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Part Twelve - Epilogue

It was a bright spring day, and Phin Black strolled happily down the street, his children in tow.

"Daddy, where are we going?" his daughter asked.

He turned to her, her little face was somber and serious.

"We're going to visit one of our cousins."

"Oh? Which one?"

"His name is Draco Malfoy."

Callidora nodded her little head, black curls bobbing up and down. She was only a half blood but she was his first born, and his pride and joy. Calli was born of a seemingly harmless fling he had with a muggle woman, but she was begot and he quickly took her into the wizarding world. Must run in the family, illegitimate children, he thought.

His son, a mere two years old, held Calli's hand, and toddled along. This boy was pure blooded, and bred as such, when Paloma decided to have a child with Phin and fulfill the one purpose they were married. His name was Alphard, and he was black eyed and dark skinned, and small for his age, solemn most of the time.

"Hear that, Alphie?" Calli said, squeezing his hand. He nodded.

They reached the door of Draco's home. He did not live in Malfoy Manor, at least, not for now. He'd left to go start his family and would return once his own parents had passed on. It was odd that he should actually go and try to make his own way, but one could only assume that he'd matured and wanted something of his own.

Phin knocked. No one answered. Callidora frowned, "Why won't he answer?"

"Oh, I don't know. I'll try again."

He knocked again, but this time the door opened.


Draco stood in front of them, his hair long and blond, a short scruffy beard on his face, and his shirt unbuttoned and haphazardly thrown on. He'd certainly changed since their school days.



"I don't know if you remember me. We went to Hogwarts together. We both were in Slytherin."

Draco narrowed his eyes and took a good look at him. "Oh! Phin, right? Phin...?"

"Crouch. Phin Crouch, that's what I was known as."

"That's right!" Draco said, "Come in, I don't get many visitors from school. Most don't know where I live. How did you find out?"

"Vincent. I work with him and asked."

Draco nodded, "Are these your children?"

"Yes, this is Callidora and Alphard."

Draco nodded, "I have a boy myself, Scorpius. He's four. How old are you?" he asked Callidora.


"Oh, see? You two can go play with him, he's in the back."

Callidora nodded and tugged her brother with her out back.

"Well, I've got the average life now," Draco said, "I got married, sadly. Have a child. It is what it is."

"Oh, I know." Phin said as he followed Draco back into the house.

"Hold on, let me clean myself up a bit, I just woke up." Draco said and left Phin standing in the living room.

Something caught his eye and he turned to see a Black family crest on the mantle, next to a much larger Malfoy one.

Draco came out much more dignified, his shirt buttoned and tucked in, a tie and shoes on. There were two glasses of gin in his hands too.

"That's quite interesting." Phin commented, "I haven't seen very many of them."

"Yeah, it's a family heirloom." Draco said "I'm sure it costs a pretty penny, because, well there aren't any Blacks left anymore. They all died out."

Phin smiled, "Oh, not all. You'd be surprised."

Draco handed him a shot of gin.

"What would you be wanting now? It's been so long since I've seen you."

"Well as you may or may not know, my mother was your aunt. Your favorite aunt. That would make us cousins."

Draco's eyebrows arched, "Oh really? Bellatrix never told me she had a son."

"Well she did."

Both men gazed out through the window at the children playing. Scorpius and Callidora were playing tag, Alphard looking on confused but happy to run around with them.

"You love your son, Draco?" Phin asked.

"What kind of a question is that? Of course I do."

"More than your father loved you, I assume."

Draco shot him a look, "It's none of your business."

Phin looked back out at the children, "No, I know. My parents despised me as well. Especially your aunt. But we're different from them. We cherish our children. I'd live and die for mine." he looked Draco square in the eyes, "Tell me, Draco, would you die for your son?"

A concerned look came over his face, "Of course. The - The Malfoys, we'll continue on. The future lies in him."

Phin nodded, "I know what you mean. That's the exact way I see the Blacks. I, and my children, are the last Blacks." now Draco looked confused, so he went on, "My father was Sirius Black, I'm sure you know of the man. Who doesn't? I was his secret. He was mine. But now that he's dead, I've come back to start the family line all over again. Forget all our ancestors, Draco," he said, moving close, "It's about us now."

Phin's lips were close to Draco's ear, and it was unfortunate he couldn't see the look of horror on the younger man's face.

"Do you really love your son, Draco?"


"Then you'll do as I ask. It isn't much. If you love your son."

Draco swallowed hard, "Let's go talk somewhere else, shall we?"

Phin moved away and smiled smugly as Draco walked back into another room. He looked back out at his children, dark little smudges in the grey yard next to their blond friend. The Black line would continue, power would be restored, life in the wizarding world would go on.

Still smiling, Phin followed Draco to the basement where they continued their negotiations.


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