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TITLE: Bound Hearts

GENRE: GB, Romance, Drama, Action/Adventure,


RATED: T (PG-15ish?)

A/N – This is actually by my friend: Akiko

Dedicated to KisSu-chan!

SUMMARY: HAREM FIC! What happens when Allen is the main attraction in a harem, and Kanda is her guard. SMEX ENSURES! --- for later chapters (so may change ratings!!)

DISCLAIMER: Girl!Allen-hime and Guard!Kanda-pii, please understand that the girl and guard part of the equation is mine. NOT! The rest.

CHAPTER ONE: My life. My guard.

"Allen! Run!"

"Father, I can't leave you here, they'll kill you!"

"I won't let you spend your life in a harem."

"I'd spend a hundred years in there for you father"

"Allen, leave me to those men, you're still only eight, keep running, if you can no longer run, walk, if you cannot do that either, muster all the strength you have and crawl, do anything you can until you no longer have any regrets"

Mana Walker turned and ran in the direction of the door where men were yelling and ramming in order to capture the girl.

"Run, Allen and never turn back"

A white haired girl woke with a yell scaring her maid Miranda.

"Allen, are you ok?"

"Yes, thank you", she shakily accepted a cup of water.

Guilt filled her heart again and tears involuntarily rolled down her cheeks.


"I wasted Mana's sacrifice"

"This again… Allen you cannot go on blaming yourself like this, escape from this place child, then you will have no regrets"

"Escape? That's impossible, there are guards everywhere, sure, the master won't kill me, but he knows people hearts to well, he will kill the others if I ever attempt to escape"

Miranda hugged the girl to her, "For a angel such as yourself to have to suffer for so long, don't worry, you're future shed's more light, I'm sure of it, one day there will be someone worthy of your beautiful purity. Fate has reasons".

The younger girl shivered slightly in the embrace. There came a knocking on the door, a maid of lower rankings entered.

"Allen, the master summons you"


"Sit", the gruff, fat man gestured to a cushion.

"Yes master? For what reason may I ask have you summoned me for?"

"I have guests coming over tonight, I have bought a guard off them, I want to show them my collection, be sure to wear your best Yukata"

"As you wish", Allen bowed her head, but her face didn't betray the surprise she felt.

For her master to hire a samurai was indeed unusual, it's not anyone had any intentions to kill him. He was a powerful man with five wives. He did not love them, but it was lust that drove him to marry them. He collected women yes, but his wives aren't considered apart of the collection, they're just "toys". The women he collected were just objects; he neither loved nor lusted for them.

Allen came to her favourite spot, the Zen Garden of the court yard. It was a peaceful place which allowed her to relax and temporarily forget she was in a harem. She sat near a Sakura tree on a stone bench and looked up at the blue sky, she longed for freedom, but the walls that confined her restricted such luxuries. She'd spend at least half her day sitting in the garden and fingering the last memory of her father. A silver chain necklace with a silver cross, imbedded in the middle an amethyst. She cherished it and never stopped wearing it. The night her father was killed, no matter how fast she ran, the men just herded her and took her here. The memory was like a fresh scar, she would always remember it for it was on a stormy night. Every time there was a storm, Miranda would hold her hands and stay up with her and wait it out.

"Allen, their here, master's guests"

"Very well"

Allen took her place next to one of the wives and bowed down to the guests who eyed her with interest. It was uncomfortable, but she got that a lot. She wondered what type of person the guard would be. Her master always made sure his guards wouldn't end up falling for one of his women, in the harem or not.

"May I ask sir, why do you collect women?" a man with a slightly bulky build around his face spoke up.

"Well, some men seek wealth, some seek elixirs to extend their life, I seek beautiful women"

They nodded, but it was obvious they were still quite clueless.

"Now, I remember you came here t o give me my guard, I believe he is trustworthy?"

