By My Side

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Author's notes: This story is written for my beloved friends. Actually, each character symbolizes one of my friends.

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Chapter One: The Start of the Unknown


Stacy shook her head as the front door of her home was rather kicked open. "I thought ya'll be here in twenty? It took you a grand total of fifty minutes to get here."

"Well, someone nearly got us a speeding ticket. We would've been here earlier if that certain someone paid attention to traffic rules." Lisa nodded her head towards Dawn as the two entered the house with the drinks. "Good thing Cands was able to get us out."

Andrew, Stacy's boyfriend, arched an eyebrow. "It took you that long to convince the officer to let you go?" He chuckled. "And I thought beautiful women always get what they want because of their looks."

"I think she forgot to mention that we nearly got a speeding ticket in more than one instance." Candice smirked.

"Seriously?" He shot Dawn an incredulous look. "I will never ride in a car if you're driving."

"I wasn't driving that fast, you know." The brunette woman stuck her tongue out at him.

He rolled his eyes. "It's actually pointless that you were in a hurry to get here since the others aren't even here yet. But it's a good thing that you girls are here already. Stace will finally stop rambling about how long you guys take to get here." He smiled innocently when she glared at him. "By the way, where are the others?"

"On their way here, I guess." Torrie shrugged, gently kicking the door close once she stepped inside the house. "All I know is Trish, Adam, Steph and Paul have the pizzas."

"Why does that smell like trouble?" Stacy said to no one in a particular.

Candice threw her purse on the couch. "We just have to wait for them to get here." She said before she went straight to the bathroom.


While the six in Stacy's house waited for the remainder of the gang to arrive; Amy, Lilian and Randy arriving ten minutes after the ladies did, four people were still stuck in a pizza parlor. It wasn't that the pizzas aren't done yet. As a matter of fact they were already in their boxes, waiting on the table. The problem the four were having was carrying these pizza boxes. It wasn't supposed to be a problem since there were four of them there but given the fact that two of those four weren't willing to help carry, it meant only two people were left to carry ten pizza boxes.

Trish rolled her eyes at the two men. "There is something called picking the pizza boxes up from the table and carry them to the car so that we can leave. I don't think they can fly and bring themselves to Stace's house."

Adam rolled his eyes back at his girlfriend. "Well, if you and Steph would help us in the near century? We can leave this place."

"You're making us girls carry those pizza boxes?" Stephanie lifted the grocery bag in her hands. "In case you're blind, we're holding the ice cream."

Paul snorted. "The last time I checked, ice cream isn't as heavy as pizza boxes."

"So you want us to carry the pizza boxes while you carry the ice cream?" Trish arched an eyebrow. "You two should stop whining like a bunch of four year olds so that we can get out of here."

"Women." Both men muttered under their breath but complied to the blonde woman's request nonetheless. Carrying five pizza boxes each was easier said than done, that was for sure. When he found out earlier that they were getting ten boxes, Adam wasn't sure if getting was really necessary but given the fact that fourteen people were expected to head to Stacy's house that day, the blonde man reasoned it was enough… Or it might not even be. Whatever the case, once Adam and Paul already had the boxes in their arms, they were finally able to leave. They had to get to the blonde woman's home before the people there go hungry.


Back in Stacy's house, the group increased in number when Jackie finally arrived; Randy muttering that there should be more guys around. Amy decided that they should do something while waiting, knowing very well that Stephanie, Paul, Trish and Adam couldn't do the simple task of buying pizza without them having a childish argument. The redhead just opened her mouth to speak when loud music blasted from the speakers of the iPod.

Hazel eyes turned to the source of the music. "What in the blue hell is that?"

"That's Chris and his band!" Candice exclaimed. "How can you not know this song? Chris is so damn hot!"

"I kinda figured out that I'm hearing his voice right now." Amy flopped herself on the couch next to Lilian. Everyone knew that Candice liked Chris, the lead vocalist of a famous rock band, a lot. "I was kinda wondering why we can't listen to something else."

The brunette shrugged indifferently. "You can listen to something else later. For now, we're listening to his band."

"Cands, John is so much hotter than Chris!" Torrie smirked. "It's true!"

"John is so much hotter than Chris?" She repeated. "Excuse me? You need glasses?"

Randy was about to comment about the two women going crazy about celebrities when the door was kicked open once more. "The food's finally here."

"Can someone at least help me?" Adam let out a sigh of relief when Andrew took most of the boxes he was holding. "This is the last time I'm carrying five pizza boxes. My arms are as numb as hell..."

"So are mine." Paul walked into the house with the remaining five boxes of pizza, nearly bumping the wall in the process. "Do we really need this much?"

Jackie took the remote control and began flipping through channels, trying to look for something to watch. "Considering almost everyone here have big appetites, especially you? Yeah, we do." The blonde man just rolled his eyes in reply.

"Sorry if we took so long." Trish smiled apologetically at her friends. "We had a few problems but nothing big.

Dawn shot a questioning look at her friend. "Are you going to the Fall Out Boy concert tomorrow? I've been asking you since before but you're always not sure."

"I wanted to…" She exchanged a look with her boyfriend. "But he's got other plans for tomorrow. He said he'll make up for it though."

"Okay then… Is anyone else going?" The brunette addressed the group in general.

Candice frowned slightly when everyone shook their heads. "Looks like it's just the two of us going…" A grin soon replaced the frown on her face. "Chris and his band are gonna be the opening act!"

"How about we forget the things planned for tomorrow and let's think about right now? I don't know with you guys but the last thing I wanna happen is to get bored." Randy placed a pizza box on his lap and opened it before he continued. "Who's up for a movie?"

Everyone else nodded their agreement; the group deciding to watch Just Like Heaven soon after. Of course, some of them had other movies in mind but they agreed anyways, thinking that they have enough time to watch all of those. It was when the movie began to play did silence reign in the house; everyone eating either ice cream or pizza as they watched.



"What's up?" The blonde man transferred his phone to his other ear.

"I was wondering what time are you heading to the concert tomorrow." Matt opened his closet to check if his tickets were still there. "Jeff and I are going there earlier for some reason."

A curious expression crossed his face. "Why?"

"Ask Jeff." The dark haired man as he left his house to pick his rainbow haired brother from the gym. "I dunno with him… So, what time are you going?"

"Around…" He paused for a moment in thought. "7:30, I guess. The concert starts at 8pm, right?"

Matt nodded. "Yeah. Jeff and I will wait for you near the gates, okay?"

"Sure." A smile graced his handsome face as he ended the call and threw his phone on the bed. He knew that he was gonna have a good time during the concert… But there was something more. He had a feeling that something else was going to happen.

He knew it was something good.