I realize this is just too short, but it's a prologue of sorts, so give me a break and stick around to see where I go with this! This will, by the way be a slash on my two most favorite Harry Potter characters, Severus Snape and Remus Lupin.

I do not sob sob weep weep own these beloved characters... and I never...will. There? Are you happy now? You must repay me my misery by reviewing!!


Prologue: A Wolf's Premonition

Lupin sighed as he looked over student essays. The full moon was coming soon, and he still hadn't fully recovered from the last one. He cradled his head in his hands feeling slightly ill. He felt tingly all over.

He'd have to remind Snape about his potion. His nose twitched at the thought of the foul tasting goop sliding down his throat.

It was becoming more and more wearing on him not to transform. The potions were losing some of their potency, and Remus' body demanded release.

Taking a few deep bretahs, Lupin managed to regain some of his composure. He shuddered slightly, aftershock.

He pushed aside the unmarked parchments, knowing he wasn't going to be able to finsh them that night.

To his great suprise, he realized the tingling feeling persisted, spreading form his fingertips to the very core of his chest. He supressed the oddest urge to toss his head back and howl. His fingernails dug into his soft palms. He couldn't be transforming now. It was much to early.

He frantically stood up, unsure of what to do. By the time he'd risen the whole way though, the sensation was gone, leaving him a little tired but on the whole unharmed.

He held out a still quivering hand for examination. This had nothing to do with the full moon. Something else was coming- something he couldn't understand or put to words.

He gazed out his window at the stars speckling the deep purple night sky, and the brilliant white moon that was so very close to being full.

Something is coming.


Maybe this is a little late, but this story takes place in Harry's third year when Remus is still teaching at Hogwarts. Late fall, I'd say... For the ease of the story, we're going to have to ignore most of the plot line that appears in the third book. Sorry to disappoint. Never fear! We shall make our own story! I say we because threatening glare you're all going to review now, aren't you? (don't worry, I love you all!) (unless you don't review, that is)