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TITLE: Bound Hearts

GENRE: GB, Romance, Drama, Action/Adventure,


RATED: T (PG-15ish?)

A/N – This is actually by my friend: Akiko

Dedicated to KisSu-chan!

SUMMARY: HAREM FIC! What happens when Allen is the main attraction in a harem, ---and Kanda is her guard. SMEX ENSURES! for later chapters (so may change ratings!!)

DISCLAIMER: Girl!Allen-hime and Guard!Kanda-pii, please understand that the girl and guard part of the equation aremineNOT! The rest.

CHAPTER THREE Hidden Confessions and Fate's Toy Box

Walking back to the estate was actually hard for Allen.

"Che, I told you, you shouldn't have ran around like that"

"I was out for a long time, of course I'd be tired"


The white haired girl was pouting a bit before she looked sideways at Kanda with a sheepish smile. She wanted to mess around a bit, just to frustrate her guard. Allen playfully grabbed on to his arm and nuzzled it.

"B-Beansprout, what are you doing!?"

"Nothing", she chirped happily.

People were starting to stare, watching Allen lean on Kanda till he lost balance and his temper.

"Get off"

"No", she clung on stubbornly, "I love you too much"

People were whispering and pointing at them now, Kanda looked around and gulped. He had never been in a more humiliating situation. He wanted to get Allen off him, her action making his heart beat ten folds faster and his face was going bright red. When they reached the doors of the harem Kanda looked around and frowned at Allen who still clung on to his arm. Swiftly he pushed her into a wall, effectively scaring the young girl.

"K-Kanda, what are you doing?"

"Be quiet", Allen started to sweat as Kanda's face inched closer to hers.

"Was this about my little game back there, look, I'm sorry ok, I didn't know you would take me seriously, it was a trick for goodness sake!"

"Too… late", Kanda already had her pinned down by the shoulders.

"Kanda-", she couldn't talk anymore with Kanda up so close. Allen shut her eyes, slightly pursing her lips and subtly leaning up on her toes but the kiss never came. Cautiously she opened one eye to find Kanda staring right back at her; she could see her blushing face reflect in his obsidian pupils. Something wet brushed against her lips making her shiver, what was that? The wet thing kept prodding her mouth until Kanda finally placed his lips to hers. Allen tried to push him off, but her arms were already pinned painfully to the wall. She tried to shout, but something entered her mouth pushing her words back down her throat. Something was squirming amongst the crevices of the girl's mouth. Soon air became more necessary and Allen began to nudge Kanda to tell him to come out or she'd die from lack of air. He came off her with a string of mixed saliva from his tongue to her mouth.

Allen was stunned, she couldn't even move when Kanda smirked and walked off, leaving the stunned girl on the wall. Realization kicked in and she slowly slid down the wall in shame. She touched her wet lips.

'That was my first kiss too', little tears of regret forming at the corner of her eye.

Her blush was still there, she turned to glower at Kanda's retreating back.


At the dinner table, Allen was still giving the cold shoulder to Kanda. One of the wives was curious about Allen's silence.

"Allen, what's wrong?"

Allen was jerked from her state of silence, straining a smile she turned to the older woman, "Nothing at all", though the wife didn't miss the pulsating vein she didn't manage to suppress, smiling she turned away. It was the first time she saw Allen in a foul mood.

Allen snuck a peek at Kanda and blushed when she caught him staring at her. He smirked and turned away. The white haired girl mentally shook her fists at him. Even the densest among them noticed the change of moods, the harem owner.

He scratched his beard, "Allen, you seem to be in a foul mood, do tell"

"It's nothing"

The master stared before shrugging her strange behaviour off, "Well, Kanda Yuu, you actually seem especially pleased today, anything interesting happen?"

"Nothing", he felt Allen glowering at him, "Nothing in particular", he replied in an inaudible volume.

Allen wouldn't turn back to look at Kanda while walking back to her room, she wanted to lock him out tonight. Just as a precaution.

"Why are you acting like that?"

Allen frowned, "Because a certain someone stole my first kiss", she slapped her hand over her mouth.

Kanda chuckled, "I thought you weren't going to talk to me anymore"

Allen huffed before walking off.

"I know you enjoyed it", Allen stopped in her tracks and a blush crept up on her face.

She turned to face him, "I did not, and you're sleeping outside tonight!"

