By My Side

Summary: During the highest and lowest points of our lives, we could always count on our friends to be there. "Even if you and I lose each other in a sea of crowd, our friendship will find each other."

Characters: Amy, Randy, Dawn Marie, Jason, Candice Michelle, Chris, Trish /Adam, Allen, Torrie, John, Lisa Marie, Tyson, Stacy/Drew, Stephanie/Paul, Melina, Johnny, Jackie, Charlie, Lilian, Dave, Gail/Eric, Matt and Jeff.

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Chapter Six: Making Things Clear


Jason burst out of the emergency exit in the ground floor, surprising some of the people in the area in the process. He had to find Dawn and he was still unlucky so far. The cafeteria… She might be there. He ran towards the cafeteria, taking the fastest route. I have to see her. The blonde man ran as fast as he could. He was getting closer and closer. He came to a screeching halt in front of the cafeteria, his eyes searching for the certain brunette…

Only to find out she wasn't there.

He looked around, desperate to find Dawn but she wasn't anywhere in sight. Where else she could be? Did she leave? Jason then decided to continue to look for her but his ringing phone prevented him from doing so. "Hello?" He said in an almost irritated tone.

"Where are you?" Matt's slightly surprised tone replied from the other end of the line. He was surprised with the way his friend answered the call. "We're ready to leave. I have something important to do and Jeff wants to rest. Since you're the driver for today, you have to bring us home. I'm not exactly in the mood to call a cab."

The blonde man groaned. People really do have bad timing. "Okay, okay. Meet me in the parking lot." He shut his phone and headed to the parking lot; his blue eyes looking around the place on last time, hoping that he would see Dawn again.


"Hey, big guy." Gail greeted Tyson with a smile as she and Eric entered the already cramped room. "How are you feeling?"

"A bit shitty, I suppose. It's not everyday I hit my car to a post or something." He grinned slightly. "But I'm okay."

Eric leaned against the wall. "So, how bad is it?"

"I've got a concussion, a few broken ribs and a wound on my forehead. Add the fact that it hurts everytime I move." The bald man replied. "Nothing big though."

She arched an eyebrow. "Nothing big? Are you blind, Ty? Did you lose a few brain cells when you hit your head?"

This time he grinned fully. "Just be happy that I'm alive. Thanks for visiting, by the way."

"You don't have to thank us. We're your friends." Eric shook his head. "It's a good thing you've got a pretty big room. You have a lot of friends here."

Tyson looked at Lisa and her friends. Lisa had been quiet ever since they had their little argument. Amy, Randy, Trish and Paul looked like they were in deep thought. Lilian and Dave were chatting amiably and so were Jackie and Charlie. Stacy, Drew, Candice and Dawn were making plans about something. Trish and Torrie were concentrating on the TV show they were watching. The bald man then took the liberty to introduce them to his friends since the still silent raven haired woman didn't make any move to do so. Given the fact that some of them were acting awkwardly, Tyson was still happy that they were all there with them.

He just needed to make peace with Lisa… again


The next day, Drew, Stacy, Stephanie and Paul found themselves in the blonde woman's house. Stacy had informed them that they had a 'meeting' about something very important, which turned out to be Trish and Adam's break up. Stacy – and Stephanie soon after – wanted to take the two out on a group date in the hope of bringing them back together. The two men were reluctant about the idea, knowing that Trish might not appreciate the gesture… Either that or knowing that something would be probably go wrong.

"Look… I know you girls mean well but have you thought that maybe now's not the right time?" Drew asked. When the two women looked like they were ready to protest, he held a hand up. "I'm pretty sure she doesn't wanna see him."

"She still loves Adam even if she keeps saying otherwise. We all know that. Adam still loves her, too." Stacy pointed out. "You guys saw how different she's been lately. It won't do any harm for us to help."

Paul sighed. "I know you're doing this because you care for her… We all do. But the last time you two tried to fix a relationship? It ended in a disaster." The most recent of their 'victims' was Jackie. When she and her ex-boyfriend, Rico, broke up, Stephanie, Stacy and the rest of the girls tried to fix the broken relationship in the hopes of seeing their friend smile once more. Jackie ended up getting hurt more but she did forgive her friends.

"We didn't know that asshole was two-timing Jackie with that bitch." Stephanie rolled her eyes. "C'mon… Can't we just try? We're doing this for Trish."

The two men exchanged a look. They did want to help Trish but they had a lot of hesitations and doubts about the plan of their girlfriends. They agreed nonetheless with the idea, hoping that nothing would go wrong.


Randy shook his head as he cleaned up Adam's living room. Numerous beer bottles were scattered all over the table and the carpeted floor. He knew that the reason why his friend was like this was because of his break up with Trish. Ever since the break up, all the blonde man could do was to drink and be miserable. He loved Trish so much. Why won't he apologize to her anyways? Randy thought as he entered the kitchen and dumped the bottles into the trash can. Damn. This place looks like crap.

"Ow…" Adam groaned as he went down the stairs, nearly falling in the process. "My head hurts."

"What else do you expect after drinking this much?" He arched an eyebrow, gesturing at the bottles.

The blonde Canadian blinked. "What the hell are you doing here?"

"I came to check on you." Randy replied as he returned to the living room and sat down. "I thought you were still asleep so I let myself in."

"You didn't have to clean up for me, you know. I can do that perfectly on my own." He sat across his friend.

Randy snorted. "If you can, then why did this place look like a dump site for garbage when I got here?" He fell silent for a moment before he continued. "Why won't you just go and apologize to her?"

Adam rolled his eyes at him. "Do you honestly think I didn't try doing that? Well, newsflash… I did. But she doesn't want to talk to me at all. Besides, our break up was also her fault not just mine."

"Misunderstanding." The brown haired man mumbled. "You really do love her…"

"More than you would understand." He was obviously referring to the fact that Randy didn't have any serious relationship so far.

This time, blue eyes rolled. "That is where you're wrong…"

A surprised and curious look crossed Adam's face. "You wanna explain that?" He smirked. "You're in love…?"

"Is it really surprising that even I can fall in love too?" He muttered.

"So, who's the lucky girl?" Adam asked.


Tyson frowned as Lisa stood up from the sofa, ready to leave. She still hadn't spoken a word to him, meaning she was obviously ignoring him. "Are you still mad at me?"

"I thought it's pretty obvious." She muttered, still not looking at him.

"How many times do you want me to apologize to you?" He asked. He wished he knew what was going on in her mind. "I know I sounded like an ungrateful jerk earlier and I'm sorry. Can you please not be mad at me now?"

Lisa finally turned to look at him. "You know why I'm mad at you? It's because you couldn't seem to do anything else but to piss me off. Whether you just got into an accident or you're a hundred percent, that's what you always do. Why can't we just exist peacefully?"

The bald man didn't say anything first. He just looked at her with an unreadable expression on his face. "There are things in life that one can't explain."

She bit her lower lip. "You should rest, Tyson." She said before she swung the door open and left. Oh, god… The raven haired woman leaned against the door. She didn't want that conversation to go any further because of two reasons. The first was she wasn't really in the mood to talk about it and the second was Tyson wasn't in the perfect condition. Inside the room, Tyson was getting frustrated about everything that was happening between him and Lisa. He couldn't even understand himself.

The door swung open once more and he was surprised to see Lisa standing there again. "For the record? I'm not mad at you anymore." Then, she shut the door again just as a smile made its way to Tyson's lips.


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