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Without by kara papas

Chapter One - Without You

The years that passed proved to be a test of time. Natsuki and Shizuru fought a least once a week and made up soon afterwards. Mai never enjoyed hearing about her best friend's sex life. Mai would always shrill "TMI" and Natsuki would just chuckle, but the years had been long. Natsuki no longer lived in her apartment. The apartment which she had shared with Shizuru, her longtime girlfriend. Mai stayed at a dorm in Fuka University. Mai had been single since Tate told Mai that she did not need a higher education. Tate told Mai she could just stay at "their" home with "their" children, and do what she does best; cook. Natsuki remembered that because she was the first person who got called over to Tate's place. It was no problem for Natsuki to get there. Shizuru and Natsuki loved Mai very much so help Mai get rid of Tate was not a problem.

But those were the years that passed. Natsuki now shared a dorm room with Mai. They were both very busy girls so needless to say they had been in college for some time. They were having fun with balancing out their lives at school plus work.

"Mai, I'm going to the airport now okay?" Natsuki said putting down her last box inside the rather LARGE dorm room. Shizuru was waiting for her there. The heightened issues made things difficult for Natsuki to see Shizuru off. She was going to America for about a year to study for her master's degree. Natsuki did not complain about Shizuru moving to America because Natsuki knew Shizuru would return.

"Okay Natsuki, and remember don't start crying until you come back home. That way I can make a nice cup of hot coco to make you feel better, ne?" Mai said as she opened a box. Natsuki laughed on her way out while grabbing her helmet.

Natsuki stood in the airport's temporary parking and checked the time on her watch. She had about an hour with Shizuru. THe tawny haired woman would be waiting at the check out counter already done and just waiting for the time to leave. Natsuki walked inside the building and saw her red eyed goddess waiting.

"Oi! Shizuru!" Natsuki yelled running over to Shizuru earning some glares from airport. She didn't care as she watched Shizuru smile and wave at her.

"Natsuki you shouldn't run. What if you fell and hurt your cute behind?" Shizuru said as put her hands on Natsuki's waist pulling the biker girl closer.

"Mou, Shizuru...you said you wouldn't tease me today." Natsuki said getting extremely red as she leaned in to give Shizuru a kiss. Shizuru stopped her by placing her hand in the way. "What's the matter Shizuru?"

"Natsuki..." Shizuru's voice was weak making Natsuki's heart skipped a beat. This was what she feared on this day. Would it end here? "Natsuki, I will be gone for a year...maybe a bit longer, but just a bit. So, I don't want you to be lonely. Please feel free to date around while I'm gone."

"Shizuru! How can you suggest such a thing?" Natsuki said in a baffled voice holding her closer.

"Well, you'd see it be more beneficial for us in the long run." Shizuru said with teasing voice, but she meant it.

"Mmm, how so?" Natsuki asked as she slowly released Shizuru from her hold letting her hand slide down Shizuru's hand.

"When we finally get to be together again...it will be...like the first time...you know." Shizuru smiled. "And who knows, you may learn something new while we're apart."

Natsuki coughed and nodded. "You maybe right about that..."

So that is where it went. The powerful relationship of Shizuru and Natsuki went on standby. Natsuki was allowed one last kiss. Before too long Shizuru had been gone for more than a month. School had become Natsuki's main focus. A week earlier, Natsuki discovered she was late for her new job. Natsuki desperately needed the shower, but Mai was just getting in. Natsuki couldn't afford to start her new job smelling like a troll. She barged in the bathroom, and pulled the shower curtains open revealing a naked Mai. Mai covered her chest with her arms and crotched down to the ground to conceal everything.

"HENTAI! BAKA! WHAT ARE YOU DOING NATSUKI?" Mai screamed seeing Natsuki standing there with only towel in front of her body.

"Shit, you just got in didn't you? GOD DAMN IT! I don't have time to wait for you to finish. I'm coming in with you." Natsuki grunted as the towel fell and Mai eyes stayed.

"You can't come in here...Natsuki...this is wrong!" Mai stuttered.

"Shut up and just try to finish up or you'll be late for you morning class." Natsuki said stood under the shower head.

Needless to say the shower process was bit odd, but it worked out for the better as the two ended up talking later that evening. Mai stretched her arms up while stretching out her back when Natsuki silently walked into the dorm. Natsuki saw the stretching Mai and got and evil grin. "She's left herself wide open for a tickle attack. hehehehe"Natsuki thought to her as quietly approached. Natsuki quickly scrambled over and started tickling Mai. Mai eyes started to water as she crumbled to the ground to escape Natsuki, but to no avail. Natsuki followed her best friend to the ground and Mai in a last ditch effort rolled on to her back making Natsuki stop. Mai laughed and wiped the tears from her eyes as Natsuki hovered by her. Natsuki puffed looked at the ceiling, then Mai, and shrugged. Natsuki straddle Mai's hips and continued her attack.

"NATSUKI STOP!" Mai roared with laughter. "I'll puke..." That made Natsuki stop almost immediately, but she stayed in that position over Mai. Mai opened her eyes again and saw a particular look on Natsuki face. All Natsuki could think about was who else she had shared this position with before. Natsuki's face flushed hot red as tears began to roll down her face. Natsuki put her hands above Mai's shoulders against the ground and lowered herself.

"Mai..." Natsuki said softly. Mai didn't move a muscle as her best friend slowly became something else. She shut her eyes and let herself go as her lips met with Natsuki's.

It was later in the bedroom when Natsuki finally realized she had gone too far. Mai body was below her sweat drenched and panting.

"Why'd you stop..." Mai panted. Natsuki shut her eyes.

"You know this is only temporary, right, Mai?" Natsuki said in her tired husky voice. Mai knew it and she nodded. She had been lonely for the last few years so she really didn't care, but she knew. Natsuki leaned down kissing Mai passionately as she continued.

"Ah..I don't care...Natsuki! If you...you..n-need me...yes..you can have me that way." Mai struggled to say. The night was eventually over and the best friends lay together no longer friends.

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