lithe blonde.

Chuck started to say something, but Casey was already gone, "Right, if only getting distracting him was always that easy."

Casey smiled, "I'm Casey, is there anything I can help you with Miss?"

Buffy looked up from the CD's, "Yeah-Uh, I'm looking for a copy of Sugarcult, the album is Light's Out."

Casey glanced around, spotting the S section, "Let me check. Alright, we don't have a copy here. I can order you one it would be here tomorrow afternoon."

Buffy grinned, men certainly didn't come like this in California, "Okay, but how are you going to make it up to me?"

Casey gulped, "Well, I suppose I could take you out to dinner tomorrow night."

Buffy smiled and laid her hand on his upper arm, "That is so sweet. I'll leave my card with your friend."

Casey just stood there as the nameless girl walked towards Chuck.

Buffy grinned, "Excuse me, could you give this to Casey. You may want to check that he's still breathing while you're at it."

Chuck nodded and the blonde exited the store.

Casey walked over to him and Chuck didn't even look at him, "Here."

Casey looked at the black card with silver writing. It said "Buffy A. Summers, CEO of The W.C." On the back was her address. John Casey sucked in a breath, Buff Buffy.