Straightening her dress she sighed, it had been a long time since she had worn this. Black silk corset dress with flowing black over skirt and a longer dark red one underneath. The silk was gathered slightly at her right thigh so the material flowed down and showed an ample amount of flesh when she walked. Her hair was curled loosely and tied back except for a few loose curls around her face. Buffy slipped on her six inch black satin actual metal spiked heels. Last thing to go was her necklace, a locket with a nice little cam inside, and a ring with her clan's insignia.

Chuck called to assure her all systems were go and the taxi was waiting out front. Bidding her partners in crime goodbye she strapped a few scalpels to her thigh and hurried out the door.

Things with Casey had been strained, he had dropped off the hardware and installed it this morning, but he was gruff, silent. She hated that, was he mad, no, he understand what it meant to keep secrets, maybe he just didn't like working with her.

The car stopped and she paid the man and got out, the club was closed officially for a private party. The bouncer was talking to a group of men, she stalked up to him and looked him in the eyes.

"Buffy Summers," she cocked her hip and smiled.

He was well muscled and he allowed his gaze to wander both her and the list, "Master of the Aurelius line. Please go in."

She smiled again and let her hand trail across his arm, "Thanks."

Soft music was being played by some young minions on a small stage. Other minions were circulating with trays of blooded wine, she could smell it.

The moment she swept into the room people stopped chatting and drinking, they were staring at her, a mortal, a heartbeat, in a club of the dead. They parted as she moved through the throngs, no one dared attack though, she was an unknown at the moment.

A man with brownish hair and green eyes met her halfway, he bowed and took her hand, kissing both the ring and her knuckles, "Lady Buffy. You are more beautiful than the stories say. How are you?"

She gave him a hint of a smile, "Marc, I presume. Fine, and yourself?"

He nodded, "Very good," he tucked her arm under his and led her towards the front of the room.

He moved onto a raised platform, Buffy at his side, "Friends, enemies, sons, daughters. We gather here tonight, in preparation for what may be the greatest vision of our era. A toxin spilled into the water supply, a toxin powerful enough that the merest word from one of our kind and they will bend to our every will. An endless fount of blood, it is time that we took back the night and made mortals cower even during day!

"This humble aspiration has taken flight, and gathered the attention of one of the most respected Master's, the Ruler of the Aurelius clan!"

He motioned at Buffy and she smiled brightly and inclined her head at the raucous cheers.

Marc wrapped one arm around her waist, "Many of you know her story. Bitten thrice by the clan, each generation falling more and more for her, and who wouldn't. With the eldest sadly gone, they laid the legacy at her feet and she has done us well. I ask you brothers, do you not want to stand at her side, at mine, and take what we have been denied?"

Another cheer, "In two full moons, we begin. Now, on to more pleasurable things. Let us drink and be merry!"

The music started up anew and Marc led her out onto the floor, they were alone for a minute before a few other couples stepped up as well. They were speaking as they danced, nothing important, just menial things, clan growth, second in command, etc when a hand fell on her shoulder. Spinning, Buffy found herself face to face with a familiar man.

He grinned toothlessly, "It has been far too long, my dear."

"Not that long. What's a year or three for you?"

"A millennia for you," the pale, handsome vampire inhaled deeply, "This is what our world is coming to. The weak using technology to rise above us-the truly powerful, I thought you of all of us would be destroying them. Or have things changed so much, like they say."

The pair fell into the dance steps easily, the man's hand drifting up to cup her neck, "Power-you have to be careful with it, if I completely dismissed this I would be shunned. So instead," Buffy lowered her voice and leaned into him, breathing the words so only he could hear, "I find another way to end this."

He scented the air-her, "We could rule the world, you and I, you would never be unhappy. Both of your former lovers are gone, their claims upon you gone-though you still remember. Mine however remains strong as ever. A marriage between us would ensure that the eldest survived and these fledglings never made it past delivery boys."

Buffy stiffened, "Not the point of this evening."

"Of course," he replied smoothly, "Tonight is about finding the chemist, and ending this farce."

"Farce, why are you here if you think this is stupid," Buffy asked as she was pulled hip to hip with the old vampire.

"Let's just say, a Renfield, here and there does good."

"Hehe, yeah. So, how do we do this because I am so not seducing him. How about a good old fashioned torture session?"

It was his turn to chuckle, "I thought you said you were no killer."

She smiled grimly, "Things change-you have, any other time I bet I would have been plastered to the wall begging you to take me."

"Another time, I'll visit you more often, my dear."

Then he was gone, and Buffy twisted her way through the throng of vampires and sidled up along side Marc, "Lovely time, but I have things to attend to in the morning, not all of us are naturally nightwalkers."

Marc bowed slightly, "I am honored you came to see me. If you ever want a closer look at our operations, I would of course, oblige. I hope that in time, we will become partners."

Buffy didn't respond, she only smiled and headed out the door. A black SUV pulled up at the corner and Buffy saw Chuck standing in a suit leaning against it. Making a lazy line towards it, Buffy stepped up into the car as Chuck slid into the passenger seat Sarah was driving.

So, we don't know who the mystery vamp is, though most of you can probably guess. Next chappie should be out in a few days hopefully-school is hell right now.