Gasp! I wrote a Het?! No killing me over this one okay? I've been planning to do a het and this just popped into my head. Just a VERY short one-shot that hopefully will break my writer's block.

Pairing: UchihaHaruno

Disclaimer: I do NOT own Naruto.

The Difference Is In Their Eyes


Many said that Sasuke had become a near carbon copy of his brother. Same cold, cruel, ruthless demeanor and deadly abilities, both had betrayed their village and been willing to kill loved ones for more power, yes many said that there was no difference between the two Uchihas but Sakura knew otherwise.

She was trained to notice the smallest change in expression, breathing, and movement and she had noticed the difference in their eyes. Were they both ruthless when accomplishing a goal? Yes, absolutely, but while one's eyes showed no remorse nor feeling at all after harming another in the course of executing a task, the other's shone with regret for the necessity of the violence. When faced with Sakura's pleading for an end to their vengeful war they both would tell her that it was none of her concern and one set of eyes would be empty but the other always held a soft apology. When faced with her declaration of love both said they had no room for love in their lives and one's eyes had been mockingly cruel whereas the other's had shown a gentle promise of the future. When the two had been standing facing each other in a bloody and beaten stalemate, one set of Sharingan was flat and emotionless while the other showed pain and sorrow at the situation. When both had been cleared of their crimes, one proven innocent, the other pardoned, one's eyes had been flat and cold but the other had been filled with relief and happiness at being able to be brothers instead of enemies.

One was open to emotion and couldn't keep his feelings from showing in his eyes, the other remained closed off from any emotions and his eyes showed nothing. One was able to love, one was not. Neither was demonstrative but one felt more deeply than most while the other was incapable of feeling anything. Both had pursued Sakura for her strength, skill, and beauty, but where one did so because he truly cared for her, the other did so because she was the only female he could stand and he needed heirs. When people asked her how she chose between two men who were the same she simply told them that they were different and she'd chosen the better man.

As she lay in the loving arms of her husband, the man whose child was swelling her slender frame, the man who she loved and was loved by in return, Sakura thought of her answer to the question of where the difference between Sasuke and Itachi could be found. She'd always smile, give her husband a loving look that Itachi always returned, and say, "The difference is in their eyes."


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