My Way

By: Bubba Susanne & Trivette Lover Heather



"I want to first thank all of you for coming today." Joe stopped and looked around at the over flowing capacity of the church. Outside cars were parked for miles down the road, filling up parking lots of restaurants and side streets. Inside, people crammed into every available spot. It was silent, except the occasional cough or baby crying. As he looked out into everyone's faces, their eyes so sad, with heartfelt and utter sadness, he continued.

"We're here today to remember, a friend, a father, a son, a cop and a brother." He thought he could have at least made it through the first sentence without shedding a tear, but he couldn't. The first of many fell as he took a deep breath and continued.

"Nash Bridges was and is the greatest human being I have ever known. And for those of you who disagree, just look around this church, or look outside. He has touched so many lives, and will never be forgotten. We were partners for twenty-five years, longer than some of you rookies have been on the force. And most of you know, we were practically married, we spent pretty much every waking hour together, and yes even at 3 AM. We shared all of our special moments together, my wedding, his two, the birth of our children, all our successes and downfalls. We always had each other to lean on and knew exactly what the other was thinking it just at the moment they were thinking it. We put our lives on the line for each other and there was no doubt I had his back and he had mine…

No fine print. Besides being the best police officer to ever grace this city, he was a beautiful person. When he loved, he loved completely. He could make you think he hated ya, but put his neck on the line for you the next second. He could make a kid laugh at his magic tricks after they had witnessed something terrible. He could light up an office of cops who every once in a while got down on themselves. He looked out for every one, whether you were a desk clerk or a veteran detective. But sometimes his heart was too trusting and he was hurt by a lot of people, but he always took it in the chin, he never backed down. And he was stronger for it. He never had much luck with women, but boy did they love him. He didn't think he was a good enough dad, but Cassidy couldn't ask for someone to love her more. He made sure he always did right by people, no matter what they'd done….

And in return sometimes he'd get nothing. But no one told Nash Bridges what to do. If there was ever an eye for loop holes, he had it boy. He always knew what clue to look for or what person to watch; he knew all the tactics a retired cop knew, only five years into the force. He never really needed to be asked to help, but knew when it was time to let go. A lot of times I worried about him merely because he cared too much sometimes. I know we are all going to miss Nashman at the SIU, and miss seeing the Cuda roam the streets of San Francisco but all of us have had special moments with Nash to keep with us, whether he was yelling at ya or frustrating ya cuz you couldn't figure out his magic trick, or simply smiling at ya when he got his coffee every morning. My partner may be gone, but his spirit will live on in all of us, and in the air of San Francisco. I love you bubba and I'm gonna miss ya. I'm going to end with something Nash said in his will to be read to the SIU….

"Don't you think for one second, I won't be watching you, cuz once you slip up, think of me yelling at ya. And Ronnie, don't get lazy, keep working out, and Harv I love ya buddy, watch after Joe for me, and to all the SIU boys and girls, keep learning and always keep your guard up, and most importantly, never let anything happen to the Cuda." Joe looked out into the faces again, their eyes still sad, but a slight smile on their face.

Nash could always light up any room, he thought. And he couldn't keep his tears from flowing freely, as his mind wandered back to the reason why...why they were all here today. The reason why his partner... no, his friend, was dead. It made him cringe inside, but yet, he knew it was because Nash had done what they all saw him do every day. Like they knew him to be. Someone who'd risk his own life over those over others. Without a second thought...