Silver eyes peered over her shoulder as she stared into deep brown. A soft smile curved her lips as she leaned against heated flesh. She sighed and closed her eyes to feel a tickle over her cheek as he caressed her, still on his high from their love. She opened her eyes when he maneuvered to above her beneath the heavy down blankets. She blinked and stared up at him.

She lifted her arms, though they felt far too heavy to be attached to her body. Her pale finger traced the red fangs on his cheeks as he stared down at her. A few more moments of gentle touches later and she had sat up a bit to kiss him. Elbows propping her up, she pressed her lips deliciously against his and nipped his lower lip with her teeth.

She pulled back, lying back onto the futon, her own fingers tangled in her dark tresses. He opened his eyes slowly and pressed a kiss to her left temple. He breathed in her ear and she knew he was gathering his thoughts. Instead of speaking, however, he propped himself up on his own elbows.

He lowered his lips to her own, nipping, pressing, and begging for a way into her mouth with no avail.

"Are you trying to corrupt me?" she asked when he pulled away, her voice raspy.

She watched him smirk subtly. "Is that what I'm doing?" His voice was just as husky as hers.

Her hands made their way to his hair, massaging his scalp. "It seems to be."

"Then, yes. I am."

She kissed his lips softly and just long enough so that he would want more. She pulled back and smiled. "Good."


This idea came to me in a snippet, so that's what you get. A snippet. I hope you like it. It's supposed to be Hanabi x Kiba, in case you didn't notice.

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