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Chapter Five: Flashback

A humongous black dog had been standing there only a second ago, in the corner of his eye, but when he whipped his head around to see it properly, it was gone. He stood there, eyes so wide they hurt, frozen. Too late, he pulled the map out, fumbling with it, before realizing he didn't have enough light to see the names on it.

He messed up the simple lumos spell twice before he could actually see the map, and when he did, he didn't see the name Sirius Black anywhere.

"Dammit!" he cried. He was sure the dog had been there. Maybe Snape was right...maybe his feelings would interfere with this task. His hands went white, and the map crumpled a little.

He fought back the urge to curse loud and long. He knew he should go to the Headmaster straight away, but something held him back. He knew Sirius would get caught sooner or later...but that part of him that was still vouching for Black didn't want him to be part of the man's capture.

His head was whirling again. His heart throbbed. This was all so mad. Snape, Harry, Sirius. The three names scuffled together for the top stress spot in Lupin's mind, and he wanted to scream at them to shut up.

He stood there for a very long time. He wanted to lie down on the stone floor, feel it's coldness seep into his bare cheek, let his whole body just go numb. In the end, though, he made his way very slowly back to his chambers.

Sleep didn't come didn't come at all that night, and as the haunting and chilling blue moon ,which was waning, reached it's highest point in the sky, Lupin got up and began pacing back and forth.

He continued on with this well through the night, and when the sun began to slowly come up in the sky, he wasn't feeling particularily good at all; he'd thought and thought about everything, but all it seemed to do was cause him more worry.

His feet were protesting by that point in time, so he stopped and propped his elbows up on the window sill. The sun was dying the entire sky blood red, but he barely noticed it. Finally, his eyes drooped closed, and he fell asleep slumped over and standing up.

He stayed that way until a hand tapped on his shoulder and he gave a violent start awake. "Whazzat-?!" he said blearily, waving his hands around uselessly.

"Umm, Professor? It's twenty minutes into our lesson," came a feminine voice, and Lupin realized it was Hermione once more. Her words caused him to straighten up quick.

"Twenty minutes?" he exclaimed with incredulity. "Good lord!" His first class that morning started at nine thirty, meaning it was nine fifty. He'd slept through almost half the lesson.

"We waited for you, but you didn't come, so I offered to check up here," Hermione continued, but Lupin was barely paying attention.

"I- I don't have a lesson planned," he said quite simply, and in truth completely. He'd been hoping to prepare the boggart last night, but had forgotten it in the activity.

Hermione looked like Lupin had slapped her in the face. "You don't have a lesson prepared?!"

"Er- no. I believe I just said that..."

"So- what do we do??"

"I don't think you actually do anything...have a free class or something," Lupin replied lamely. Hermione's facial expression was so shocked Lupin almost laughed.

"Professor, don't you think now is the time to learn the most that we can??" she leaned in closer to whisper in his ear, "You know, with Black on the loose?"

Lupin's amusement faded at this; despite the his heart's hollers of objection, she knew she was right. If students got hurt by Sirius because he really was dangerous, it'd probably be Lupin's fault for not teaching them just a little more.

"I see your point Ms.Granger. Go into the classroom and tell your classmates I'll be right down with you."

Hermione nodded eagerly and rushed out. He could hear the din from outside his door die down as she spoke words he couldn't hear quite right as they were muffled by his door. Lupin thought quick, and knew instantly what he first wanted to teach them.

Since nobody but Granger knew that Sirius was coming, or even inside Hogwarts, if Lupin had seen what he'd thought he'd saw, then Lupin wasn't about to go frightening them all with the facts. He'd have to present the crucial information discreetly, as if it were just another lesson.

Keeping this in mind, he opened his door and walked down the stairs into the main part of the classroom, where all the students looked up at him with curiousity, most of them wondered, he guessed, what their professor was doing nearly half an hour late for their lesson.

"Sorry 'bout the delay class," he said as normally as he could, giving them all a small smile. The Slytherins whispered back and forth from their tables with sneers prominent on their faces. Lupin tried his best to suppress memories, but they came anyways.

"They're nothing but a bunch of low life death eater trash anyways, Sirius, leave 'em be."

"James, they out right offended me an' Remus. I'm not going to let them get away with that." The tall boy with the dark dark hair clenched a fist around his long wand.

Another boy with shorter, but just as unruly black hair curled his fingers around the wrist of that hand. "They're not worth it Sirius."

Sirius glanced back at Remus, clearly unhappy. "They spoke trash about you Remus! C'mon, let's go kick their asses."

"No, that's alright Sirius, really I'm fine," a younger Lupin with a lot less gray hair replied. "I'm used to it anyways," he mumbled afterwards.

"That doesn't make it right!" Sirius practically hollered. His face was flustered and angry. Lupin shook his head. Even at the age of fifteen he managed to make the gesture look a little sorrowful and tired.

"No, Sirius. James is right...they're not worth it."

Sirius struggled to make his face stay calm, but finally he nodded. "Fine, whatever..." He looked away, his fists still in balls. James began to head up to the castle, throwing a glance back at the two of them.

"C'mon, Peter's probably waiting in the common room!" he called before leaving. Sirius stayed still for a moment, then made to leave. Before he did, Lupin laid a hand on his shoulder.

"Ta, Sirius," he said softly. Sirius studied him for a moment, then gave a sort of half shrug, his lips pulling up at the corners despite himself.

"It wasn't anything," he replied gruffly, and they headed back to the castle too.

Slytherins had never liked Lupin, since the day he'd come to Hogwarts really. Sirius had stuck up for him back then, had been one of his very closest friends. His head hurt as he recalled this. What had happened to the awkward teenager who'd been his friend so long ago. He didn't believe that boy could've killed anyone, much less one of his best friends.

He realized he'd paused for quite a long time, as the entire class was staring at him expectantly by that point in time, and he cleared his throat feeling a little stupid.

"Well then, let's begin shall we?"