"Yes indeed, he is a human without feelings… Kanda, come"

The doors slid open and a young man around eighteen stepped out. He awed all the maidens with his unusually feminine face and long black hair, even Allen couldn't help, but blush a bit. He was indeed handsome, but no woman was to love another man in this temple. A woman with in these courts is and will remain the master's woman. Kanda flashed a glance from the corner of his eyes at Allen, she flinched. Did he just look at her; she looked down to hide her oncoming blush. One of the wives looked at Allen.

"Are you feeling ok young one?"

"Sorry, I'm just slightly tired", Allen looked up, Kanda had stopped looking at her, she sighed in relief.

"May I ask, who will Kanda be watching, will it be you, he's very skilled"

"Me? No of course not!" Allen frowned, one of his wives perhaps, no they already had guards, "I want you to guard my prize woman, over there".

Allen looked up, "Prize woman, who?" the master slapped his hand on his face, she was a little slow sometimes.

"You", the wife next to Allen whispered.

"Me?" there must be some mistake, I don't need a guard"

"Yes you do, my wives continually pester me about your freedom, I let you go out as you wish, but under the supervision of this boy, he'll be watching you 24/7"

Allen looked at the five women, they smiled gently at her. They were too kind. Allen stood up to thank them, but her foot got caught under her cushion and she fell on the floor. The maids rushed over to help her up, them guest were laughing a bit, but it was all in good nature.

"S-Sorry, I just wanted to say thank you"

"Remember; don't let her out of your sight"

"Eh! What if I need the restroom or bathhouse?"

"I trust him not to do anything, I chose him because your innocence is the highlight of your number one status, once you lose your purity you're no more"

Allen shuddered, so that's what he had in mind, though it was true, despite Kanda's handsome features, he didn't look like the type to love.

While she walked back to her room, she could not hear anyone following her, but when she turned, Kanda's face was right next to her shoulder, a little too close for comfort. She jumped back in surprise; she could swear she saw him smirk slightly. She regained her composure and started to walk again, this time at a faster pace, turning again, he was the same distance apart. She frowned; she sped up a bit till she was doing a power walk. She looked behind a bit, but he was no longer there. Next thing she knew, she collided with a firm body. She looked up to face Kanda.

"What are you doing?"


"You're treating me like a stalker"

Allen frowned, for a guard he was quite rude, "I thought you were trained to have manners"

He smirked; this made her blush, "Like I have to show manners to a prostitute"

"I'm not! I'm just a captured girl, this is a harem"

"Same thing, keep walking"

Allen pouted and strode off leaving Kanda to watch after her retreating back. He looked at the ground for a moment, "What was that just now, why did I just have to talk to her?"

When t he pair finally reached Allen's room, Miranda looked up to greet Allen, but her face turned ghostly and pale, she dashed towards Allen with a cane.

"ALLEN, BE CAREFUL!!!!!! THERE'S A STALKER RIGHT BEHIND YOU!!!!!", she swung at Kanda while pushing Allen away only to find her cane split in half down the stem.


"Miranda, calm down!! He's just a guard!!!"

"Oh, sorry for my sudden out burst, I assure, I'm perfectly normal, would you like some tea?"

"Che, just make her go to sleep", he pointed at Allen with his sword.

"Alright, alright, you don't have to be so rude", Allen threw the covers over herself.

To Allen's dismay, Kanda had a bed right next to hers as orders from the master. She could have talked a bit to him, but he was far too intimidating.



"I was jus wondering, how did you become a samurai"

His eyes opened, they looked like they were reflecting a blade the way light bounced off them. For a moment, he was captured by the view of Allen's pale skin glowing radiantly as the moonlight streamed through the paper doors.

"I just became one."


"What kind of question was that anyway? How did you become a harem lady?"


Kanda smirked at her silence, "What, your father sold you to him, because you were annoying."

He felt the gentle air around Allen stiffen, "What, did I guess right?"

Allen clenched the sheets around her, "Father… isn't like that"

"I suppose, maybe he loved you… maybe it was, because he needed money, money is a lot less annoying"

"Don't speak of father like that!!! If you met him you'd know he wasn't like that, we cherished each other, I'm sorry, but not everyone would agree with you, your way of thinking is foolish, you speak as if this was a small world!"


