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A heavy, grim air hung around an ancient, crumbling crypt. The pale moon illuminated the surrounding landscape. A small group of people waited on the other side of the trees encircling the dark tomb; their amber and crimson eyes seemed to sparkle in the midnight as they scanned the jade treetops.

It was inside the dank chamber that she stood.

Not far from her, draped across a glass coffin, was her mourning older brother. Tears stung her own eyes but she managed to keep them back.

"Abel…come on…" she sniffed quietly," We have to get going. We can't keep them waiting; it's almost morning…"

The older crusnik's face was mostly hidden by his long, silver hair; all she could see was a fragment of his glacial blue eyes, that was raw from crying, and his damp, handsome face. His body trembled, unsteady from his already long hours of mourning.

Abel gave her a miserable side-glance, one that silenced her completely. She stood, fixed to her spot, waiting for his answer with a quiet anxiety.

" I'm sorry, Seth…I'm…I'm not coming,"

Shock slipped through her silently, as well as a growing fear. What was he saying? He wasn't saying that she should…? He couldn't! She couldn't! She was too young, surely she couldn't be a great leader like her brothers!

"Why? You have to! I can't lead them myself," Seth tried to reason, taking a step forward, trying to somehow talk him out of his decision," You have to come with us,"

He said nothing at first at first but turned his head slowly to gaze gravely at the sole inhabitant of the glass coffin. Seth looked as well, fighting back a new leak of tears.

Lilith…she had been much like a mother to them, especially before the war. But now…the war was over and she lay dead, murdered by their older brother who they hoped to never see again.

Seth shivered. She knew there was still a remote chance that Cain survived being dropped from space into the Earth's atmosphere.

Almost at once, she realized what Abel was saying:

He needed time to heal…

But…so did she…

But if they were unable to lead the methuselahs into the future, then who would?

"Seth, you have to lead them on without me. It has to be you; I know of no one else more qualified to do this," Abel finally broke the grim silence. He had fixed his crystal blue gaze back on her and offered her a knowing, supportive smile," Have faith in yourself. You are stronger then you know dear sister. Have faith in yourself and led them well…"

Moved but still unsure she glanced towards a crack in the building. For a moment she stared at what little view it allowed. She knew she was gazing at the unknown that awaited her.

During that moment, she made her decision.

She turned her eyes back towards her waiting brother.

"Very well. I will lead them by myself," she decided firmly, both nervousness and pride bubbling inside her chest. She then turned to leave half-way," May our paths cross once more,"

Abel nodded with a warm smile," I'll be looking forward to it…"

With that, Seth left without further word. She had longed to embrace him but she knew it would've only make the separation all the more difficult.

Once outside, she stopped to look up at the bright moon as a realization came to mind:

She was alone now…

She stayed there for a minute, allowing the night breeze to play with her short, ebony hair and with the long ends of her uniform.

Then, finally, she took the first steps of what was to be a long and rigorous journey, for her, and for the ones she was to lead.

She made her way through the trees separating her from the methuselahs. On the other side, they waited for her patiently. All looked up when she came into their view. The elders were grave but the youngsters seemed oblivious to the seriousness of this time.

Now, during the years after the Armageddon, it was kill or be killed, eat or be eaten, for both races, a time of great unrest and fear.

The methuselahs stared at her, waiting for word on who would decide their fate. Would it be Abel and her, or just her, or just Abel? She knew who they have faith in at the moment. But she was going to change that. Seth was going to show them that she could be a leader of the same magnitude as her older brothers, if not greater.

The female crusnik nodded broadly and began to walk around them, a silent motion that told them to follow. Steadily, the several families of methuselahs that were to accompany her began to gather their things and shadow her.

Silence hung heavily tonight. Even the children barely made a sound, picking up the uneasy vibes from the adults. Everyone already knew where they were heading:

To the east, to Byzantium… They had allies and sanctuary there…

She noticed a few individuals that proudly followed just a few feet behind her. Two young, blond women and one young, tall dark male trailed behind. She recalled their names clearly, especially the male, who she had known since childhood although they were really never allowed near each other:

The first female, that seemed more regal then the other, was Mesi. The other woman, who seemed to have a hidden ferocity like a born warrioress, was called Jamila. The male's name was Chigaru, a kind, brave, and sweet natured gentleman, who apparently had a bit of crush on her since their childhood.

Unfounatly, being a crusnik, she wasn't suppose to even be around the methuselahs or the terrans, and her brothers had made sure that he stayed away from their little sister. But, now that she led them, there could be a chance of them actually getting to know each other like they first wanted.

To Seth's surprise, Mesi quickened her stride to walk beside her. Uncertain and a little shy, the crusnik averted her gaze to the ground to the left. The woman laughed softly at her reaction.

"No need to be nervous around me. I just came up her to help. It must be hard and nerve-racking to suddenly be alone like this, not to mention trying to fill your brothers' shoes," She mused thoughtfully.

Already, in the few seconds of her speaking and Seth already discovered a liking for her. Mesi seemed very wise, and understanding, as well as gentle and kind. What was also unusual about her was, although she seemed to be in her later years, she still had her beauty and strength.

The blond then gave her a sweet, assuring smile," Remember, we're all in the same boat here. You're not as alone as you think," she explained," You watch our backs, we'll watch yours, especially, since, how we're together now, we're practically one big family.

Somehow, her words lifted some of the unbearable weight off Seth's small shoulders…

With daylight fast approaching, Seth quickly found a sun proof shelter and helped her charges settle down safely. The methuselahs didn't take long to lay down on the floor and wrap themselves up in their blankets and, soon enough, most had fallen asleep. Unharmed by sunlight, Seth stayed by the entrance and gazed out at their surroundings, watching for dangers that would try to threaten them in their sleep.

After a few hours, the crusnik allowed herself to shut her eyes for a couple minutes. unfortunately, that's all it took for her mind to slip into the darkness of sleep…

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