My Fairytale Ending

A/N: Co-written by twilight782

"Bella? Hey Bella, are listening to me?" Asked my current boyfriend, Mike. I snapped out of my thoughts and paid more attention.

"Um, sorry. What were you saying?" I added a sweet smile hoping that he wouldn't be too upset to find me not listening, again.

He just rolled his eyes. "I was asking if you're going to the football game tonight. You know, I going to be playing quarter back again. I would really like it if I could have my girlfriend be there to be cheering me on." Oops, I had completely forgotten.

"Actually Mike, Renee won these tickets to go to some concert tonight. But I would be there if I could, you know that." I gave him a quick peck on the cheek.

He put his arm around my waist and pulled me closer. "Oh well, I'll miss you. Tell Renee
I say hi, okay?"

"Will do." Renee was ecstatic about Mike, she thought he was great, we'll who didn't? I looked down at my watch. "Oh no, I going to make Renee late if I don't leave now! Good luck on the game, Mike. I'll see you later!"

He gave a light kiss on the lips and pulled away so I could go. With a last wave goodbye we both headed off. I climbed in to my blue slug-bug convertible and turned my keys into the ignition. It purred to life and I pulled out of the school parking lot.

The rare sun peeked out behind the grey clouds so I let the coverable top fall down. The cool August breeze swept my light brown hair off my shoulders. Green trees flashed past me running into a blur.

I turned up my drive way to see Renee running franticly out of the house. She was wearing one silver heel and her aqua colored shirt was hanging off one shoulder.

I sighed, waiting for her explanation. She hobbled over and leaned in to face me. "Bella, I need your help. Charlie's just to busy and I can't find my shoe and I-" She started to talk so rapidly that the words all ran together.

"Mom, mom! Calm down. Take a deep breath." I said in a smooth voice. She took a breath and I continued. "Okay, just tell me what you need to do and I'll help."

The stress on her face slowly left as she started to calm down. "Thanks Bella, who knows what I would do without you. Can you help me find my other shoe? Then we can get you ready."

"Sure Mom." I agreed and opened the car door. I started toward the house. In just minutes we had found her shoe and I was ready to go. I grabbed my book Wuthering Heights so I wouldn't be board at the concert.

Mother was already waiting out in the car, ready to go, happy as always. She started talking immediately as I hopped in the car. "Aren't you so excited? I mean, we get to go back stage and meet Edward Cullen! He is so dreamy! Don't you think so, Bella?"

"Mother, you are aware that you have a husband, aren't you?" Really, why is she talking about Edward Cullen and how hot he is?

"Bella, of course I know that! But you have to admit he is hot. And he is an international superstar. We are so lucky to have won backstage passes from that radio station. People would kill to have the seats and backstage passes we do! I even brought one of his modeling shots to have him sign…" She gushed on about him nonstop.

I wasn't that excited about meeting him. I heard all about him from the girls at school. He was the guy that every girl wanted. He was famous worldwide; any country knew who he was. He did everything. He was in over a dozen movies, wrote poetry, and had many CD's out that were also doing amazing. He's done tons of modeling shots, was a superb artist, and was completely gorgeous. Only one problem for the female population, he didn't date. That's not from lack of trying from all the famous females, though. Each one had tried to seduce him, though none had succeded. He must just be waiting for the right one.

A while later we had arrived at the concert hall in Seattle. I grabbed my book and my mother and I walked over to the ticket booth. "Here are tickets." I said and showed them. They waved us by and we went into the concert hall. We went up to are front row seat and made ourselves comfortable. My mother was so happy she was bouncing up and down like an overenthusiastic two year old. I had gotten out my book and started to read when my mother interrupted me.

"How much longer do you think they'll take, Bella? I'm so excited! Also, I can't wait to meet the Edward Cullen! I mean, how many people get that chance Bella? Not very many, that's for sure!" Renee was shaking in excitement.

I was about to answer when the lights suddenly dimmed. "Ladies and gentlemen!" Shouted a low voice over the speaker. "We now present the one and only, Edward Cullen!"