Allen felt her eyes begin to burn; she furiously covered her face with her sheets. It wasn't because he possessed no heart, no, it wasn't like that at all, he possessed a tainted heart, "I pity you", was all she could say to him.

Kanda felt a pang of anger and turned away from the girl. He shut his eyes but Allen's last words kept echoing through his mind.


It was Allen's first time on the streets of Kyoto being alone.

Well not exactly.

She turned back and scowled at the figure of Kanda walking and taking his time as if he wanted to lose her. His face was just as ghostly as last night. She decided to try him to lose him for a while so she can have real freedom. She spotted a market area with a swarming crowd; she smiled and ran into the crowd. Kanda's heart skipped a beat, where did she go? He started to run into the crowd, pushing through as hard as he could. Why was he even getting so worried? He broke through to the streets outside the market area, there was no sign of the girl, and he called out her name several times.

He looked around frantically, where could a girl with little knowledge of Kyoto go? Something sparkly caught his eye. Being bugged by his conscience he went over to inspect it. He bent down to see what looked like a necklace, his eyes widened. It belonged to Allen, not many girls in Kyoto wore a cross around their necks after all. Something tugged his sleeve; he turned to see a small young girl standing there.

"Go away", he said.

She flinched, but didn't go anywhere; instead she pointed to the necklace and made hand gestures around her mouth.

"Are you mute?"

She nodded; she made a tying motion around her mouth.

"Did you see what happened to a white haired girl?" her eyes brightened up at the description.

She fumbled around trying to tell him, she finally took out a ribbon from her hair seeing Kanda was getting impatient. She put it around her wrist and made a tugging motion.

"She was bound?"

She nodded and put the ribbon around her mouth.

"And gagged? She was taken!?"

The girl pointed at one of the alleyways. Kanda turned to the girl again, "I am forever in your debt."

He ran off into the dark, narrow path. As long as someone helped him out, he would always be in their debt.


Allen felt her blind fold being taken out as well as her gag. She saw two gruff looking men standing over her. Her heart started to beat faster, what had she gotten herself into now? The men grinned down on her with lust filled eyes.

"I can't wait to hear her scream in pleasure, writhing under me"

"Che, since you made the catch of the day, you go first, I can see in your eyes the vision's making you go hard isn't it?"

The man turned to his companion, "I'm gonna give it my all"

Allen started to squirm, her palms were getting sweaty, she didn't want to be raped, it may lose her a place with in the harem, but no way was she going to get defiled like this. She felt her sash being undone, but it seemed the man had no patience with the many layers of a Yukata. She felt her outer layer being ripped to her under garments. A pair of hands grabbed the edge of her under garment and she shut her eyes, ready to wait out the pain. A scream of pain pierced the air, but it didn't belong to Allen. The man let go of her clothes and turned to his companion. The man lay with blood coming out of his mouth and a terrified expression. Kanda came out from the shadows with a murderous glint in his eyes.

"I'll make your death twice as slow and twice as painful"

The man screamed before trying to make a run for it, but Kanda slashed his back. The attacker fell down with a loud thud and turned to Kanda, blood dripping from his mouth, "I'll give you as much money as you want, just please, spare me!", he shook violently as he spoke.

"You should have thought about your lives before touching her", he pierced the man's throat.

The man let out a gurgle before slumping lifelessly to the ground. Kanda by then was covered in blood, his face with drops of crimson. He turned to Allen, and she distanced herself from him, she was so terrified it amused Kanda. A cruel smirk formed on his lips.

"I-In wars, blood rains", she started, her voice breaking, "You certainly make blood hail", and she slumped on the ground, her hand landing in a puddle of blood. Kanda stared at her body; he could only think how well her pale skin looked against blood.

"Che", he lifted her up in his arms, "If you hadn't run off, these men would still be breathing", it was cruel, but true.

He arrived back to her room, scaring Miranda half to death. Allen herself had blood staining her garments. It took Kanda a whole hour to explain to her that Allen was safe and that the men that raped her would never appear again.

