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Gargoyles: Day and Night

The red haired, violet skinned gargoyle gracefully landed on the roof of the Manhattan townhouse, her eyes narrowed a bit as the sky began to noticably lighten. "It's nearly dawn," she murmured as she pulled her wings in around her like a cloak and opened up the window, climbing into the attic.

As the first rays of dawn came Demona gave a strangled cry of agony as she began to change. Her pointed ears pulled in, skin lightening to a healthy pink even as her wings shriveled and shrank away. In moments she was left gasping, leaning up against the wall fully human as the pain slowly faded away.

"Blast that Puck," the still redheaded but human Demona muttered as she walked to the ladder down from the attic, "does the change have to hurt so damn much?" As she climbed down the ladder and walked to her room, Demona once again mused on the idea of trying some kind of narcotic for the pain. 'No,' she mused as she calmly stripped off her loin cloth and crude top, 'I doubt it would effect me as a gargoyle anyway.'

Stepping into the bathroom connected to her room Demona turned on the shower, noting it was one of the few inventions by humans she approved of. Hot water blasted pain-sweat away and she lathered up her hair, careful to remove any traces of the night's traveling. Emerging from the shower she toweled herself off, then strode into the bedroom to dress.

In a few minutes the identity that Demona presented to the outside world was ready to go, and right on time business woman Dominique Destine left her home to a waiting limo. "Miss Destine," her executive assistant respectfully nodded as Demona climbed in, her blonde hair gleaming, "good morning."

"Alicia," Demona smiled slightly as the door closed and the limo soundlessly glided into New York traffic.

Alicia Sevarius was one of those unique little bonuses that sometimes just fall into one's lap. The relative of Anton Sevarius, the radical genetisist and mad scientist, she had come to Demona's attention during her first attempts to work with the scientist. She had a skill set that Demona appreciated, and even better she was potentially a useful lever to induce Sevarius to work for her in the future. Even more oddly Demona found herself liking this young lady, almost as much as she had once liked MacBeth. It was a annoying emotion, but one she was doing her best to cope with.

"Your schedule is as full as ever," Alicia said as she gracefully pulled out a Cyberbiotics brand PDA from her dress jacket pocket and tapped the touch screen to call up the list, "there's a meeting with Xanatos enterprises regarding the Oberon situation, representatives of the European branch of Cyberbiotics are here investigating a possible alliance and the private investigator that you hired will be in this afternoon."

"Thank you, Alicia," Demona nodded. Thinking a moment she said, "I'll see Xanatos' man first, then contact the investigator. Cyberbiotics just flew over?"

"They arrived last night," Alicia confirmed.

"They're probably jet lagged," Demona said, once more amused by humanity's general weakness, "phone and confirm when they want to meet. I'd bet this afternoon."

"Got it," Alicia made a note.

Occasionally Demona wondered what Alicia thought of her strange employer, but she usual dismissed such questions. So far her primary concern was keeping Alicia loyal but partially in the dark, a complex task considering Alicia was her right hand. Often Demona wished for a employee like Owen Burnett or Preston Vogel, but on the other hand the sheer amorality of both men made her value Alicia's honesty, even if it made things difficult at times.

The limo pulled up in front of the building housing Nightstone Unlimited and parked, the young driver jumping out so that he could get the door for them. "Thank you," Demona said, having reminded herself more than once to use standard human courtesies.

The upper levels gleamed as Demona strode through the lobby of the company, the stylish young man at the front desk nodding, "Good morning, Ms Destine."

"Morning," Demona nodded as she and Alicia strode into her office. She took off her suit coat, revealing her simple dress and white blouse and hung up the coat by the door. Sitting behind her desk she reviewed the newest documents in her in box as she asked, "Any progress on repairing the statue I recovered?"

"We're bringing in some experts on primitive sculpture from Europe using our contacts with Cyberbiotics," Alicia said, "as you've expressed reluctance to bring in the New York University staff."

"Yes," Demona nearly snarled but restrained herself.

The New York University was a major force in antiquities of all types, and normally Demona would have been glad for the help. However, the current head of the department was one Lennox MacDuff, whom she had known as MacBeth, the timeless adversary who had hunted her through the ages for their mutual betrayal.

"The praying gargoyle statue," Alicia looked curious, "it's that valuable?"

"No," Demona said after a moments reflection, "it just has a certain sentimental value."

Alicia nodded, "I understand."

'I rather doubt you do,' Demona thought wryly. Aloud she said briskly, "I'd best prepare for the Xanatos meeting, please see that I'm not disturbed."

"Yes ma'am," Alicia said respectfully before heading out the door.

Demona sat back as she enjoyed the privacy of her office, considering the recent events in her life. The return of the Hunters and the outing of New York's Gargoyles were both matters of concern, as was the infiltration of her company by that bitch, Robyn. Already she had ordered password changes throughout the company, and her investigator was tracking down any bombs hidden in the mainframes. It was slow going, but she was not risking a crippling computer attack from a determined advesary.

The Gargoyles were another problem. Goliath seemed persistantly blind to the treachery these humans could inflict, and his unwavering defence of them made him her enemy. Worse, he had her daughter Angela in his clutches, poisoning her mind to anything she said. Freeing her would require time and patience, neither of which were her forte.

