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So many things happened during the last Journey of Regeneration... But now I know all of them were for the best. When I first decided to join, I wanted to help Colette save the world... I never once thought it would lead me as far as it did. I discovered more than I could have ever imagined... Both about myself and the worlds. Even though many trials had to be taken on, and that many threats befell on my friends and I; I still see this journey as a helpful event of my life.

My best memories of this journey are those of the times I spent with my father. With my father I lost once, to finally be reunited with years after my mother's death. While this event seemed to have separated us... It finally brought us even closer. When I first met him, in front of the Temple, he felt so familiar... But I couldn't find out why. He was distant, and kept quiet every time I would ask about him. But it did not took me long to realise that his behaviour was somehow connected to me... I realised he wanted to keep me safe. I'll always thank him for the strength he showed during the whole adventure. It would have been harder to make it to the end of it without the countless lessons I learned from him.

As the journey went on, we grew closer. Dad once said that a parent's love could not be worded... that it could only be felt. I now understand better what he meant. He told me parents saw their child as miracles, as for me, I see my parents as that. They're the two beings that helped me come into this world. Even though I was with my mother only for the first three years of my life, I will always be thankful for all the happiness she brought to me. I've never had many memories of her... But with each word my father speaks about her, memories come back. Even now, I always await for my father to speak again. I feel there are many, many things I still have to know. Both about her and him.

Even though he hid things from me, he still fulfilled his role as a father all along. I had wished to find my family again for years... And I was finally granted with this wish. Nothing in the world had ever made me happier, than when I finally realised who Kratos truly was.

We had become so close, that when he left us, I felt as if my whole world was turning upside down. I did not consider him as a traitor for long, but it was still painful. Luckily, he came back to me at a time I needed him... and helped me get back on my feet again. The rest of the journey went on... It was not easy all the time, to see him come back, just to leave again. Even though I knew he was on my side, even though I knew he was fighting for me... I still wished things would be different. I was happy to have my friends around at times like this. Even though I couldn't tell them, their support helped me out greatly throughout the whole adventure. Each of them was always there for me when I needed them to.

It took me and my father a long time until we joined forces out on the open again, but he fought with a heavy weight on his heart. It was only when we talked in Heimdall, the city of the elves, that I was able to help him let go of his pain. Ever since then, he's been a lot more relaxed, and the love he has for my mother brings him as much happiness as it did when she was alive. I feel this is, along with helping germinating the Giant Kharlan Tree, one of my greatest achievements in the journey. One had a worldly impact... While the other was only personal... But both gave me an equal joy. Everything has been brought to what it should be.

Lloyd placed his quill on the table and leaned back on his chair. The sound of seagulls flying nearby caught his attention. To hear them here was not a surprise. Lloyd closed his eyes for an instant. He truly loved that sound... His chair squeaked as he leaned back forward and took his quill once more.

When the Tree germinated, I saw joy spread on my father's face. I believe he was happy to have finally achieved his long-life goal... But also to have finally fulfilled his promise to my mother. He had told her he would make her a better world. To have finally achieved that broke the lasts chains that tied his heart. Ever since that day, he has been a lot more peaceful. Composed as ever, but his joy cannot be denied. For me too, it was a relief. Even though the Tree was no more than a little plant, to know that it would someday stand tall made us all happy beyond words. But none of us will ever forget how many lives were sacrificed. As the living survivors, we will do our best to carry on with our dreams and everyone's hopes.We were all sad when the time of separation came, but it was not as hard as it seemed. Our team will always be tied together by the wonderful friendship we share. At least, that's what I think.

Given that Mithos was now gone, the Renegade's existence ended there. It's members left for the kingdom they believed would give them the best life. Some of them remained with Yuan and spoke in front of many Tethe'allan leaders to make the laws against half-elves nothing but a vague memory. I know that they have managed to give the half-elves some rights. Not as many as humans have... But more than this race ever had. That's already a great step ahead, in my view point.

According to a letter I received from Genis, delivered by a pigeon that seemed to have become his pet, he travelled with Raine all over Sylvarant, until they joined forces with Yuan. They are surely somewhere in Tethe'alla right now, fighting for freedom once more. I was invited, along with my father, to speak in their favour... As two of the world's saviours, our words have strength. We hope that our words, combined with those of our friend who already spoke before the leaders, will help shift the balance in favour of the half-elves.

Once the worlds were reunited, Colette returned to Iselia. I know that a great feast was held in her honour. She decided to study harder to become a teacher and bring words of tolerance to the children she would teach. I know she is planning on travelling to a bigger city, one she'll be ready. The mayor is still openly going against half-elves, but the villagers' minds are set now. Iselia rapidly became one of the first sanctuary for half-elves. Many of them already moved in the village... Some are perhaps arriving there, with hopes for a new life, as I write these lines.