Kanda caught her off guard and snaked his arm around her waist catching her chin in his free hand, "If you didn't you wouldn't have responded to me or started to move your tongue against mine"

Allen was still blushing, "Go away", but her body wouldn't allow her to break away. Her eyes wouldn't allow her to look him in his either.

Removing his hand from her chin he reached over her to slide open the door. Allen hadn't even realized that she'd reached her room. Too bad for Kanda, Miranda was on the other side of the door, and her face showed him that she saw the rule he had forced Allen to break through the silhouette created by the paper and moon light.

"Allen, what has he done to you?!", Miranda brought a faint looking Allen away from him, "You've broken one of the rules, what will you do?"

Allen was still blushing, "We just kissed", she looked at Kanda, and his face held no emotion what so ever.

"Just? Allen a situation like that can get you both beaten, you know the master hates it when his woman has eyes for another man"

"Miranda, I don't mind"

"If you didn't you wouldn't have ignored me"

Allen looked at the ground, "I was just angry you didn't warn me before you stole my first kiss"


Miranda broke in, "You two, don't take this so lightly, if the master discovers your relationship, you won't die, someone else will have to pay the price"

"You won't stop us right Miranda?"

The maid looked at Allen's face before smiling, "Of course I won't, I'm not one to decide who loves who, as long as you are happy."

Allen smiled before throwing her arms around her friend, "Thank you"

"Kanda, please take care of Allen"

"…", he nodded in response.

"I'll leave you two to it, remember, if you want to do anything, turn out the lantern so no one sees your shadows".

Miranda walked out the other door and down the hall way, sparing them one last smile before closing the door. Kanda came in and closed the door leading to the garden outside. He sat down nest to Allen and blew out the lantern.


Allen found her back on the futon, when her eyes adjusted to the darkness, she blushed. Kanda was looming over her with his hands on either side of her head, trapping her.

"Don't you think it's too soon?"

"What?… I wasn't even thinking about 'that', I just want to be with you bean sprout, is that too much to ask?"

The girl smiled, "its Allen", she whispered before Kanda lowered himself on to her lips.


Allen slowly woke up with a warm sensation tickling her neck. She smiled, that's right; she slept in Kanda's arms last night. She wanted to be able to walk at a leisurely pace with him today. Kanda's body was unusually warm. She looked up and her eyes widened, he was pale and sweating.

She got out, "Kanda, what's wrong?"

He moaned, "I think it's nothing."

"That's not nothing", she put a cold palm to his forehead, "You're burning up, you have a fever! Oh my god! What do I do, what do I do, what do I do!?!?!"

"Calm down beansprout, just get that maid of yours."

Allen immediately got up, 'He felt sick all along and he didn't tell me, doesn't he trust me to take care of him… maybe it was me, I didn't see he wasn't feeling good, it's all my fault he ended up getting worse'

Miranda followed Allen back to the room, "My god, what happened?"

"I was just out in the cold for too long, that's all"

Allen took up one of his hands, "I'm sorry, I didn't know you were sick and you were trying so hard to keep up with me yesterday…", warm tears rolled down her face to his hand.

Kanda frowned, "Don't cry, this world isn't worthy of your tears"

Allen stopped crying and laid down beside him, "I'll stay with you for the whole entire day"

The older teen smiled, "That's all I'll need."

Miranda sighed, "I'll go make a breakfast and an herbal brew."

"Thank you Miranda"


The shadows had stretched considerably, a sign of an approaching sunset. Allen didn't leave his side once. She slept for a long time by his side, only when Miranda told her to freshen up in the restroom did she leave, but she came back in less than a minute. Never did the young girl imagine that she would gradually fall in love with a samurai, she'd dreamed of knights in shining armor and princes with blonde flowing hair as a child. Not a young man with long black hair and hakama. Still, she wouldn't any happier with anyone else.


"Yes Miranda?"

"You are going to bathe right?"


"How will Kanda…?"

Truth dawned on Allen; Kanda would barely be able to move in his condition. She started sweating, turning to Kanda she flinched. Looking at him, it looked like he was looking forward to the bath more than she. Miranda gave her a sympathetic smile before handing a washing rag to her.

"Hold on in there", she whispered before leaving the two with an expectant smile.

