I just realized I never wrote the final chapter of this story! I just wanted to say thank you SO much! If you guys wouldn't have been so supportive there is no doubt in my mind that this story would have made it past chapter three. But- unto the last and final chapter- not much- but it's what I wanted.

Everything changes.

I changed, Edward changed, and the thing is, we all keep changing. But that's why life is life.

After everyone had come outside, Anna leading the whole group, she went into a rage and started screaming like no tomorrow, and she got carted off to jail. With her all of the power her father holds though, she got out fairly quickly. Edward went and had a long talk with her father, and convinced him to check her into the 'nut house,' as I put it so nicely. (As for her dog, I'm pretty sure it died from one of Anna's perfumes it was allergic to while she was in jail. I had a good laugh over that right in front of Anna's face while she was crying to Edward about it.)

Jacob's got married to Bridget, and finally grew up. Bridget's good for him, always keeping him on his toes. I swear, there is never a quiet moment at that household.

Edward and I have never been happier. Sure, they're times when I'm ready to throw him onto the streets and watch him get mauled by crazed teenagers, but I usually overcome that urge. Keyword: usually.

Not everyone turned out happy with my fairytale ending, but who cares? It is mine after all.

And I'm going to keep enjoying it.

When I started this story I was thirteen, as most of you know. Now, thank goodness, I'm fourteen and my grammar has gotten much better. I know I made a lot of mistakes with this story, but I'm not going to change it. I want to be able to look back and realize how far I've come. But, I'm so glad this story is finished! It took me forever. I have an account under fictionpress now (same name as my one on here) and I love that website. I'm currently writing a new story that I'm going to post on there over winter break. I love you guys for everything and encourage you in your own writing!