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A Leap of Trust

As Ed slowly walked down Central in the rain, he let his mind get the best of him yet again that day.

"Why do you even stay here when you know that you caused this whole mess." the voice said as he tried so hard to shake it. The voice in his head had started to get stronger a few days after Scar sacrificed himself to create the Philosophers Stone.

"I know it's all my fault. Why can't you just leave me alone? I've tried so hard to fix everything but you are getting me nowhere." Ed responded back as he slowly walked onto the bridge that was above a strong flowing river.

"I won't leave you alone until you finally realize that you are worthless here. You have caused to much pain. You put your brother, YOUR OWN DAMN BROTHER, in a suit of armor. You pretty much are the reason Scar's dead. And don't forget the all important, YOU TURNED YOUR MOTHER INTO A HOMUNCULUS!!! CONGRATULATIONS! You are the most hated man in Central."

"SHUT UP! I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE! I know I fucked up really bad. Just drop it. Al hates me because of the armor, Scar is dead because he helped us make the stone, and my own mother is sloth. I can't take this anymore!" Ed runs over to the side of the bridge and looks down into the water.

"Don't forget to mention the man you love, doesn't love you back. Who would ever love you. Just because he had that look that made him seem concerned earlier today, doesn't mean he is. He just doesn't want his lap dog to belong to anyone else but him."

Earlier that day in Roy Mustang's Office

"Ahhh... Full Metal. Seems you finally decided to come by even though I called you 2 hours ago." Roy said with a smile on his face.

"Shut up, bastard." Ed said under his breath as he walked over and sat on the couch putting his head in his hands.

"Your going to have to make this quick because I'm a little short on time right now." Mustang said with the smile growing on his face and putting a little emphasis on the world short. He loved it when he got the short alchemist all worked up over nothing.

"Alright Colonel. I'll make it quick." Ed said and he started to give his report.

Roy just sat there staring at Ed. What in the world? He's not blowing up and saying something like "Who said I'm to short that they can't see me over there stupid desk without a magnifying glass!" What is wrong with him?

"That is my report Colonel. If there is nothing else, I would like to go because the train ride is just to long sometimes and I would like to go rest." Ed said slowly pulling his left sleeve down because it slid a little to far up for his liking in case some scars showed.

"Alright Full Metal. You can go. I will expect you here tomorrow at 10 for your next assignment."

"Thank you Colonel sir." Ed said as he turned and walked out the office door closing it behind him.

There is something defiantly wrong with him and I'm going to find out. Roy got up out of his seat, grabbed his jacket, and opened the door.

"Hawkeye, cancel anything I have planned today. I have another important matter to attend to." Roy said as he walked past her.

"Yes sir!" Hawkeye called after him as he turned the corner.

Ed closed his eyes and let the memories of that day come back to him. His eyes started to tear up and they stung. He wiped his tears away and looked down into the river. Why were things like this, and how did they get so bad. He never understood these 2 questions.

Ed had been so caught up in arguing with the voices in his head, that he didn't even hear Roy stop at the end of the bridge and look at him. "What is he doing? He's just standing there." Roy said lightly as he just stared at him.

He's so adorable. I hate seeing him like this. Actually, this is the first time I have ever seen him like this. I wish I could tell him how I feel. I'll tell him soon, first I need to— Roy's thoughts were cut off as he saw Ed climb up on the ledge of the bridge.

"I'm sorry Al. And mostly, I'm sorry... Roy." Ed looked down at the water with tears in his eyes. He just couldn't take anymore.

"Just do it already! The faster you jump the sooner you will leave this place. If you wait to long, someone will stop you. JUST JUMP DAMMIT!" the voice in his head screamed at him.

And with that, Ed jumped.