Allen had to help Kanda walk all the way to the changing room before letting him settle in a chair.

"Umm… well, you get undressed and I'll be waiting in the bathhouse"

"I-I can't move properly", Kanda couldn't even undo his own obi (sash).

"You're not that weak right now are you?"

"I could have walked here if I wasn't"

Allen was starting to sweat again, he was right, "What is it beansprout?", he was giving her a half hearted smirk.

… half an hour later

Allen emerged into the bathhouse at last, with an unworldly red on her face. She helped Kanda into the warm pool, suddenly finding the ceiling the most amazing sight. Even the walls were entertaining. She tried to forget anything she saw in the changing room.

"Are you getting in?"


Allen obediently got in and took out the rag, "You can lift your arm up right?"

Kanda dragged his arm out, though his face portrayed no sign of pain, his arm was aching as it broke through the restraining water. Allen couldn't stop blushing as she settled down beside him, pushing his head to face the other way. She gently dragged the rag across his arm…


Allen came back to her room rather flushed. She collapsed on her futon, unable to believe what she just did.

(A/N- She didn't do anything with Kanda, this is just Allen's point of view so yeah)(LOL…she'd probably faint if they really did do it…but so would Aki-chan if she tried to write it..)

"Beansprout, are you ok?", Kanda reached over from under his covers, but Miranda came in, looking a bit giddy.

The maid pulled Allen outside, "Did you hold out ok?"

"I think that I've had enough, never seen such things in my whole entire life…"

Miranda smiled knowingly, "You'll get used to it", she patted her on the shoulder.

"Used to it!? I'll be seeing that every day!?"

"Well… not every day, it depends on Kanda's mood… you could say… you'll see things like that occasionally", Miranda held up her finger making her point with nervous laughter.

Allen paled, she fell to the floor, banging her head against the wooden deck, "Now it feels like I'm working for him".

Kanda smiled, hearing their whole conversation from inside the room. Allen slid the door open again and kneeled next to Kanda to replace the wet cloth on his forehead. She put her palm on his forehead again, at least his temperature was going down and his skin was returning back to its former colour. He should be feeling normal by tomorrow. A few minutes later Miranda came through the doors again with a small table with food on it.

She smiled brightly, "I told the, master you couldn't come, because you were tending to Kanda with me, so he gave you permission to eat here, you too Kanda"

"Good, I don't have to leave you", Allen propped Kanda up.

"You don't have to keep doing that now, I'm feeling better bean sprout"

"But I want to", Allen hugged him like a child.

Kanda put an arm around her, resting his head on hers. Finally, Allen let go and brought the food over to Kanda, setting the table in front of him. She handed him a pair of chopsticks.

"I presume you don't need feeding?"

Kanda smirked, "No, I don't", he turned to his meal, but looked at it as if something was missing.

Allen tilted her head, "What? It's soba, wasn't that what you wanted?", soon she found herself being pushed against her lover, "K-Kanda?"

"I wanted bean sprouts in my evening meal today", he whispered in her ears.

Allen blushed before pushing herself off him, "Pervert, just eat or no bean sprouts tonight"

Miranda was walking past again and looked at the light shining through the door of Allen's room. Shadows formed around her eyes and her face went deathly pale. The shadows cast against the thin wooden framed doors with paper covers were none other than Allen and Kanda. Holding each other. Miranda saw their faces nearing each others. Just before Kanda could even touch Allen's lips with his own, someone crashed through the door.



Kanda choked back his shock, "That's the maid?" he studied the skull like face, "Wow… it is."

He was surprised how fast Miranda had lost her young features and looked like a stressed out, middle aged woman.

"Sorry, Miranda. We got a bit carried away."

The maid regained her normal breathing patterns, "I-It's ok Allen, just be careful next time, you were very lucky it was me out there… I'll take away the things you're done with", she began to take away the empty plates.

Allen watched as Miranda's back disappeared into the darkness, while Kanda just sweat dropped at the doors that were miraculously fixed by the maid without being seen.

"Have you finished eating?"

Kanda snapped back, "Huh? Yeah"

Allen removed the table and set it outside in the hall way for Miranda to collect later. When she turned back, the lights had been blown out. A pair of hands shot out and grabbed Allen's wrists. She was dragged across Kanda's futon where he pulled her into a passionate kiss that lasted too long. By the time Kanda released her, Allen was panting for air.