An enormous cheer ran through the crowd. I could here many girls screaming their heads off. I clapped politely and placed my book in my lap. Next to me, Renee was standing up, shouting "I LOVE YOU EDWARD CULLEN!" She screamed some more and clapped loudly.

Even though I sure no one noticed because they were too caught up on their own hectic screaming about how they loved Edward, I could feel the blood rise to my face. Parents could be so embarrassing sometimes!

The red velvet curtains swung open as the lights dimmed further. On stage there was a beautiful sleek grand piano, which was probably over a million dollars. The spotlight reflected off the sleek black polish.

I followed the spotlight to the bench of the grand piano. Sitting on the bench may have been the most handsome guy in the history of the universe. Edward Cullen looked calmly through the audience. His bronze hair was silky looking, his eyes were a piercing green, and his body was lean and simply gorgeous.

He suddenly turned and looked me straight in the eye. I swear he was looking straight at me. His emerald eyes looked so deep and knowledgeable. My heart skipped a beat and I suddenly realized why all girls were falling head over heels for him.

Stop it Bella! An angry voice in my head shouted. Don't you dare start to become like one of those love sick excuses for girls! I cleared my head of those thoughts and watched as Edward slowly lifted his long slender fingers to the piano.

The first key pierced the silence that fell over the theatre. It rung out loud and clear, and was soon joined by other notes. They fell into place forming a beautiful melody. Edward's lips opened slightly, and he started to sing. The concert hall filled with such beauty of song I forgot all my worries. Too soon, the balled had come to an end.

About a millisecond later, the hall filled with cheers from every corner of the room. Much to my surprise, I found I was screaming along side of Renee. I ignored the annoying buzzing in the back of my head. How could anyone not love him?

Edward smiled humbly. I saw a bunch of roses soar from the center of the audience. It landed with a whisk on stage. A few petals swirled away and landed by Edward's feet.

Suddenly, a scream rang out over everyone. "I LOVE YOU EDWARD CULLEN!" Cried a girl who looked about my age. I craned my neck to look at her. She was tearing through the aisles, her curly black hair streaming behind her. She screamed loudly and ran to the stage. Up the stairs she ran, tripping along the way.

After she righted herself, she sprinted over to Edward Cullen. He had a look of total ease, as if this wasn't the first time it had happened, which it probably wasn't. Right when her pale fingers were about a inch away from his glossy bronze hair, two massive body guards, and I mean HUGE, came bounding out from back stage. One of them tackled the girl, while the other one said something into a walkie-talkie communicating with someone else.

They both grabbed her by the arms and held her up until her feet were dangling about a foot in the air. She struggled in their tough grip, but she didn't succeed in getting out. Their iron grip wasn't going to let out soon. Her wild blue eyes suddenly lit up and she turned her head to the man on her right.

Much to my surprise, her white teeth dug into his black coat. Shocked, he let go of her arm. The girl slipped out of the second body guard's grip and made her second spree of freedom towards Edward.

Now looking a little alarmed, Edward stood up from his bench. The girl screamed, "EDWARD!" and closed in on him. She reached out with both hands as if to stroke his hair, but he quickly raised his hands and caught her by the wrists.

She froze and stared wide eyed at his hands a smile playing across her lips. More body guards stormed on stage, in their jackets black jackets. They tackled her again and put a muzzle around her mouth. I didn't even know they made muzzles for people!

She kicked out with her long legs, knocking over the piano bench while screaming, "Edward Cullen touched me, he touched me! My life is now complete!" Her foot flew out and hit the chief body guard right where it would hurt. He bent over double and a heard a long groan escape from his lips.

A smaller body guard suddenly screamed "CODE RED! CODE RED!" Three men dressed in white doctor coats rushed on stage. Two of them hurried over to the wounded guard and led him off stage. Then I noticed that the last one was holding a very large needle.

The girls eyes grew wider and she started to scream in distress. More guards rushed in from back stage, until there were about fifteen men onstage. A few of them made a tight circle around Edward while the others tried to control the girl.

The man in the white coat lifted his needle, and injected it into the girls arm. The green liquid slowly drained from the needle.