The final item on her agenda, the annoying humans, would have to be tabled for a time. The praying gargoyle statue was necessary in her enchantment to protect their kind, without it any attempt to eliminate the humans with a bioweapon was far too dangerous. As well, there was the half human gargoyle Delilah to consider. As much as she loathed the idea of her DNA being mixed with that bitch Elisa Maza, the clone was blood kin, and could potentially be useful. She had to be sure any attack on humanity spared her, too.

"Miss," Alicia's voice came over the intercom, "your appointment with Xanatos Enterprises is here." She paused before adding softly, "It's him!"

"Send Mr. Xanatos in."


Alicia Sevarius smiled up at David Xanatos, feeling oddly chilled despite his handsome appearance. "Please, go right in," she said to the brown haired man in the expensive suit.

"Thank you, my dear," David Xanatos gave her a polite nod, his voice nearly oozing charm before heading into Ms. Dustine's office.

"Brrr," Alicia shivered a bit.

Returning to her work Alicia tried to focus on the details of the upcoming meeting with Cyberbiotics, but her employer's lovely face seemed to intrude on her thoughts. She admired Ms. Destine greatly, of course, but she was growing concerned that her feelings for her employer were growing into something more.

'Which is impossible,' Alicia reminded herself firmly.

Dominique Destine was a powerful and dynamic woman, both incredibly wealthy and attractive. More than one man and a few women too had looked to court her, possibly to gain access to her power or riches, but Dominique had rebuffed them all. At work she maintained a careful distance too, being politely friendly with her employees but not letting anyone too close.

'Like me,' Alicia sighed. Her various attempts to be closer to Dominique had all failed, and she had reluctantly accepted that the other woman was simply not interested in being friends.

Soon the day began to rush forwards like most days, calls and appointments keeping them busy as time passed. Soon the evening came, and like most days Nightstone began to shut down as the sun lowered in the sky. It was a odd quirk of Dominique's that their New York office always close before sundown, but most of the staff had gradually accepted it.

Cleaning up her desk Alicia rose, walking over to the boss' office door and knocking as she called, "Miss Destine?"

"Come in," Dominique answered.

As Alicia opened the door she saw the other woman gazing out over the city, her eyes drawn to the massive Aerie building of Xanatos'. Her red hair flowed freely, her clothes flapping gently from the breeze and she looked mysterious and beautiful in the reddish glow of the evening sun.

"I'm going now," Alicia said quietly, "is there anything I can do before I go?"

Dominique turned, her eyes almost looking like they were glowing red in the light. "That's fine," she said, "and take the limo home, if you wish. I have a evening appointment I have to keep."

Knowing if would be foolish to offer to stay, Alicia just nodded. "I think I'll walk home," she answered, "it's still warm out."

"Be careful," Dominique said briskly, "you never know what's wandering the night."

"Yes, ma'am," Alicia said, turning and leaving. The sun had fully set by the time Alicia had left the building, talking to the security guys as they locked up the main entrance. Bundling her coat around her Alicia headed out, mentally planning her evening. First she would get dinner at that nice little café, them maybe see a show...


Demona stretched her wings, glad once more to have abandoned her human form for her true gargoyle shape. With a single sweep of her wings she glided from the roof of the Nightstone headquarters, soaring on warm currents of air as she watched humanity below her.

As fast as a limo could go, a gargoyle could soar much faster if the conditions were right. With ease Demona soared above the streets, wondering with some amusement how the humans might react to seeing her. 'Likely wet themselves with fear,' she silently mused.

A flash of gold caught her eyes and Demona smiled, recognizing Alicia as she strode along a empty street. Alighting on a nearby roof she watched her, taking in the girl in these different circumstances. Compared to a gargoyle female Alicia was scrawny and weak, yet there was a certain glow of vitality about her, a kind of beauty.

As a figure began to follow Alicia Demona tensed, a growl starting in the back of her throat. 'Little fool,' she thought as she took to wing to follow, 'does she not see him?' Apparently not, for Alicia walked on obliviously.

Alicia turned to a street nearby her home and Demona clenched her teeth, seeing how dark and deserted it was. Soaring down she hovered above, her first instinct to sweep Alicia to safety. 'What am I doing?' she wondered, 'I'm not like Goliath and those other weaklings. I don't protect these human vermin!'

Yet as the man moved up to grab Alicia, Demona moved. "Eeek!" Alica squealed as she was grabbed from behind, then suddenly was released as the man screamed in shock.

With deceptive ease Demona hefted the mugger, looking him right into the eye as she hissed, "This street is under my protection, scum." With that she hammered him into the wall, blood splattering as his nose broke and he fell unconscious to the ground.

"You..." Alicia stammered, gazing at her in shock under the weak street lamp's light.

Dropping her voice a bit Demona gruffly asked, "Are you all right?"

"You're beautiful," Alicia breathed out before fainting dead away.

'Not the reaction I was expecting,' Demona admitted.


"It was incredible," Alicia raved as they rode together in the limo the next morning, "I was sure I was dead, but then she saved me!"

"And you're certain she was a gargoyle?" Dominique asked, hiding a smile.

"I may not have gotten a long look, but yes," Alicia agreed. She frowned, "She was lovely, too... with hair nearly as red as yours, but dark blueish skin and purple wings." She sighed, "I just wish I hadn't fainted."

"Well," Dominique said, "maybe you'll see her again." A sudden smile, "Maybe you've even acquired yourself a guardian angel."


Notes: I've always had a fondness for Demona, despite her many flaws. She remains incapable of seeing that most of the bad stuff that has happened around her has been her own fault...