"I'll take that you're feeling a lot better?"

"Yeah, I am."

Allen continued to redden as she was dragged under the covers with him, if only Miranda were still here. Kanda could only think of ways to bring out the reddest of blushes on Allen. Allen's brows furrowed, he was still pushing it, and his skin was still very heated. It was like touching a working oven.

"Kanda, your skin's still warmer than usual."

"I'll be fine by tomorrow bean sprout."

"Will you be able to go out?"

"… Yeah."

"Can we stop by that little barn so I can buy a piglet?"


"Why not?"

"Taking care of a pig is very demanding and they're damn annoying animals that will take up your time."

"Being jealous now aren't we?"

"Che, it's called being selfish beansprout"

"… Still, they're cute."

"Not as cute as a certain someone."


"What is it, did I say something wrong?"

"That's not it, you said cute."


Allen put her hands to her mouth and began to giggle, "I didn't think you'd find the strength to say… cute", she continues to laugh.

"Just go to sleep", Kanda pulled the covers up higher.

"Ok, good night Kanda"

Her only response was a sleepy moan under the duvets.


Kanda woke up, but he kept his eyes shut, 'Ok, last night was all a dream, when you wake up today, you will really tell bean sprout how you feel… and she did not bathe with you…", he added grudgingly.

He opened his eyes and nearly gasped at the sight before him. Allen was still peacefully sleeping in his arms. Her fingers tangled lightly in his long hair. The girl shifted a bit, but kept sleeping. Kanda couldn't get enough of watching her; she looked like a angel in an eternal sleep. The sight of her face alone was already heart melting. The black haired boy smiled, he wanted to make this day good for Allen. Someone knocked on the door, mumbling a few curses, Kanda opened the door expecting to find a guard to escort Allen to the dining room but instead he nearly had a heart attack.

The harem owner stood in front of him, proudly sticking out his big belly, "Is Allen awake?"

"No sir"

"I trust you have been keeping an eye on her properly, you haven't done anything nasty have you?"

"No sir, never sir"

"You look a mess, just finished sleeping?"

"Yes sir"

The fat man peered over his shoulder, "Where's your futon?" he looked at Kanda suspiciously.


"I cleared it away earlier", Miranda stood between them, "Kanda was ill last night so he was profusely sweating, I thought best to clear it out, his messy state is because he tried resting when I woke him to clear away the futon."

Kanda inwardly sighed in relief.

"Is that true Kanda?"

"Yes sir"

"Where is the futon?"

Miranda smiled, "Right here master", she said in feigned loyalty, she held up a futon that was dripping wet, purposely letting some droplets of water to land on his face.

"What the-… fine, just get it away from me", he walked off fuming at his water specked garments.

"Thank you"

"Not at all. I would want Allen to be happy, being with you is the best way she can escape the dismal airs of this damned harem, I've never seen her so happy, she even produced a smile I never knew she had in her for 7 years."

"She never smiled? Not once? For seven years!?"

"Yes", Miranda looked at the ground with a sombre face.

Fate is the court jester who told stories of no end or meaning. He had a reason, yet it leads no one anywhere except their destinies. He shakes his bells in laughter mocking the poor souls that mischievous joker seems to play humans like puppets, but we really are nothing but toys. Toys that cry, laugh, shout and smile. The world hid with in the dark spaces of Fates toy box.

A/N: sighs and stretches That took a bit longer then expected. I liked writing that little poem on fate. Yes, in the following chapters Allen decides to escape the harem and it begins the story of our favourite black haired friend being a fugitive. He is to be put to death, and Allen is to be captured alive and without scars or someone will become one sorry ass on the death penalty list.

Kanda: Why am I the one getting killed?

Akiko: You're not really going to die, just have a few injuries every now and then, besides…. Allen's not going to be hurt because she is needed to complete his collection.


Akiko: If you didn't want to be kill why didn't you say so, I could make you dress up in a deep sleeved kimono with heaps of make up… a stuffed bra so the harem owner takes you in

Kanda: You trying to say I look like a girl.

Akiko: Yeah tilts head isn't that a compliment to you?

Kanda: Unsheathes Mugen NO!

Akiko: What!?… DAMN YOU KISSU!!! You said it was a compliment… A COMPLIMENT!!!!

KisSu: ……69