"Nooo!" cried the girl. Her voice was muffled from the muzzle. "Edward! I love you! Don't let them take me away! We were meant for each other! Save me!" Her words were starting to become slurred. Her wild eyes started to close, and she stopped flailing around. In a moment, the guards dragged the unconscious body off stage.

The coliseum was dead silent. Edward looked around. He shrugged and bent down to pick up his piano bench. Before he could lay a finger on it, more people came rushing from back stage. A few of them were wearing a communicator system on their heads. I guessed they were stage managers.

They all buzzed around him, apologizing and trying to fix things. One of them offered him hand sanitizer and he politely refused. Another one tried to fix the bench but he insisted that it was alright. After every person had been convinced that Edward Cullen was alright, even the audience, he was finally left on stage alone.

Edward turned back toward the audience and said, "I'm very sorry for that disruption." My pulse quickened when I heard him speak. His voice was as smooth as silk. "Now I think we should continue this concert!" He called enthusiastically.

A cheer ran through the crowd and I clapped with them. I looked over at Renee, who had turned her head towards mine at the some moment. She whispered to me, "Do you think he is alright?" She sounded truly worried.

I was getting fed up with this. "Of course mother." The irritation in my voice was evident. I turned my attention back to Edward, who was preparing for his next song.

After doing a variety of outstanding songs the concert came to a close. Renee, even more excited now, got up. "Now its time to meet Edward Cullen!" We went up on stage to the guards who then showed us to a waiting room.

"Edward will be here in a few moments. Please make yourself at home." With that they turned around to leave. I got my book out and started to read again. In about ten minutes the actual Edward Cullen came through the doors.

He was about to say something when Renee started talking nonstop. "Oh my gosh! I can't believe you're here in person. You were amazing! I have all of your songs memorized by the way. Oh, can you sign this modeling shoot you did..." Renee went on and on, used to her behavior I just kept on reading.

While Renee was off talking about different things he came over and sat next to me. "So, did you like the concert?" He looked anxious to see how I felt.

I was at the best part in the book and knowing that I would never see Edward again after this I didn't try to be courteous. "Yes." I went back to reading. This behavior seemed to puzzle him; I bet he never got this before!

After a few moments he asked, "What book are you reading?"

"Wuthering Heights," then remembering Mike had just finished the game I realized I needed a cell phone. And that I had not brought mine.

I turned to Edward. "Do you mind if I borrow your cell phone?"

"Of course not. Here it is." He handed me a very expensive looking phone. Nervously I called Mike hoping I didn't break his phone, who knew how much it cost.

"Hello?" Mike answered testily.

"Mike, its Bella." Edward just stared at me amused, but curios a smile playing across his perfect lips.

"Oh hey Bella! I didn't know the number, who's phone are you using?"

"I'm, um, using Edward's phone." I hoped he wouldn't ask anymore…

"Edward who? There's no Edward's at our school."

"Edward Cullen's phone." I looked over at Edward only to have him shoot me a dazzling smile.

"What? Is this a joke?" Mike sounded really alarmed right now.

"No and I'll tell you later. So how did the game go? Did you guys win?"

"Yes, only because I was thinking about you the whole time." I felt a hot blush seep through my cheeks.

"That's sweet," I mumbled, to embarrassed to say anything else.

I heard some cheering in the background of Mike's phone. "Bella, I have to go right now but I'll pick you up for school tomorrow, okay?"

"That sounds good. See you later Mike!" With that I clicked off the phone and handed it back to Edward, my cheeks still bright red. "Thanks for letting me use your phone."

He looked at me and gave a quick smile. "It was my pleasure. Who were you talking to anyway?"

"My boyfriend." No need to give anymore details.

Renee had finally stopped talking and realized it was time to go. "It was lovely to meet you Edward, but I need to get home. Thanks for signing the modeling shot, I'll treasure it forever."

I looked over at Edward. "Thanks again for letting me use you cell phone. Bye."

Instead of saying goodbye he came over and looked me straight in the eye. "It was a pleasure to meet you, Bella. I hope to see you again." With a quick, smooth, graceful movement he took my hand and kissed it lightly.

I was left speechless as I turned to leave. He watched the entire way out, not taking his eyes off me once.

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