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Pairings: Kanda/Allen


"Lavi, I don't think we should be doing this."

"Oh come on Allen-kun, it's just a little fun."

"But it's dark in here."

"That's the point in doing this."

"I'm not so sure if Kanda will like this…"

"He'll get over it."

"OUCH! Not so hard!"

"Sorry, is this better?"

"Sort of, what's poking me?"

"Not sure, you'll see better in a second."

Lights turn on…

"WTF?!?!?!?! WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME?!" Allen yelled at Lavi upon looking in the mirror.

"I thought you would like your hair this way." Lavi replied as Allen glared at him.


"I thought the box said brown but…whoops…"

"THAT'S IT!" Allen screamed as he activated his innocence and turned it into the gun form.

"YUU!" Lavi yelled as he ran out the door with Allen chasing him.

"Bean spr…" Kanda said as he ran up and looked at Allen.

He stood there and blinked for a few seconds before starting to snicker. He fell to the floor laughing his ass off at Allen. Allen snapped.


Allen chased the two through the order gaining more laughs and more prey to hunt as he threatened to shot them.

-Next Day-

Lenalee looked back and forth between the two exorcists trying not to laugh.

"So Lavi, you dyed Allen's hair pink and had to wear that as payment?" Lenalee asked as Lavi glared.

"Yeah…." Lavi replied.

"So why is the dress neon green?"

"He said it would draw the most attention if it was a bright colour."

"And you Kanda?" Lenalee questioned as he threw her a death glance.

"….I laughed at him so he said no sex for 5 months…" Kanda replied.

"So the braided hair, pink streaks and the bright ass orange Mugen?" Lavi said as Kanda glared at him too.

"They have to stay that way for the next 5 months as well as the other half of my punishment."

"That's rough." Lenalee and Lavi said.

Allen in his room with a bottle of bleach.

"Damn that Lavi, last time I let him take me into a dark room." He grumbled as he bleached his hair. "It'll be pink for the next month!"


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