Ever. Again.

It was meal time, and Allen was once again sitting near the master. He spoke merrily with bits of food flying out of his mouth, making Kanda turn away in disgust and hidden disrespect. He remembered the mute little girl that helped him. Her clothes had looked a bit tattered; perhaps he could get her new ones as repayment.

"What's wrong Allen, you look depressed", one of the wives placed a hand on Allen's own.

"I lost my father's necklace"

"I'll buy a new one for you"

"No, you don't understand, nothing can replace it", Allen began to cry a bit.

"Here", Kanda didn't like to see her cry; he put a familiar necklace in front of her face.

Allen was dumbfounded for a moment, "Thank you, where did you find it?"

"You dropped it"

Allen put the silver chains around her neck again, "Thank you", she flashed a bright smile. Kanda stared at her in surprise; he didn't think she had such a smile hidden away in her heart. Now that he thought about that, he didn't know he would kill two men for assaulting her. He could have just knocked them out before fleeing with her. Remembering her face and the sound of her clothes getting ripped somehow enraged him again. It was the exact same anger he felt back in the alleyway. What could have possibly triggered such murderous anger to come out of Kanda? Something was wrong with him, the raping of a single girl had him mercilessly cut down two men who had nothing to do with him.

Walking back to the room, Kanda expected Allen to be a little afraid of him after he killed those men in front of her, but she was quite calm. She stopped outside her room's door before turning to Kanda, surprising the elder teen a little.

"I have something for you for saving me back there"


Allen stood on her toes and pecked him on the cheeks causing a small blush to ignite on his face. She dashed into her room to hide her blush. Miranda was already waiting for her with her bath supplies in a bucket for her. The maid saw Kanda standing in a daze outside with a blush, she smiled. It was definitely the start of something.


Allen approached the side of the pool in the bathhouse, but stopped.

"Kanda, what are you doing in there?"

"You expect me not to take a bath"

"B-But, I'm-"

"Your master ordered me to follow you everywhere, don't worry, I'm not interested in your body"

The water was only waist height, that would be no problem for Kanda, but Allen was a girl, "C-Can you…"

"Ok, fine, I'm turning around; just tell me when I can turn back around"

Allen slid off her Yukatas under garment and slid into the water; she sat down and hugged her knees to her chest to hide everything from view. "You can turn around now."

Kanda turned and had a sudden urging to go back to staring at the wall. He frowned, giving Allen the wrong impression.

"What!? You didn't see anything right?!"


Allen sighed and relaxed her muscles. She knew Kanda would never do anything to her, but she couldn't help but feel he was hiding something. She glanced him every now and then to check. Kanda could feel her gaze on his back turning on and off, it was getting pretty annoying at this point.

"Ok, let's get something straight, first of all, I didn't ask for this, second of all I have no time for women, and last of all, if I did, you'd be the last person I'd be with"

"I'm just a bit shaken up by what happened today… why'd you have to kill them?"

He was hoping she wouldn't point that out, "…", he hesitated, "I-It's just that… when I saw what they did, the first thing that came to me was how much I wanted to see their blood spilt on the ground…. I wanted to kill them a thousand times over"

Allen looked at the cloudy water, "Why? Was it because they were hurting me? Would you have done it for anyone else?"

"I don't know", Kanda closed his eyes, "The moment I saw your face, I was already pissed, but… if it were anyone else, I don't think I would have killed, I don't know why, that's just how I feel… just consider yourself lucky you are Allen"

Allen smiled, "Thank you, I'm really happy, n-not that I was wanting you kill, I-it's just because I'm happy you killed- I-I mean, you were to… take a big risk to save me, even if it was based on emotions."

Based on emotions? Kanda never really killed based on emotions, he killed simply because he was told to. He smirked, something really is wrong with him, he made his first kill. All the others didn't count, they were more like assassinations. This was a kill. For some reason, he felt good wielding a sword for Allen, it was a foreign emotion, but he didn't hate it. It's as if another part of him had opened up.

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