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Foreword : This fic has been under wraps for quite some time now. It was spawned one night while listening to a brilliant song by TheSTART called Ciao Baby and watching OotP. I knew I had to get this down, or else it would fade away. I was daunted at first by the task of a Harry Potter fic - there's just so many, perhaps it's not worth it. But then I remembered why I was writing it.. First off, because Bellatrix filled the void Amanda Young from Saw left in me (the character turned to shit in the 3rd movie, so I needed a new murderous bitch to write about) but mostly for all the Sirius/Bella shippers out there. It's not a lovey-dovey fic in the slightest, but it's sexy, steamy, vengeful, and certainly vulgar. So, if you stumble upon my fic, enjoy!


Part One

The world was spinning around her head, the shades of grey blending together, swirling. She was about to pass out and was feeling the walls closing in on her.

In her mother's quiet home, in her dark bathroom, she sat in her tub, her body completely spent. The water was now cold against her, the air also cold, for it was winter in these parts. The 26 year old Bellatrix was home and now that the event had finally taken place, as was inevitable, she was thankful for the solitude of her own home.

Faintly she remembered the baby in her arms. She looked down, it's little mouth was open wide and it was wailing. It's face and fingers were blue, and a thick white film was on it's skin.

"Merlin, it's ugly," she thought, "and it smells like shit."

It was still attatched to her by a thin cord. In a moment of delerium she stood up, limping her way out of the bathroom, cluthing the baby against her bosom.

She barely saw the walls around her as she moved and managed to make it all the way to the living room. She was still naked, and still bleeding, and wet, ruining the carpet.

Druella had been having some tea before bed when she saw her daughter appear at the edge of the stairs. She nearly screamed as she saw the wreck that Bellatrix was in.

Bellatrix managed to utter "Mother", stumbling forward and collapsing in Druella's arms.

It was the last thing she remembered.


Bellatrix awoke to the sun coming through the curtains of her bedroom. Druella was there at her bedside, as well as a physcian. Her body ached, especially her abdomen, and it took her strength not to cry out.

Druella noticed her daugther's awakening, and turned to the doctor, "Could you please give us a moment?" she asked, and the man complied and stepped outside.

"How long was I out?"

"26 hours."

Bellatrix stared at her mother, who was staring at her with a look she couldn't quite decipher.

"It was a boy." Druella finally said, "I went ahead and named him Phineas."

"A boy?" Bellatrix smiled.

Druella's voice turned cold then, "Who did it?"


"It's time for you to tell the truth. Who did it, Bellatrix? Was it LeStrange, or not? Hmm?"

"No, it..."

"Then who? A mudblood! A muggle! Is that who? I ought to burn you out of -"

"No, mother stop it!" Bellatrix shouted, the pain in her belly rising again with the stress, "No.. it was.. it was..."

"Well spit it out, girl!"

"Mother... It was Sirius."

Druella went silent and stared at her daughter.

"Sirius? Well then." she paused, "There could be worse I suppose. But him? A Gryffindor? You could've done better."

The two stared at each other.

"I'll leave you, you need rest." Druella said and quickly left.

Bellatrix laid, her head pounding and aches rising out of her flesh. Still, she couldn't help but smile.


Sirius was a forbidden fruit to her, and quite a delicious one at that.

Rodolphus was a good husband, and even a good lover, but Bellatrix longed for more.

When her 16 year old cousin had come knocking at her door, she took him in. He told her of his fights with his mother, and Bellatrix couldn't help but feel sorry for him.

He stayed with her but four days. Rodolphus was gone, 'on business', and it was but the two in her home alone.

Animosity turned into something else. Something stranger to say the least.

In her bed Bellatrix almost laughed playing the memories back through her mind.

Sirius' lithe body, his lean legs, his cock standing at attention. How enraptured she was with his then teenage prick - it was powerful, nearly like a full grown man's, bobbing up and down.

She remembered her mouth around his shaft, greedily drinking the warm seed in her mouth, feeling the cum on her hands and on her tits.

She remembered his head between her thighs, his mouth and cheeks wet with her juices. How she laughed and moaned that night, his tongue and fingers deep within her, his salty sweet kiss afterwards.

After that night there were two more. She could see herself on her back, their hips connected, his mouth firmly planted on her nipple as he pushed himself inside of her, groaning as he came, his teeth clamping down on her as he released himself.

Then there was the last night they had together. She found herself atop him, grinding against him, coming twice that night, his fluids intermingling. She was never one for cuddling or pillow talk, but she found herself in his arms that night.

His sweat smelled good. His chest was hard and warm, and his arms inviting. She made it a point to lick and kiss him as they fell into sleep.

"I fucking hate you, Bellatrix LeStrange." he murmured, drifting to sleep.

Bellatrix knew she should be disgusted. This was, after all, her kin she had just fornicated with. Instead more passion burned between her legs. She would've taken him again right there if his cock wasn't incapable and if he wasn't asleep.

It was amazing.

When she awoke he was gone. Later she found he went to Potter's home, where he would stay until returning to his mother's home.

Rodolphus came home for a while, until he was yet again called away. Bellatrix didn't mind. It was more time alone.

The pregnancy didn't come as a surprise. She hadn't even thought about the consequences of sex while she was engaged in it.

Months went by and her stomach swelled. The baby kicked her and moved about.

It made her oddly giddy to know it was Sirius' child.

For months she kept it a secret, a secret from friends, from Rodolphus, from her family, and especially from Sirius. Only in this last month had she confided in her mother when she came to stay with her.

And now their son had entered the world.

Bellatrix awoke to her mother standing before her.

"I've figured out what to do."


"Charlotte Crouch. One of our more distant cousins. She's barren and seeks a child, but doesn't want a mudblood. Obviously pureblood children are hard to come by when it comes to adoption. Everyone wants one. I say we give our pureblood to another, don't you agree?"

There was no way she could keep her son. Rodolphus would be enraged, and Sirius would try and get his hands on him, corrupt the boy to the ways of Gryffindor.

"Fine then." Bellatrix said, "Can I just see him one last time?"


Bellatrix held her son in her hands for the last time.

He was two weeks old now. His eyes were finally open.

Phin's hair was black, as she assumed it would be. His eyes though, were green, not grey like his father's or brown like her's.

A throwback to an older generation? It didn't matter. Those green eyes were so vivid, so beautiful, she was mesmerized by them.

"This is goodbye." she said, looking into her child's eyes.

Charlotte Crouch was outside, waiting patiently for her new child to be given to her. Druella took the baby from Bellatrix, and left the house with him.

That would be the last she'd ever see of him for many long years.


Up next : Bellatrix gets a visitor in Azkaban (and I almost wrote Arkham. Dur! Wrong fandom! lol)