Sheena returned to Mizuho and announced our victory. She regained a lot of popularity, and is considered by many as the village's saviour. Many people in Mizuho are now feeling honoured, just speak to her. I was unable to get her to tell me if she liked it or not. We found a good place in Sylvarant for the people of Mizuho to come to and they are now beginning to make the preparation for leaving Tethe'alla. Sheena's help as an emissary from Mizuho helped greatly in achieving that.

Presea and Regal have, from everything she told me, spoken of Alicia together. Sharing their feelings and memories about her brought them close enough not to let the past come in between their friendship. Presea finally accepted Regal's apologise and agreed to work with him. They now live in Altamira, and Presea has much fun playing Klonoa. She seems to enjoy life a lot more than she did, from what I think. Perhaps because the pain of her sister's loss no longer weights so heavily on heart... I understand her and Regal, everything they lived through, surely because my story was similar to theirs. From what I know, they're planning on opening another amusement park. They're currently looking for the perfect spot. Presea said the whole group would be invited to try all the amusements first, when it would be finished. I can't wait to go there with my Dad! it will be great to reform the Regeneration Team for one day, and play while remembering everything that happened.

Zelos left us soon after the last battle. Freed from his Chosen's status, he left his manor to go on a journey of his own, after speaking before the king in the half-elve's favour. No one knows exactly where he is right now, but our paths will surely cross again someday. Although... I think he would do better to wear an armour when coming around again... Sheena was mad at him for leaving like that.

As for me and my Dad... we came to Luin, as we had decided. We bought a house and had to get accustomed to day-to-day life. It was a bit hard for my Dad to change his life so radically. Some sadness came back to him during the first week, but it didn't took him long to smile once more. We had much fun when we first had to go to the market together. It was so normal it felt weird...We laughed all the way! we couldn't seem to stop... But it slowly became a habit. We both think of mother often and thanks to my father's words, she is constantly brought in our life... As if she was there with us. Once we had settled, we both sat in the sofa and I listened at my father's Tale of the Kharlan War with interest. It was amazing to hear it from his mouth... It had nothing to do with the books and Dad remembered every details clearly. The memories of his days with his friends are still a source of happiness to him, despite the way it ended. He and Yuan decided to leave the past behind them and their friendship is slowly, but surely, returning to what it used to be. A year after we settled in Luin, we decided it was time for our next journey to begin. We were finally able to set sail with the boat we had built together. Dad's angelic strength and my exsphere were useful in building one so rapidly. So far, we gathered many exspheres. We plan on taking them to a peaceful place when we'll have them all. Sailing with Kratos is just as great as I had imagined. On clear nights, we sit on the deck and watch the stars, while listening to the waves. It might seem like nothing to some people... But for me those moments mean everything. Sometimes we talk, and sometimes we don't... For me it doesn't make such a difference, because these moments are always filled with an equal happiness. We plan on returning to Luin when our journey will be over. Our house there is calling to me sometimes... I think it calls to my Dad too... I guess we both like peaceful lives and routine after all. It's never boring as long as we're together... Mum, Dad and me. Just the three of us.

We may have lost much, but we have also won a lot through our adventure. For that, I will always be glad I came to join this incredible journey. It changed my life radically, and forever... And allowed to me to meet every single one of my precious friends. Whatever the losses and hardships, I will always think back on this journey with joy.

More than just the worlds, it helped us walk along the paths of our own personal regenerations.


Lloyd placed his quill in the ink pot on the table and grinned at Kratos. He was just entering Lloyd's room, looking baffled.

-Hi, Dad.


-Why are you looking so baffled?

-I'm surprised to see you awake so soon. It's merely seven.

Lloyd stared at the thick book before him and closed it slowly.

-I wanted to write more.

Kratos smiled. Lloyd had been working on this book for nearly a year. A book on which he would tell about their journey. He had spent entire days bent over it, scribbling more and more, sometimes barely stopping to eat.

-Did you finish it?

Lloyd smiled and got up.

-The book is finished... But great storied never truly end, Dad. Don't they?

Kratos smiled happily.

-Indeed... Kratos stared at the book. -How will you call it?


Lloyd remained silent for a while. What kind of name could be given to such an adventure? Picking up his quill, as an idea struck him, he dyed it with silvery ink and wrote, grinning. Once he was done, Lloyd leaned back on his chair with a satisfied look. Kratos bent over his son's shoulder and smiled as well as he red the title.

Tales of Symphonia, a journey of true regeneration.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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